First visitors in the Philippines

Last week we hosted our first visitors since we arrival in the Philippines, and they were my favorite people of all time. My uncles!!! They’re like my second parents. I spent so much of my childhood and teenager years in their homes. They treated me like their own and taught me so much about family values. It has been over 15 years since we were so close living under the same roof.

Lizzy and my uncle bounded immediately

IMG 0440

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IMG 0434

Sofia already knows grand uncle very well… he accompanied her to school bus many times

IMG 0447

IMG 0442

Sofia loved their grand uncles and enjoyed having them around

IMG 0446

we explored the neighborhood after dinner

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we visited malls together

IMG 0005

these two girls melt their heart

IMG 0006

they enjoyed our condo and the pool

IMG 0009

every evening my uncle would take Sofia for a pool time

IMG 0008

IMG 0448

laughs filled the house during these 5 days

IMG 0451

IMG 0453

IMG 0455

Tony took them to see the city a bit

IMG 0427

On last day Lizzy had high fever

IMG 0457

but 10 min after taking tylenol, she was alive again 🙂

We also celebrated Tony’s birthday before they left

IMG 0459

Untie made crab noodles that was soooo good. They loved the crab, they even took some cooked ones to the plane

IMG 0460

what a lovely celebration, with good food, fantastic companies, and very sweet and yummy chocolate mocha cake

IMG 0463

they left Friday evening… very sad 😦 I wished they stayed longer because it felt we were a big family, loving each other so much, and having so much fun together.

Lizzy woke up happy on Sunday, I stayed in her crib for a while to chat with her

IMG 0016

then we practiced piano with Sofia who started piano lessons with a great teacher

IMG 0018

on Tony’s birthday we started with his birthday gift this year, golf lessons and golf set. I think he liked it a lot 🙂

IMG 0019

specially when his girls accompanied him

IMG 0021

we finished our leisure Sunday with a Christmas party at one of my colleagues.

IMG 0028

As I get older, I appreciate more family time. There’s nothing that brings me more peaceful happiness than being with my folks. It’s hard to describe, but it gives me so much sense of union, belonging, blood tie, specially after I had my own children. Seeing them bounding with my mom and my uncles brings me so much joy. I hope they all live long and healthy so my girls can grow up with them, and also finds joy being with their family.



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Travel: amazing time in Bohol

We had our first beach experience in the Philippines right after an important meeting at work. I booked it to reward myself for the hard work leading to it. 🙂

I chose Bohol over Boracay and Palawan to find something between overly commercial and virgin islands and it turned out to be perfect!

Our flight was around 11am, national terminal was packed. Fortunately thanks to the traffic we didn’t spend much time there

IMG 0076

after a short flight (1hr) and a car ride (30min) we arrived Hennan alone beach resort around 2pm. Sofia couldn’t wait to go to the beach

IMG 0079

then we spent the afternoon exploring the hotel facilities which was amazing, many pools, one just besides the beach.

IMG 0081

our first dinner was at the buffet restaurant… so much food

IMG 0082

Sofia loved the mango

IMG 0083

Day 2: island hopping & dolphin watching. I booked the tour with Wow Bohol and it was a good experience. We just walked to the shore

IMG 0086

we had a private boat for our family… quite a nice view for the sunset

IMG 0090

everyone was super excited to watch the dolphins. Obviously they were in nature so it took us a good hour trying to find them. We almost gave up and then our guide spotted them, there were three jumping. Amazing!

IMG 0092

then we arrived Balicasag island to do snorkeling. We were given a short presentation and then gathered our things and hopped to a canoe style boat. I was a bit nervous because the boat was really tiny and each of us had to sit on one spot only to balance out the boat. Tony hold Lizzy who could only stand in the boat. But well… there we went. Our boatman was a young boy. He first took us to the sea turtle side. Then I got into the water and looked at where he pointed me and yes! there it was… a gigantic turtle swimming down to the deep ocean. Then Sofia, Tony got to see it. We spent half hour then before moving to the snorkeling fish place and even Lizzy got into the water. We all had a lot of fun! Then it was time to get back.

Sofia found few sea stars

IMG 0094

on the ride back, both of girls crashed

IMG 0101

water was so clear. There was shallow part in the middle of the sea, the boat had to stop the engine and just moved very slowly. That was interesting

IMG 0107

after a nap and some swimming, we went to a Italian restaurant for dinner

IMG 0120

IMG 0123

IMG 0133

Tony had a mini accident when getting to the boat, he was holding Lizzy and slipped on a rock and fell sitting. His butt was really painful so the face expression 😉

IMG 0134

Day 3: countryside tour

First visit, butterfly house

IMG 0142

IMG 0145

IMG 0151

IMG 0165

then the hanging bridge

IMG 0179
IMG 0183

Tarsier sanctuary was next

IMG 0192

this little creature is so tiny, only 23 grams

IMG 0196

chocolate hills

IMG 0204

IMG 0221

IMG 0228

IMG 0232

lastly a cruise by the loboc river with a buffet lunch

IMG 0239

crab was the star

IMG 0237

there was live music so the whole experience was relaxing, calm, perfect way to end the tour

IMG 0246

Day 4: chocolate hill adventure park

it was more an adult adventure park but Sofia and Lizzy was happy to tag along

IMG 0261

it was great to see chocolate hills without the crowd

IMG 0267

Tony and I both got equipped

IMG 0250

IMG 0257

I accompanied Sofia to do some climbing

IMG 0277

then I did the obstacle course first. That was challenging!
IMG 0317

IMG 0331

my support group

IMG 0330

then Tony had his share

IMG 0349

Sofia had her own obstacle course

IMG 0278

totally crashed on the way back

IMG 0352

once home Lizzy demanded to go to the pool

IMG 0358

since it was our last night in Bohol, we had to experience the street food

IMG 0376

the roasted chicken was beyond this world!!! so good! I’ve never had so much chicken in one sitting

IMG 0375

Day 5: we spent the morning between the beach

IMG 0387

and the pool

IMG 0397

before we head to the airport. Once we landed, we spent three hours in the car from airport to home. Fortunately the girls were singing, playing, entertaining themselves. 🙂

What an amazing trip! Everything was perfect, from the location of the resort, the resort, the food, the variety of activities we had. Tony did great too! He took care the girls most of the time. Love traveling with my folks. Can’t wait for our Thailand trip in December. 🙂

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We finally got our things!

Two days after we came back from Shanghai. our shipment finally arrived. That day was crazy at home… so many boxes and unwrapping

IMG 4338

2 days later…. everything was settled and I got to do some reading on the couch while Sofia had a playdate

IMG 4344

these two girls spent the whole afternoon together playing, and Lizzy tagged along happily

IMG 4347

it was funny to see her following her sister and friend, trying to participate with the language and signal skills she poses, as if she’s part of the play date… she’s definitely not shy

IMG 4352

Sofia loves her new friend Karis, who happened to be her school bus seat mate

IMG 4354

we finally got the piano… surprisingly Sofia remembers more songs than I expected

IMG 4359

Lizzy is enjoying more and her her school… her favorite person is Teddy, the first classmate she had when she started… a very cute boy


IMG 0007

IMG 0006

IMG 4372

IMG 4371

IMG 0002

IMG 0001

Sofia continuous to love her class, I love this picture of her playing guitar at school… so relaxed and so enjoying herself

IMG 4374

then we got our painting framed finally… love these that we bought in Bali

IMG 0055

IMG 0053

we finally feel settled and at home again. 🙂

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