Life: Back to DC!

I arrived on Monday 2pm after a long trip, 18 hrs including transfer! It was like going to China!

Few things happened these days:

  • I was supposed to come back on Sunday but my flight was cancelled, so I arrived one day late. It was okay because I had more time to hang out with Jeanette and met with an old friend Alex. Sometimes unexpected things happen for a good reason.
  • Qiao came to pick me up at the airport. Star is still not back. 😦 Once we unload the luggage, we went shopping! Yes! We went shopping right away before I even unpack. What’s the urgency you’d ask?

This place: Under the Olive Tree. It’s a store that sells exclusively Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar


I tried most of these balsamic


All their balsamic vinegars are from Modena, an italian place that makes the best balsamic in the world! After my encounter with a good balsamic, I can’t wait to get one and start making salads!

I got two kinds of balsamic: the original one (aged 17 years), one flavored with blueberry (it really has blueberry flavor!!!), and lemon grass infused olive oil


You’ll a lot salad at my dinning table from now on! πŸ™‚

  • I went to work to Tuesday despite my lack of energy and mind to start working. Who knew that another surprise was waiting for me. This time a not so good one. As I got to the highway, there was a lot of traffic. After driving 1 mile or so, my car stopped! 😯 Weird! I started it again, it drove another 1/2 mile, it stopped again! I decided to get off the highway right away because as the traffic clears up, cars get faster and if I stop suddenly, they’ll crash me for sure! I got off the highway and within a mile, the car stopped again. I was on the side road already so I didn’t start it again. I called AAA and got into panic. How am I supposed to go to work without a car? what if the problem is not fixable? what if it’s a serious problem and costs me a fortune to repair? Star is not here and I’ll have to solve everything by myself. I called Star, almost yelling him and blaming him not to be here with me. I lost my temper! I got panic. 40 min later AAA arrived and tow the car to home. By then, I calmed down. I called a taxi while I was still on the truck so when I got home, the taxi was already waiting for me there. I went to work and start thinking about how to fix the car. The next day I decided to fix the car before Star coming back on Monday. Before going to work on Thursday, I requested another AAA service and tow the car to a repair shop and by the evening it was fixed. It costed me $300 to fix it. Whatever! I just want my car back! Β What an adventure!!!

Well… that’s all I have to report for now. Life continues without Mara and Gunther, without Jeanette is hard! I had such a great time with them in Buenos Aires as a big family that makes this coming back alone really hard! I miss them, I miss the daily life with them. I hope I see them soon, probably after the new member of the family arrives. πŸ™‚


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4 responses to “Life: Back to DC!

  1. Oo the balsamics look delicious… We have a similar place here in NY I will have to take you next time you’re here. And you should take me to yours when I come down!

    What a shame about the car… I understand though. I sometimes yell at Bobby when I am stressed out even though it’s not his fault 😦

  2. kristaskravings

    Not a nice surprise to come back to for sure! Good thing you were able to get off the highway safely! :/

  3. Mara

    we also miss you, eli!!

  4. I think car problems are more frustrating than computer problems!! UGH! Glad everything worked out though.
    We have a vinegar and olive oil bar at the store wher eI work. We have about 6 different vinegars and 6 different olive oils. I LOVE to taste them all!!

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