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Food: random combos

Last week I lost creativity in term of food choices. So these combos I have repeated times!

#1 2 fried eggs + grilled sandwich made with LC, steamed spinach and ketchup

I’ve been trying to increase my protein intake. 2 eggs in the morning is a safe way to guarantee I get some form of protein that day.


#2 Oatbran cooked with cocoa powder and 1/3 cup of ricotta cheese, topped with Almond butter


the rest of the family had waffles and fruit salad


I finished AB and I made coconut butter (simply blend shredded coconut for 5 min)


oat bran with ricotta cheese is a very filling combo. It keeps me full for several hours!


I forgot how tasty is coconut butter! So glad I made it! 🙂

At work, I had several times of salad, bed of greens, sauteed cauliflower with mushrooms, and 2-3 eggs.


and a thick slice of my favorite bread they offer: bread with walnut and raisin.

For dinner, I had several times of homemade wontons! I like them so much that I asked my mom to make 20 packages to be store in the freezer so I can have them when she is not here (she left this morning!).

Next week I’ll be enjoying Argentinean food!!!!! Can’t wait!!!! 🙂

Q: How do you make sure to have enough protein? What’s your favorite way to have it?


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Food: breakfasts

Breakfast last week: some old combo and a new one.

Oat bran cooked with blueberries and cottage cheese, top with a big spoonful of almond butter and almond milk


it was a really filling bowl


homemade veggie buns with almond milk



oatmeal, pickles and fried egg


fully cooked fried egg seasoned with soy sauce


grilled sandwich with egg, LC, tomato and spinach


A new combo, fruit soup with glutinous rice balls.


It’s something that I used to love when I was a kid and it suddenly came to my mind one day so I asked my mom to make some for me.


It was delicious! 🙂

Q: What’s your childhood favorite breakfast combo?

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Food: confused taste buds

Still jumping around and can’t decide what I want. Lately I’ve been developing a problem: I get sick/tired of something very quickly, like after 3 or 4 times of something, I don’t want to have it anymore. That’s unusual for me, usually when I like something, I can have it for a long long time, years and years!!! Well…. my taste buds are a little confused for now. 😉

Oat bran cooked with blueberries, flax meal and topped with cottage cheese and AB.


I like how pretty are sweet breakfast!


Grilled wrap filled with scramble eggs with broccoli and onion, topped with ketchup, and a cup of soy milk


there’s something about the mix of ketchup and egg that is magical!


because I always over do on veggies, the wrap couldn’t wrap it, so I had as side too.


And another oat bran combo.


this time I add cottage cheese at the end of the cooking and top it with AB and preserve.


Very filling bowl! 🙂

Q: Do you like wraps? What’s your favorite filling?


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