End of a transition year

Random thoughts


Parenting, marriage and friendship

Feeding a toddler

How do we make friends

Dealing with difficult coleagues 


What’s your role in the family?

Tiger mom?

The power of our mind

Embracing new path

How I embrace unexpected news

What type of feedback do you want?

Influence of others on you

My relationship with mom

Call me, don’t text me

When you argue with someone

Bad memory is not a bad thing

Joy of aging

Being naked

Everyday happiness

What’s a good couple?

Talk to him

Saying no

Meeting new friends

Do we all have issues?

Authentic happiness

Task classification

The missing virtue

Telling the truth

Love vs. Infatuation

Ways to make new friends

Help people to think big 

Unwelcome opinions

Finding direction

5 reasons to be with your loved ones

Emotions and food

My “raw” experience

How to be a good …?

Crazy love and marriage

A worth reading article: tribal workers

Knowing someone takes time

Not everything everyday is perfect


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