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Life: good news & Shanghai dim sum

It was a 5 day work week and I was not as exhausted as the previous two weeks. I think eating fresh salad for lunch made a big difference in my energy level. The two weeks that I ate leftovers, I was exhausted. Got to keep up with salad then! 🙂

The big news of the week is a visa issue for my parents. For you native americans, you never think about visa problems. But since I’m not citizen nor have green card, my parents can only come as visitor and have to leave after the 6 months stay expires. I submitted my mom’s visa renewal application on January 1st and haven’t heard back until last week. It was approved! 😆 So now she can stay until August. And that’s not the actual good news. The real news is that I can now sponsor my parents to come to live with me PERMANENTLY! well… not technically permanent, but permanent as long as I continue to work at my current job. How cool is that!!! 😆 Once they get the new type of visa, they don’t have to worry about visa application/renewal, they can come whenever and stay as long as they want! 😀

I always thought I wouldn’t want to live with my parents. I love them a lot, but I feel I need my own space. My thoughts changed after Sofia’s arrival. Now I can imagine having my parents living in our house. It’s such a wonderful setting. Have all the people I love the most under the roof. They get to see me and their grandkids everyday. I’d like to live that way when I’m old too. 🙂 If you could choose, would you like to have your parents to live with you? We haven’t talked about it yet, but as how things are going, my parents will definitely spend more time with me in the future, specially when baby #2 comes! 🙂

I started the weekend with pancakes (no surprise!). This time I made a variation of the gluten free pumpkin pancake (3 egg whites beaten, 1/3 c. pumpkin, 2 Tb coconut flour, 1 tsp baking powder).


topped with PB2 sauce and maple syrup. Perfect combo! 🙂

Sofia took her 2.5 hrs morning nap while I did a lot of online shopping. Look how cute are these

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 5.00.43 PM Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 5.00.02 PM


I got the yellow doll, and the sleeping girl bag for Sofia. Well… actually I think that’s just an excuse for me to get them, because they’re soooo cute and I’m too old for legitimacy have them, so let’s say they’re for Sofia. 🙂

I also got some clothing for me at my favorite chinese online store and other misc cool items. Can’t wait to get them all! 🙂

For lunch we met with some friends at Shanghai taste, a shanghainese dim sum kind of place. The place is small and very crowded when we got. We had to wait for 15 min. The menu is in chinese so I guess only chinese people go there.

We had chicken marinated with wine ( I loved it! devoured half of the plate)


seaweed salad


cucumber salad


pickles salad


all the three salads were too sweet, but that’s expected because shanghainese cuisine is famous for its sweetness. I’m definitely not an authentic shanghainese. 😉

pan seared dumplings


wonton (which was just okay. my mom’s are much better!)


fried dough (a typical breakfast food)


xiao long bao, another typical shanghai dish, filled with pork and “pork soup” with very thin dough.


Overall everything looked authentic but they didn’t taste like the real thing. I think even I can make them better. But I did enjoy catching up with friends, and of course taking Sofia out and receive compliments of how cute she is! 🙂

And then we did groceries, I got a lot of new products. Stay tune! 🙂



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Life: 1 year Anniversary

Last Tuesday, 7/31, was our first anniversary! We were not going to celebrate it if it was not because Star had to run back to take care of me. 🙂 Sometimes, bad things turns into good ones. 🙂

It’s incredible how fast time passes. I can still remember from star to finish our wedding day. It was a beautiful and emotional wedding, definitely one day that we’ll remember for the rest of life.

As we talked during the dinner.. we’re both amazed by how much life has changed this year. I started working a dream job, we bought a house, and we’re expecting our baby in less than two months! When we got married, we knew we wanted to start a family.. but we didn’t expect it would be so soon. We were ready to work hard to build a big family, and really glad that it was easier than we expected. We can’t be more blessed!!! Next year, things will be even more different, we’ll celebrate it with our little girl! 🙂


Look what Star got for me as present!!! 😯


He always always spoiled me with the best! 🙂

My outfit for the occasion


We went to a french restaurant called 2941 with airy, big-windowed dining room and lake view.



Bread and butter were served while we went through the menu


we shared two appetizers: Crispy Calamari avocado, house-made cocktail sauce


and Serrano Ham & Melon cherry gold balsamic, cantaloupe


As entree, Star had Pici Noodles hand-rolled rustic spaghetti, duck ragù, fennel seed, chili flakes, ripini


and I had Sea Scallops lobster émulsion, corn, caponata


Finally, we shared Chocolate-Raspberry Pavé Manjari ganache, puff pastry, star anise ice cream


everything was delicious and the ambiance quiet and romantic, a perfect place to celebrate anniversaries. In fact, the table besides us was also an anniversary celebration, with their son. 🙂


Although we’ve been together for over a decade, we thought we felt already married before the formal wedding, but I think the wedding ceremony made both of us more compromise with each other. We feel more responsible for each other, and we think as a family over individual needs. Some people think that it is giving up something, for example, individuality, but actually it’s really 1+1>2 kind of thing. When I tell my friends who are not married, I’d say: The biggest difference between being single and married is that We feel no longer alone in this world! 🙂

Look our happy faces on the wedding



Happy Anniversary, my dear husband, my guardian and my best friend. 🙂 I love you!


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Life: weekend happening

It was a long weekend for me. I thought I would get bored being alone, but it turned out to be quite eventful. Let’s recap 😉

Friday: I spent the morning organizing old letters/cards/pics and I found this


wooo!!! It was taken in 2000, and I was probably 20 lb heavier. It was quite shocking how much did I changed during the last 12 years. I think as we age, the fat content of our face gets redistributed elsewhere and we look slimmer.

I did manicure. I didn’t have any spring/summer color, so I used this intense beige one.


Breakfast continued to be the same. For lunch, I made a salad using canned wild salmon that I have bought 6 months ago.


butter lettuce, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, tofu and 1/2 can of salmon. All dressed with 1 tbsp olive oil and 2-3 tbsp the amazing balsamic.


as dessert, two argentinian chocolates



At night, I met with some friends at Cafe Asia for dinner. It’s a place that offers all kind of asian food, chinese, vietnamese, japanese, indonesian and singaporean. I had a Yum salad. Thai style spicy salad with lettuce, cilantro, onion, tossed with fresh chili, garlic and lemon juice, and squid.


It was way too spicy for me, but had all the squid and 1/2 veggies.

And a tom yum soup with mushrooms and shrimp.


which was just okay.

After dinner, we went to a Cuban Music Show.


It was my first time going to a cuban music event. The music is so lively, people were dancing like crazy! 😉

My friend Huihui and the husband of another friend, who’s cuban.




  • Same breakfast
  • Home duties: ironing and organize clothes for spring/summer.
  • Lunch: same salad as Friday.


  • A much needed nap. I went to sleep past midnight and woke up at 7:30 😯
  • Reading a new book
  • A BBQ party from 7-8:30pm
  • A dinner party from 8:30 – 12pm.

Some of my best friends just became Doctors on Friday so a little celebration for them. 🙂 They did a good job preparing food for like 20+ people. IMG_0874

an israeli coucous salad


a pasta salad with tuna


and I made the dessert, choco-nuts petit fours


It was nice catching up with friends. I also told them the news and they were all very happy for us. 🙂 They were not surprised though because among my friends I’m someone who’s extremely decisive, whenever I say I want to do something, I do it right away! 🙂



  • Groceries. I went to four stores: chinese supermarket, korean supermarket, Tj’s and Whole Food, and under the rain!!! 😯 Fortunately they were all very close by.
  • Lunch


A black rice, corn meal, red dates and white fungus porridge




sautéed chinese greens, black fungus and tofu


  • Another amazingly enjoyable nap.
  • More reading
  • Planning to have another salad with grilled shrimp for dinner! 🙂

Star is coming back tomorrow!!! Yupi!!! 😆

Q: What’s your favorite part of the weekend? For me, meeting with friends, late breakfasts and lunches, naps and leisure reading.


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