Food: meals of the week

I’m having a lot of fun trying new dishes lately, I guess you’re enjoying reading them, aren’t you? 😉

Stir-fry veggies (onion, brussel sprouts, asparagus, spinach, tofu) with Tj’s thai sauce, served with brown rice


I used to love this sauce, I could eat it everyday, so I got it again. Unfortunately I was not obsessed with it this time.


笋烧肉 (red sauced pork with bamboo), my mom’s favorite


black chicken soup with black fungus and shiitake mushroom, a very nutritious soup that I have at least once a month.


mung bean sprouts sautéed with chili, a recent favorite dish of mine


the usual suspect, sautéed bok choy


a usual dinner at home


Sauteed yam with chili and pork


bok choy with mushrooms


tofu with mixed veggies and shrimp


Opss…. I asked for more one-pot meal


had it with a soup made with tomato and spinach


I’m loving rice with soup lately. I’m not usually a soup person, but I’ve been asking for more soup to mom lately! Sometime, I even feel I can’t have a meal without soup. 🙂


After that meal, I had 2 times of this: 1 bowl of one-pot meal cooked with shredded chinese cabbage and chili sauce (菜泡饭). I’m in love of this combo!!! I had at least 5 times over the last two weeks and still want more.


accompanied with steamed tilapia topped with chinese pickles (雪里红)



Q: Are you a soup person? What’s your favorite soup?


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3 responses to “Food: meals of the week

  1. Mmm, the tofu with mixed veggies and shrimp looks delish! I’m definitely a soup person! Hard to choose a favorite, but maybe red lentil.

  2. i still need to try black fungus AND oohh! pickles yum! i prefer to chew my food but i like a hearty soup now and then. the kind that are packed full of meats + veggies! the only broth like soup i like is miso and i like to drink that cold!

  3. I love soup!! Nick hates it, so I rarely make it. So sad.
    The tomato and spinach soup looks fantastic. Well, it all looks fantastic, but that one looks REALLY fantastic! 🙂

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