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Food: meals of the week

I’m having a lot of fun trying new dishes lately, I guess you’re enjoying reading them, aren’t you? 😉

Stir-fry veggies (onion, brussel sprouts, asparagus, spinach, tofu) with Tj’s thai sauce, served with brown rice


I used to love this sauce, I could eat it everyday, so I got it again. Unfortunately I was not obsessed with it this time.


笋烧肉 (red sauced pork with bamboo), my mom’s favorite


black chicken soup with black fungus and shiitake mushroom, a very nutritious soup that I have at least once a month.


mung bean sprouts sautéed with chili, a recent favorite dish of mine


the usual suspect, sautéed bok choy


a usual dinner at home


Sauteed yam with chili and pork


bok choy with mushrooms


tofu with mixed veggies and shrimp


Opss…. I asked for more one-pot meal


had it with a soup made with tomato and spinach


I’m loving rice with soup lately. I’m not usually a soup person, but I’ve been asking for more soup to mom lately! Sometime, I even feel I can’t have a meal without soup. 🙂


After that meal, I had 2 times of this: 1 bowl of one-pot meal cooked with shredded chinese cabbage and chili sauce (菜泡饭). I’m in love of this combo!!! I had at least 5 times over the last two weeks and still want more.


accompanied with steamed tilapia topped with chinese pickles (雪里红)



Q: Are you a soup person? What’s your favorite soup?


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Challenge J&J #13 & a low key day

I had a very low key day. I finished editing in the morning and dedicated the afternoon/evening to RELAX and DO NOTHING! I don’t usually work with spikes of productivity, I hate that. But last week I felt called to do it because of the deadlines. After the spike came the downturn! I felt exhausted. Although I still have more to do, I listened to my body and took a very needed break, and guilty free! 🙂

I took an almost 2 hours nap, did some leisure reading, did yoga for 50 min and sweat a lot! Something weird is happening to me lately. I usually don’t sweat much except hard cardio, but I’m sweating a lot more now. Is the weather or is me?  Anyone has experience on that?

oh… and I finished The Good Wife last night at 11.30PM :shock:! Love it~~~


J&J #13 @Eat Clean CookbookSteamed Tilaplia


This can’t be simpler! Tilapia + olive oil + lemon + leek + S+P, bake for 15 min. Done!



the “sauce” = 1/4 tomato + 1/2 avocado + lemon juice + salt + pinch of sugar





nothing better to pair the “red” than a bowl of green goodies! 😉



my new dessert addiction: MARROC! yes~~ these are back to life!!! 😆


Q: Do you celebrate Easter? What’s your favorite tradition? and favorite dish?


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What kind of hunger is that?

Yep~~~ that’s the question I asked myself yesterday afternoon! 😦

Let’s proceed from the beginning, shall we? 😕

I woke up pretty good… had the necessity (fiberone & coffee) 😦 don’t ask, the issue is still there.

Breakfast was an old favorite: flaxseed porridge added extra flaxmeal and chia seeds, topped with cottage cheese, preserve and blueberries



and one more because it’s so pretty 😉


Very filling and yummy~~~ 😀

Arrived at office at 9AM and began to work. Snacked on almonds and a big orange. I had lunch (leftover cauliflower & barley pilaf) around 12.30pm in a lunch seminar. So far so good. The “problem” began around 2.30pm, just two hours after lunch. I felt empty but not annoying. 30 min later… I felt VERY empty so I had an apple. 15 min later… the emptiness got worse! It began to hurt! So I had two handful of almonds and dark chocolate (maybe 1/4 bar?). I thought if fruit doesn’t do the trick, maybe fats will do! Noop! 👿 By 4PM my hunger was disturbing my productivity! Okay. let’s try carbs! I went to the cafeteria, got a bagel (not WW :(), had 1/2 plain, didn’t like it at all. 😡 Back to office…. still not satisfied. I felt like my belly was full but my stomach empty. What’s wrong with me? 😯 By then I knew it wasn’t a normal kind of hunger so I decided to ignored it and continue to work. I Struggled until 5.30pm and went home 😦

A big dinner finally calmed the insatiable hunger!


tilapia with black fungus and chili sauce


double portion of oat bran with celery


the sauteed lettuce with baby corn wasn’t salty enough, so I added this


much better! 😀

A big feast isn’t complete without dessert 😉 Zensoy banana pudding


Because I had an early dinner 6.30PM, I had more munchies at night, two Nature’s Pride bread with LC! 😳 I doubt it was hunger, it was more like CRAVING 👿 I rolled to bed around 10PM, literally, rolled!!! 🙄 Haven’t had an expansion like that for a long time!!!

What a day!!! I’m glad that my hunger & craving are back but maybe too sudden! 😦

My parents are coming back from Los Angeles today! parents-free is over = no more loneliness, no more dishes to wash, no more house cleaning! YEY~~~ 😆

Q1: What do you eat when you get a painful hunger?

Q2: When was the last time you feel a tiger inside you?


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