Food: breakfasts and dinner

This week’s breakfast combo replicates what I’ve been having in Buenos Aires almost everyday: toasts WW sprouted bread (in Buenos Aires, just simple bread, either WW or white); orange, almond milk, preserve and cream cheese.


I really like the cream cheese I had in Buenos Aires, it’s lighter and it has more intense flavor. I can’t find a bread in the US that is similar to that kind. Any recommendation on cream cheese???



Monday: 1 baked sweet potato and a salad


with the new dressing combo: 1 tbsp lemon grass infused olive oil and 2 tbsp balsamic. Can’t wait you how much difference it makes to a salad, you really need to try a good quality balsamic, it makes a whole world of difference to your salad. This salad has greens, tomato, celery, cucumber, tofu and egg.


Tuesday: baked salmon and salad




Wednesday: stir-fry shiritake noodles with broccoli, tofu and Tj’s turkey balls.


I used sweet chili sauce from Tjs.


Thursday: Stir-fry shiiritake noodles with frozen veggies and chicken


It was such a big meal that by the end I felt disgusting. My eyes are already bigger than my stomach. When I cook I’m afraid that there’s no enough food, but at the end, I always ended up making too much! As I don’t like wasting food, they all go to my belly, which is growing slowly! 😉

Q1: Have you discovered any secret ingredient lately? Balsamic!!!

Q2: What are you craving during spring/summer? Salad.


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2 responses to “Food: breakfasts and dinner

  1. my current secret ingredient is barlean’s flaxseed oil! i am using it to make my salad dressings and i love it so far! i am always cravings salads but especially in the spring/summertime. i also love fresh berries and melons this time of year!

  2. aspiringsteph

    secret ingredient: organic ketchup!!!!
    I love your giant salads! Well, I actually love the beautiful sweet potato more 😉

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