Food: post food comma and avocado casserole

I felt terrible when I woke up the next day after being in food comma. I was sleep deprived and bloated :evil:. I didn’t want to eat anything until 10AM and when I finally did, all I wanted was strawberries. Glad that Whole Food is just a block away from home, I went there just to get it. Excited about eating a bowl of organic strawberries that costs me $5, but it tastes nothing! No sweet, no sour, nothing!!! 😦


few hours later… I made a veggie soup with celery, burdock root, onion, tomato, collard and chicken broth.


chop and boil


add a tbsp of miso at the end


voila! a colorful soup, perfect as post food comma meal~


At night, I made a egg-tofu scramble with onions, asparagus and tahini. It was delicious~~~ definitely going to make it again!


Yesterday I made avocado casserole


blend 1 large avocado, 1 cup of pumpkin, 1/4 cup nutritional yeast, juice of half lemon, garlic, mustard, S+P and 1/4 cup milk



prepare the brown rice pasta and chop some steamed broccoli


mix everything (added some chopped peppers to color the dish), top with parmesan and bake for 30 min at 400F.


It was soooo rich and filling! I’ve never tried mac and cheese :opss: but from what I’ve seen in the blog world, this casserole resembles it! 😉


and finally, my latest breakfast combo: toasted bread + avocado + friend egg


love love love this golden liquid


Q: What do you eat after a food comma?


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8 responses to “Food: post food comma and avocado casserole

  1. I think the food coma feeling was one of the reasons I switched to eating mostly whole foods. Not that it’s bad to indulge once in a while…sometimes, it’s totally worth it. 🙂

    I usually down a green smoothie post food coma.

  2. yum yum. i love all your creations coco!

  3. I have that bloating feeling constantly. I guess it is the season change and unpredictable weather!
    it is strawberry season already?! why it is so cold! haha

  4. The avocado casserole sounds amazing!
    And, I’m definitely having some eggs this morning for breakfast. I want some runny yoke!!! I’m really into eggs lately.

    After a food coma I try not to THINK of food. I typically just drink water…

  5. GIRL, I love how you combine ingredients to make these dishes! And I kinda feel you with bloatedness and stuff. I think it truly helps just constantly hydrating our bodies with h2o till it all washes down. 😀

  6. I have to confess since I started following mostly a vegan diet, I’ve avoided food comas. It’s been kind of wonderful! 🙂

  7. Must admit that your egg tofu scramble with veggies makes me drool:)

  8. That casserole looks fabulous! I bet my kids would think it was mac n cheese for sure! Very creative, Coco! 😉

    After a food coma all I want is water, water, water.

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