Starting 2015

2015 is an inflection point.

With new goals and perspectives of life.

Big changes are happening. (not ready to share yet)

New motto: follow your heart.

I don’t usually do new year resolutions…. and I’m late on the game anyway… but this year I want to write down some goals I have for 2015. Here they are, in no particular order:

Read more books: I enjoy immersing myself into a story, far away from mine, to get lost and often get touched by the characters. I enjoy reading non-fiction books as well, just as a well to learn about a particular topic related to my current life interest. I have a long list of to-read list. My goal is to read 26 books this year. To keep tracking them. I’ll stack them into a separate shelf.

Blog more: I’ve always enjoyed the quiet time when I post here, it’s a time for reflexion, a time to remember the highlights of my day/week/month. I like when I am writing it, when I read it afterwards, so I really need to do more often. Goal: post at least once a week.

Do more yoga: I still workout 45-60 min a day, but rarely find time to do yoga. Yoga brings peace to me, I need/enjoy the stillness. Goal: once a week.

Shop minimal: looking back 2014, I’ve spent too much in non-essential. Goal: set a budget for non-essential purchase, and spend $ in experiences.

Stop stressing over Sofia’s eating: I’ve spent too much energy in making sure Sofia eats well, eats enough. It was a constant stress for me and Sofia, and I really don’t want to make dinner time a nightmare for all of us. Goal: offer her a variety of chooses, and let her decide what and how much she eats.

Be more loving: I am sure everyone of my family knows I love them, but sometimes I don’t act as if I was and I feel bad about it. Goal: show more kindness, care and love to my loved ones.

Travel: I like traveling, explore new cities, new life styles. I do quite amount of travel for work but I rarely explore the cities that I visit. Goal: explore cities during business trip, and take 1-2 leisure trips with friends/family.

Develop family traditions/hobby: Sofia is a little person already and I would like her to get a sense of family traditions. We rarely do family activities together and I think it’s important that we find some activities that we do together. Some ideas include: decorating the house according to the season, family table brunch on Sunday, a family activity once a week (like building legos or puzzle).

Cook more: over the last couple of years, I stopped paying attention in food and cooking. I could say it was because I didn’t have time, but the truth is I lost interest. But that’s something that I genuinely enjoy doing, so I will start again. Goal: prepare 1-2 special meals a week.

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Argentina 2015

I started the year meeting with my best friend in Buenos Aires. It has been 2.5 years since our last reunion… and it is exactly what I need at this time of my life! And I finally got to meet Leon! What a cute/funny/needy/adorable boy! :)


I stayed at the house she rented … a perfect vacation house  with pool


I was spoiled by Jeanette with a new dress…. perfect fit and color combo. Love love it!!!


That’s what I did most of the time… lie on the couch… do nothing but chatting with my best friend and her family.. yeah~~ we did a lot of talk this time!!!


It was Jeanette’s birthday party the second day I arrived. and it was a pizza-pool-party with a lot of empanadas and pizzas


My parents are visiting Buenos Aires as well… so they join us for the party


and my BFF!!! I am so lucky to have her in my life… can’t imagine otherwise. In this time of big changes, only she understands me 100% and supports me unconditionally! I miss her so much when she’s not around…. got to make an effort to see each more often than once every 2-3 years!


and Jeanette, my western mom, such a wise woman, just like my mom.


girls with their lovely moms


Leon is so funny! obsessed with chocolate/sweets, very Argentinean, and iPad/TV… but of all the things in the world, he’s obsessed with his Mom!


can’t wait for Sofia to meet Leon.


It has been a great trip, short but productive. The last time we met, I was 4 months pregnant. This time we are both mothers. It feels surreal that we met when we were teenagers, and now we are both moms. So many things happened in our lives… and we’re still there for each other, the friendship is stronger than ever. Actually we are family now because no matter how far apart we are, how long we don’t talk to each other, we know that the other is there for us whenever we need, and we’d do anything to support the other. That’s family! I so wish we live in the same city so we can build family traditions together. But well… that’s impossible, so we need to work on building different kind of traditions so when we are 60 years old, we can re-visit these precious memories.

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Life: Nov 2014 -Jan 2015

Although life has been busy and evolving lately… I’m back to the blog world! Let’s first do a quick recap of life through the life of Sofia, who has became a little person who has very clear idea of what she wants, expresses them very clearly with her multi-language skills (Spanish, english, mandarin and shanghainese), deeply obsessed with her mom, naughty and playful with dad and grandma.

She got used to her new class and friends.


playful and funny all the time


loving music and dancing


asks for upa (hugs) sometimes


had her first Christmas party at school


with all the amazing food available, all she wanted was fruit


plays with her old friend Smaranda while moms chat


had her first pic with Santa this year


although it was impossible to make her smile


she helped decorating the tree


and was in charge of turning it on every night


we moved half of her toys to her room, so now she plays in her room too


she is still one of the last ones to finish eating


she loves taking pics with me


selfies are our favorite things to do


she’s such a silly girl… her silly laughs crack me up EVERY SINGLE TIME


she melts my heart


she’s very into building nowadays.. and whenever she makes something, she’ll proudly say:” look my house!”


we had a Christmas party at home again this year, similar to last year’s


we all had fun


eating delicious food and exchanging gifts


Sofia is really into cooking too. She’ll take my utensils and real food (pasta), and starts mixing them


making a mess when I worked at home


we went to Aquarium twice and she loves it


she loves Dolphin and jellyfish


such a sweet girl




whenever I cook, she likes to make me company


and eager to help


she loves going to Tj’s and Whole Foods to sample food… if she could, she’d want to go there every day.


she goes to museum on weekends. Her favorite ones are American history and natural history.


she likes taking pics too



watching ducks



Eating has been a pain for me for a long time. Every evening, after a long day of work, I’d spend 1 hour to feed her dinner, playing all kinds of toys and book reading to keep her entertained, which leaves me exhausted and stressed out. So few days ago, I decided it was enough. I needed to stop doing that because dinner time is supposedly to be peaceful, relaxing, and not stressful moment for anyone. So, the new way one is: I provide variety  (a mix of new, old and safe food), and she decides how/what to eat. And no toys. Maybe some TV sometimes. It has been working like wonders. No more stress for me, and she enjoys food time too. Surprisingly, she usually finishes them all and even asks for more :shock:! Hope we continue like this.


she really has great time at school. They role-play every day.. and I caught a little fire-lady the other day. So cute!


My sunshine, I love you so much! Don’t grow so fast, allow me to savor you slowly.



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