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Life: weekend update

We had a 3 three-day weekend, the last one with Star until September 😦

  • It was a productive and relaxing one. We did some house improvements. 🙂 We bought a patio set from IKEA last weekend and now it’s assembled! YEY!!!



Can’t wait to have breakfast and brunch there with friends 🙂

We Star also puts together the changing table for the baby. We got HEMMES from IKEA since it’s more practical to get a dresser instead of a changing table, so it can be used in the future as well.


and the crib.



now that the two major furnitures are assembled, I just need to do the decoration in the following months! 😉

  • I made waffles for the week. I made 4 batches and freeze them, so everyday I just need to reheat it in the toaster.



  • Saturday morning we went to strawberries picking! The first ones of the season! We went to Burtler’s Orchard, which is about 35 min drive from home.

It was a gorgeous day to be outdoor. The blue sky, the smell of green grass and the prettiest strawberries. Perfect activity! 🙂


It was not easy to find the perfectly red mature ones, so I was examining carefully



We ended up picking 7 pounds of strawberries. I tasted a few, they’re so juicy and sweet! 🙂


  • Saturday afternoon, an old friend of mine came to visit us. We had a nice chat eating a bunch of chinese candies. 🙂
  • Sunday was Mother’s day, so we had a date with another mom-to-be, my friend Sarah and her husband for brunch at Busboys and Poets

My outfit for the day


this is a new pair of pants that I got from Jcrew for girls, size 12. Yes, you read it right, I bought kids’ cloth and fits my 20+ body perfectly! 😉 When I first got it on mail, I tried it in one of those bloating days, I couldn’t zip it, so I was going to return it since I couldn’t tell how it fits me. But then after the bloating went away, it fits me perfectly and I love it. So summery! 🙂 I think in 1-2 weeks I won’t be able to zip it anymore, but at least I know it fits my normal body well. Maybe I could use a pregnant belly band to extend its use for another 1-2 weeks? we’ll see.

Star had classic egg benedict with grits


and I had an omelette with spinach, tomato, onion and feta cheese, served with house salad and toasts


it was a nice way to celebrate mother’s day. Good food and good friends to chat about how our lives will change in few months! 🙂

We invited a friend for dinner at home so I made chinese food for Star and Adam.


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Girly: outfits and favorite spring color

I haven’t posted outfits for a while and this week I took some pics. Not many new outfits, but just to record how I’m dressing to “hide” the bump 😉


on this one, nothing can be noticed


a bit on this one





As you can see, I’m still wearing a lot of winter/fall outfits because DC was really cold last week. I’m kind of sick of the cold days, can’t wait for summer!

What’s your favorite summer color? One of mine is this yellow


two bags from Argentina, Prune and sandals from Tory Burch. Love love this color! It makes life so bright! 🙂

Q: What’s your favorite summer color?


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Life: Weekly update

  • Last week was an important one. I submitted two papers that I’ve been working since last october and I met with the manager of the unit I want to work for the next 4-5 years. I was very nervous that day but fortunately all went very well. We talked about 40 min and it was one of the best interview I’ve ever had! So… if nothing unexpected happens, I’m going to get the job! 😆
  • I started to get sick of the food our cafeteria serves. So I explored some options. Other than choptsalad, I tried a korean bibimbap place. I got four type of veggies and seaweed as topping and the base was brown rice.


it looks good but I didn’t like it because the veggies and the rice were way too oily. It was not helpful for my slow digestive track these days. Finally, I tried piadine with grilled vegetables and fontina cheese at breadline. It’s a wrap made with a thick grilled bread filled with a lot of grilled veggies and cheese. I’m definitely getting it again and take a pic to show you.

  • I found a new after-dinner snack that I like a lot. Mung bean ice bar.



  • I got a new hair cut and really like the salon I found. I already sent Star and two friends there!
  • The weather is getting warm and I’ve been shopping a little bit, so more outfit pics to come. 🙂


pant (zara), shirt (H&M), blazer (china) and shoe (Tod’s)



sweet and sour calamari with veggies


frog with chinese yellow chives and sweet peas


tofu stew with chicken


chinese greens with tons of garlic (love it!)


fish ball with lotus root (another love!)

After lunch they came to home and the guys play pingpong. It’s a couple that we recently met (from work) and we really like them. 🙂

  • On Sunday, we went to Il Mee, a korean buffet with some old friends. We went there 4 years ago and my mom loved it so much that wanted to go back since then. There were a lot of cold dishes


my plate #1


some spicy veggie and egg soup


two full plate of meat for 6 of us



and I went back for more veggies. Overall the food was good but not spectacular. I never liked buffet because I don’t eat that much to take advantage of it, and usually buffet’s food is not so well made.

The rest of the afternoon was relaxing. I spent the afternoon/evening watching chinese tv-series. I’ve been on a tv kick lately! 🙂 What a great way to waste time and unwind! 🙂

Q1: Do you like buffets? 

Q2: Do you like korean food? What’s your favorite dish? Mine is definitely bibimbap! love the spicy sauce!


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