Life: weekly update

  • At work, I made progress in finding my second rotation. I already decided which units I want to go and I’m actively meeting people there. Soon I will meet with the managers. Hopefully everything goes well and I get the ideal position for the next 3-4 years.
  • I finished reading girl in translation. It’s really a nice read. It’s about a girl who came to the US with her mom and how they struggled to survive in this new life. I made me feel lucky our immigration story and reminds me how much we’ve gone through in the last 22 yeas and how much we’ve accomplished. We left China in 1990, with 3 suitcases and 3000 dollars. In 2012, I finished the Ph.D, I’m married to a wonderful husband, own together an amazing house and have an ideal job. Everything we have now is thanks to our effort and luck. I’m very grateful! If you ask me, what I wish I had now? I’d say, more of the life we already have! 🙂
  • Friday: although it was my day-off, I had an important meeting at work, so I went to DC for the meeting and came back. Spent the rest of the day at home napping, reading.
  • Saturday: we went to Tysons Corner, got a mini-purse for my mom and some socks. For some mysterious reason, I lost interest on shopping.
  • Sunday: it was a beautiful day so we went to Great Fall Park for a two-hours hiking. We all enjoyed being outdoor and kept telling that we should do this more often! I think as the weather gets warm, we’ll definitely do more outdoor activities.


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4 responses to “Life: weekly update

  1. Lost interest in shopping? Oh, no!!

    You’ve come a long way in 22yrs, Coco!!! You all must be so proud of that…

  2. Wow, you certainly have made the most of your life! More natives should take a lesson from immigrants like you, we take so much for granted!

  3. you lost interest in shopping? you MUST be ill 😉 sounds like a productive and packed week! your immigration story is very inspiring and you should be extremely proud!

  4. Sounds like you had a busy week!
    The book sounds really interesting. I’m always looking for new reads. Right now I’m reading The Understudy. It’s sort of slow, but humorous enough to keep me reading.
    I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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