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Life Happening 10.21.19

This week has been relaxing. My new mantra is more life-work balance. hahaha… not that I haven’t before but now that I am not too busy at work, I try to leave office by 5pm so I get to spend more time with the girls and just chill out.

Lizzy finally embraced painting at school. When she started, she refused to draw saying she doesn’t know how. Then we started to practice more at home with Sofia leading her. I find that when sister shows her how to do things, she’s more willing to try than if adults ask her to.

IMG 2763

I’m in post-marathon recovery mode so I got a two weeks unlimited yoga class pass this week. I went there on Thursday and Saturday. Vinsaya 1 and 2. I think I prefer to do it at home. I don’t physically feel I need recovery, at least not evidently as I felt recovered the day after the race. But everywhere I read says our bodies need 10-14 days to repair muscle damages,  so I try to not do anything intense. What I need is a mental break of having to follow a schedule. I love schedules and routines, I need them, but it’s nice to break them once in a while so I enjoy them even more when they are back. Other than yoga, I jogged twice with Sofia (3-4km) as part of our new routine, and joined our sunday run (10km). I did feel more effort on Sunday, mainly on my chest and HR, not so much my legs. Other than that, I’ve tried to walk more as I found it so calming and allows me to listen to podcast.


I took Friday off on Friday and welcomed Lizzy when she got home. She loves making funny faces and I snap it whenever I can 🙂


Saturday was the usual: Sofia activities, me doing groceries, and Lizzy playing at home with Daddy.

16z6d7ToT0WY4xN mXUuJA

Sunday: Sofia had a playdate in the morning while I spent the whole morning in the kitchen. After the nap, Sofia did some crafting while I did my reading. Lizzy is wandered around. Tony was out for golf for most of the day.

IMG 2824

this week I took more pics of my food.

Breakfast was the same old same old. Pumpkin oatmeal with PB2 and chocolate granola. Love this combo so much!!!

IMG 2766

similarly combo using cacao nips

IMG 2811

Lunches: avocado toast (brought from Melbourne) with tomato soup

Fullsizeoutput 11e37

massive salad. This one had lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, roasted cauliflower, avocado and hummus tahini dressing and nutrition yeast


another one with lettuce, tomato. cucumber, roasted pumpkin, avocado, hummus sauce, and a vegan tuna salad made with pulp of soy milk, seaweed, mirin, soy sauce and shredded carrot. It tastes amazing!!!

IMG 2819

I am very happy to report that Tony is finally venturing out to vegan meals. The change has been gradual in the last couple of months, from cutting out almost all meat from his diet except fish, to cut fish consumption to 3-4 days a week to now 1-2 times a week. I’ve been cooking more vegan meals for him to try and he’s accepting them! YAY!!! That’s the prefect combo, he gets to eat healthy and yummy vegan meals, and I get to try new recipes!!! It makes me so happy! 🙂

I made this vegan corn chowder and it tastes quite good

009831FC 3E43 448E 9203 4042C8B4F37B

I also made vegan mac n cheese for the girls. They were not impressed 😦

Ti4zZmx QByy8DxpJeC5zQ


homemade soy yogurt with cereals

IMG 2769

fig bars (my fav bar)

IMG 2813

more avocado toast

IMG 2826

Heading to Bohol for work now 🙂

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Going vegan

It’s official, I’m going vegan. Not sure for how long… but my body and mind is in peace going vegan at this moment.

It has been a while that I wanted to try vegan, not for ethical reasons but more for health reasons. I was curious to know what vegan diet would do to my body, whether all the claims are true, or which ones are trues. But going vegan means a shift in life style and it could be restrictive. I don’t like being restricted and for a long time I enjoy eggs for breakfasts, and seafood for meals. I don’t think they’re bad per se, everything in moderation works for me usually.

But since beginning of 2018, the urge to try vegan, even for few weeks, was intense. So I decided to try vegan for a month or so. I started mid-january, then during our trip in Kuala Lumpur I had some seafood, and then I started vegan for good. So I’d say I started officially in February.

Having my dad passing away due to heart attack was the final straw. Somehow I felt responsible for what happened to him. With all the nutrition knowledge I had, I didn’t help him enough, I didn’t advocate enough to change his diet for good. When he was first diagnosed with diabetes, I helped him to change his diet and he was cured after just few months of dietary change. But after his 2013 heart surgery, I didn’t advocate because I lacked knowledge of the link between heart disease and animal protein. I didn’t do proper research to help him. I shut down the thought of losing him from another heart attacked because I was too scared. So I chose to be blind of what was happening, as result, he never made the much needed change. Now, it’s too late.

Suddenly the thought of eating meat or any animal products just disgusts me. And knowing my dad is still “sleeping” in Argentina alone makes me feel really sad and guilty. I know this sounds silly and nonsense, but that’s what I feel at the moment and I’ll just go for it. So the plan is to go vegan until we bring dad back to home (shanghai), that could be 6 months, one year, or two. We don’t know yet.

For many going vegan might be hard, for me it’s not and I enjoy my meals. I used to love toasts with eggs but lately all I want is a bowl of comforting oatmeal cooked with pumpkin/banana, chia seed/flaxmeal, cacao powder, and top with almond butter and/or PB.

IMG 1091

when oatmeal is not accessible while traveling, I’d just have toasts with jam.

IMG 1127

for meals I’ve been having salad with roasted vegetables with tahini sauce

IMG 1035

with added beans

IMG 1054

or tofu and sweet potato

IMG 1067

with quinoa

IMG 1119

or simple stir-fry of veggies with tofu in spicy peanut sauce on a bed of lettuce

IMG 1104

sautéed zucchini, tofu, cauliflower rice, quinoa with tahini and nutritional yeast

IMG 1111

black rice sautéed with red cabbage, tofu, and steamed broccoli

IMG 1471

I wouldn’t say I’m 100% vegan because I’m not super strict. I don’t check all the labels, that would be obsessive. One time I had few spoonful of yogurt and I felt sluggish and bloated for the rest of the day. Lesson learned that diary is not my friend.

Of all the benefits of veganism, I’ve experienced the following:

  • I feel nourished, not hungry often and don’t have cravings
  • I’m no longer bloated most of the time
  • I don’t feel stuffed even though I had a big meal
  • I sleep deep and long
  • I recover faster from my running
  • my skin feels soft and clearer

In 2-3 months I’ll have a physical check, I’ll report back how my stats compared to last years.

Traveling while being vegan is more challenging, I am still trying to find a way to balance the fun of trying new food while sticking to what makes me feel the best. We are heading to Tokyo this Friday, I’ll report back my experience in Tokyo.




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What I Ate this week

It has been ages since I did a WIAW post. Since our move to the Philippines and frequent travels, my eating habits have suffered. I often relied on quick fixes and snacks way too much. So as part of new year resolution, I’ve made the decision to get back to simple real food (cut added sugar, meat, white everything and limit processed snacks), even if I’m traveling. So here are some of my eats last week, part of it happened in Thailand. Yes, I returned to Thailand 3 days after we got back from our family trip, for a safety training which was absolutely the best training I’ve ever had! 🙂

I arrived Bangkok and check-in at Siam Kempinsky hotel, which is absolutely stunning! I loved everything about it, from lobby decor

IMG 0904

to room decor and that bath tub! oh mine….

IMG 0906

the welcome fruit plate

IMG 0908

okay. back to food.


My latest favourite breakfast combo after morning workout no matter it was 3 miles or 12 miles is oatmeal, cooked with roasted pumpkin, flaxseed, 2-3 egg whites, topped with PB2 sauce and almond butter! Love it. It’s so comforting and leaves me full for at least 3 hours.

IMG 0892

this time with cacao powder added in

IMG 1025

hotel breakfast choices: toasts with butter, jam

IMG 0951


IMG 0948

miso soup

IMG 0949


IMG 0950

since they didn’t offer oatmeal, I sticked to whole wheat toasts for carb in the morning

IMG 1003

two eggs are a must

IMG 1005

porridge with two soy-ginger eggs

IMG 1007

high fibre cereal with milk, fruit and two poaches eggs

IMG 1008

a packed breakfast by the hotel since I had an early flight back. I requested WW bread with cheese and egg. It was perfect!

IMG 1013

I also got some steamed sweet potato for the flight. Three kinds, all super sweet

IMG 0995


airplane food is tasteless, oily, and simply not good, so I bought alternative this time around. Roasted pumpkin and two hard boiled eggs. I felt so much better than eating airplane food.

IMG 0931

lunch during training

stir-fry vegetables with shrimp and a mushroom soup

IMG 0996

stir-fry veggies with shrimp, sautéed squid with eggs, and vegetable soup with tofu

IMG 0997

stir-fry veggies with shrimp and tom yum with seafood and mushroom

IMG 0998

stir-fry frozen vegetables with tofu topped with siratcha. First lunch at home after the trip.

IMG 1019

salad with tofu and asian peanut butter sauce

IMG 1029


noodle soup with fish cakes

IMG 0932

greens, mushrooms, and red rice

IMG 0933

red soup with noodle, fish cakes and fish

IMG 1011

for two nights that I was especially tired after finishing training at 7pm, instead of going out for dinner, I went out for thai massage and got frozen meals from 7/11 instead. This is glass noodle with vegetables and soy meat, not bad

IMG 1001

and a corn to make it a meal

IMG 0935

dinner at home: steamed fish

IMG 1021

sautéed greens

IMG 1022

desserts and snacks:


IMG 0934


IMG 0999

sticky rice with mango which was absolutely delicious!


IMG 1009

salted broad beans

IMG 1006


IMG 1014

just WW bread

IMG 1016


and chocolates (stress relieving device ;))

IMG 1030

more oatmeal

IMG 1031

That was it. 90% clean simple meals that are filling, nutritious, and makes me feel good. 🙂

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