Day 6: meeting meeting meeting

Today was a busy day filled with meetings, work and friends. Sometimes it’s a drag to meet with people that I don’t usually meet or chat, especially people from work, but I always I find something interesting from our conversation afterwards. People are genuinely kind and willing to share and help. We just need to be proactive and reach out. In a world of digital communication, it’s easy to pretend to be connected through emails, but I find face to face the only way to connect. Some chemical reaction happens, unexpected things discussed, an emotional connection established, that through emails will never happen.

To test whether pollen was causing everything, I stayed indoor today and did 45 min elliptical. I didn’t take allergy pill the whole day and I was fine. Theory tested. ūüôā

I quickly showered and had breakfast, avocado toast and hummus toast

then it was day¬†of meetings, 10:30am, 12:30pm,¬†2:30pm, 3:30pm, and 4:30pm.Lunch was a big salad with arugula, beets, roasted mushroom,¬†roasted¬†eggplant, onion and chickpea. Then I had copious cup of coffees to stay awake. By the time I¬†got back to hotel around 6pm, I didn’t want to talk anyway. Chatting for the whole day was tiring and a lot of¬†info¬†to processed. But I¬†had¬†friends over for dinner. I ordered pizza for them and had kabocha. I chatted¬†for a long time and enjoyed ice cream over topics¬†ranging from skincare, pregnancy, kids, travel…. ¬†



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Day 5: half working mode

I started my day with 4 miles run to limit exposure to pollen and as I didn’t feel my best. Not being able to sleep properly and having my body working with 12 hrs difference is really affecting my overall wellbeing. Maybe it is the age, it is taking me longer than I expected. Right after I got back, I took the pill (Sudafed) to prevent allergy reaction. Then I prepared a very yummy breakfast: toast with avocado and all bagel seasoning and toast with roasted pepper hummus, and fresh blueberries. I felt so stuffed after this combo but it was delicious. I¬†went¬†to¬†office¬†and¬†worked¬†a¬†bit.¬†Then¬†met¬†friends¬†for¬†lunch.¬†I¬†wasn’t¬†very¬†hungry¬†so¬†I¬†had¬†vegetable¬†soup¬†with¬†vermicelli¬†rice¬†noodles¬†and¬†tofu.¬†Then¬†I¬†went¬†to¬†see¬†an¬†ophthalmologist to check again my dry eye situation. I also did the annual check-up. It was confirmed that I had very dry eyes and allergy rash in my right eyes. I also consulted her about my dry eye situation every time I go to beach/water. She suggests me to do an allergy test to see what is causing it, then we can have proper treatment. She gave me drops to clear up rash in my eyes for a week, and asked me to go back to try new contact lens. Hopefully this gets resolved soon. I really don’t like using glasses.


I¬†was tired¬†but wasn’t sleepy so decided to stay up until evening to fight jet lag. To avoid falling sleep, I went out for a walk. To my surprise I bumped to my friend Sarah on the street. We were trying to meet with each other since I arrived but couldn’t, so it was really nice to see her. I accompanied her to have dinner, quickly catch up each other’s new life in Manila and Nairobi. Then I headed home, finally somewhat hungry. I made the same stir-fry, cauliflower with bok choy and grounded “beef” without the noodles.


Dessert was more fun, I meant to try So Delicious ice cream for so long 

and it did not disappoint. The texture is smooth, not overly sweet, and richer than Halo. Love it.  final snack; kabocha! The best! Perfect companion to watch Scandal

Night night!

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Day 4: a visit to ER

What a day! It started innocently with an amazing run and 20 min strength workout at the gym

followed¬†by¬†Ezekiel toast with refried beans ¬†and blueberries. I’ve been waiting to try refried bean for a while, finally got a can at Trader Joes. Unfortunately it was nothing extraordinary.

Since I arrived DC last Thursday evening, I’ve been¬†having issues with my eyes (very dry) and even a¬†bit of¬†congestion¬†in my nose. I thought it was caused by my contact lens. it was pretty the previous days but it got better later in the day so I didn’t think too much of it. But yesterday I didn’t even run with my contact lens and by 9:30am I could barely open my eyes and the congestion in my face was causing headache. Then clic I realized it could be seasonal allergy. I’ve never had allergy during my 11 years living in DC but I know many of my friends suffered. I asked my friend what medicine to take and went to CVS to buy them. It was closed, I had to wait on the street for 15 min while having the pain. I got these two and took a nap hoping it helps. But unfortunately it didn’t.

I had a lunch date with an old friend so¬†I¬†managed to walk half blind to the restaurant. Ordered¬†a salad with roasted leeks and turnips, roasted kale with chickpea, baked tofu with tahini turmeric dressing and blended seeds. It was quite tasty but I couldn’t enjoy it much due to the discomfort. After lunch, I decided to go to the ER and my friend kindly accompanied me

Fortunately they checked on me relatively quickly. And it was seasonal allergy that caused conjunctivitis. They gave me Sudafed for the severe nasal congestion and asked me to put eye drops for the dry eyes.

I took the pill right away and an hour later, I was feeling much better. The congestion went away and I could open my eyes. Thank God! I felt so miserable and finally understand the pain of those that suffer seasonal allergy.

My mom sent me pictures of my lovely girls… missing them hard

Jet lag was also hitting me hard. I felt lethargic and overall tired, so I took a catnap and woke up around 6pm.I had two blood oranges before heading to whole food for a walk and to I could find something new

Whole food was packed as usual, many GW students buying their dinner. I wandered around and got some snacks and grounded beef for a stir-fry for dinner

I made a stir-fry rice noodle with cauliflower, bok choys and healthlife ground beef, seasoned with soy sauce and salt. It was really filling.

a bit later, some ice cream while catching up with Scandal

an hour later I finished this plate of kabocha, sooooo good, it left me really stuffed.


It was only day 4, while I enjoy the alone time and the freedom to do whatever I feel at the moment, I terribly miss my family. Being with them could be restrictive and tiring at the time, but they fill my heart and soul.

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