Life happening 2.19.2019 Penang & Masungi georeserve

Last week was quite eventful. First, I went on a short trip to Penang Malaysia for an unit retreat.

Glad to see that vegan meal served in Philippine Airline was not too bad, just wished quantity was larger.

IMG 7730

I arrived the hotel around 7pm, after leaving my luggage I went out looking for some food. As I walked around, i realised that Penang looks like an old fashion chinese small town

IMG 7737

quickly I found the vegan restaurant I found in HappyCow

IMG 7740

For appetiser I order the air-fried mushroom satay with the typical peanut butter sauce of Penang. It was absolutely the most delicious satay I’ve ever had!!! I finished it in <10 min with a lot of omg in between.

IMG 7748

for entree I order a soy milk soup that came with red rice. The soup had mushrooms, tofu and bok choy. Compared to the satay dish, it was just okay. But I was hungry so I finished it all anyway.

IMG 7746

On the third day, we had an outdoor treasure hunting activity at Georgetown

IMG 7767

it was hot but we had a lot of fun exploring the town visiting clan houses of first chinese immigrants.

IMG 7774

and so many street arts

IMG 7794

in the last day of my stay, I visited Penang hill

IMG 7808

to watch the sunset

IMG 7812

so peaceful and calming

IMG 7823

I got back on Saturday evening and realised that I had a hiking adventure booked few weeks ago with my running group. It was Masungi Georeserve, a stone formation reserve that had 8 “challenges”.

IMG 7886

IMG 7840

the course was rather easy and the course was mainly flat but the view was gorgeous

IMG 7850

I love love love being in the nature, it invigorates me

IMG 7869

IMG 7891

it was really nicely done (3 years in the making), very secure and entertaining, preserving the nature as much as possible

IMG 7893

IMG 7894

and doing it in a group was really fun

IMG 7898

IMG 7906

IMG 7903

Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end of week but at the same time recharge for the new week. 🙂 My only complaint would be how much I missed the girls. Fortunately grandma is with them so I know they are well taken care of.


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Life happening 2.11.19 first couple getaway

Taking advantage of having grandma here, Tony and I went on a mini getaway last weekend with a couple friend.

Our plan was to hike Mt. Batulao. They picked us at 5am (sooo early!). We stopped by Bags of Beans for breakfast. What a lovely place!



the serving of pancakes was enormous! I heard it’s good.


we arrived at jump off point around 7:45am. Took a tricycle to the starting line


Tony loves animals, so he keeps interacting with all sorts of animals we encountered (dogs, cats, cows)


starting the hike

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there were 6 checking points where a small fee was paid and good time for some rest. The scenery was beautiful. Blue sky, sunny but not too hot.


greenery scene is as relaxing as blue sea


the road was not an easy one, just look at me there, climbing up with a rope

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in those places, without the rope we would have fallen off the cliff

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in many times when we took a rest and we saw people ahead of us, it felt very scary… because that looks like walking on a cliff, both SIDES!!! what if I slip?

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but our skillful and experienced guide took good care of us and we all summitted in one piece

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rewarded ourselves with mountain dew


on the way down, which was not easy either, we encountered an anniversary celebration from the community that offered free food.


Tony and Jeff couldn’t pass it


We finished the hike in 4.5 hours. Short ride and we arrived our stay for the night. Sonya’s garden. after a quick shower we went for lunch


a spread of organic salad right from the garden


fresh baked bread with assorted spreads


main was pasta with either red or white sauce and mushrooms. And a dessert selection

IMG 7692

We felt so full and happy


walked around the garden


with my lovely friend Sharon


such a cute pet piggie


then it was nap time. I napped for 45 min


and enjoyed peaceful reading time


the next morning we had breakfast buffer, another chance to have fresh salad and fruits


and chocolate red rice porridge

C7PllO68SHeAS9ec A78SQ

and we check-out.

it was a lovely weekend trip. Short and sweet. I enjoyed bounding (alone) time with my husband. it feels good to be just with each other sometimes. Traveling with a friend couple makes it even more fun. 🙂 We plan to do it more this year, adding to my new year resolution.

I also realized that getting out of the city is not hard, 2 hours out and we have amazing scenery, either mountain or beach. Definitely plan to do that more often with the girls.

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Life Happening 2.4.19. A Fodmap friendly recipe

Last week I organized a surprise party for a colleague for her early retirement

IMG 7576

she’s one of the few people that I worked with who has high work ethic, high effort, good attitude and generous. We will miss her a lot.

IMG 7578

I finally went to intramuros’ area for meeting. It looks like a latin american city

IMG 7594

IMG 7595

Grandmas arrived!!! The girls are so happy

IMG 7603

IMG 7611

IMG 7612

I tried Electro Cycling for the first time with a friend. I thought it is like spinning but it’s not. It involves upper body choreography that was quite challenging. I prefer spinning but it was a good workout.

IMG 7614

I also had mani/pedi

IMG 7616

and sunday morning group run. I did a bit over 10 miles (my training plan called for 9) with 10k in a race pace (I finished in 55 min). I felt strong, I was happy, I love running.

IMG 7617

We took the girls for some play time

IMG 7619

followed by a family lunch at Motorino, our favourite pizza place.

IMG 7620

I finally managed to hang Sofia’s art work

IMG 7627

IMG 7628

This week I started the fodmap diet because I noticed my IBS-C got worse in recent months. I wouldn’t be able to go without some external help and was almost always 6 months bloated. I did some research and found that FODMAP could help. So I started on February 1 a low fodmap Diet. I want to try for 4 weeks before re-introducing

Fullsizeoutput fe29

I replaced mate to my morning coffee because I discovered when in Phuket that mate helps me to go and my best friend had been using it for the last 12 years. So I’d give it a try.

IMG 7604

my last non-fodmap friend meal involved cabbage, which left me bloated.

Fullsizeoutput fe58

Several things that I normally consume need to go including my favourite corn. Other things that I consume quite often that need to go for the moment include: garlic, onion, cauliflower, wheat, beans, cabbage.

I must say for 3 days I was almost symptom free! It’s amazing how my bloat went down almost inmediately and have almost regular BM. No cramps, no pain, no bloating after meals. AMAZING!!!

A fodmap friendly lunch I made that was delicious was the thai rice noodle soup

Fullsizeoutput fe59

Thai rice noodle soup (fodmap friendly)


  • dry rice noodle (4 oz)
  • red bell pepper, 1 small
  • 1 canned red pepper
  • napa cabbage, 8 oz
  • firm tofu, 1 block
  • eggplant, 4 oz
  • bean sprout, 6 oz
  • ginger, 1 inch
  • thai red curry paste
  • miso paste
  • vegan stock 2-3 cups
  • 2 tsp corn starch
  • Salt to taste


  • fry ginger with coconut oil for 5 min
  • add vegetables
  • add miso paste and thai red curry paste
  • add stock
  • boil for 10-15 min until veggies are tender
  • add rice noodles and cook for 5 min or so
  • add corn starch diluted in water and cook for 2 min
  • serve


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