Sofia: first play date

Sofia had her first play date with my colleagues’ babies last Saturday and it was a lot of fun!!! 😆 She is the oldest but the smallest. She’s such a delicate lady~~~~

Look this boy… he’s 2.5 months younger than Sofia but is double of her size! Gigantic boy!


and not very well “behaved” 😉 Sofia didn’t mind though


and the twin sister of the boy was OBSESSED with Sofia’s shoe


we couldn’t get her off the shoe 😯


Sofia was entertained with all the new toys



another chubby baby girl




the host had a swing on the backyard. Mom has been taking Sofia to the play ground close to home and she’s been practicing swing for a while. She loves it!



I’m thinking to install one at our backyard too. I’d do anything to make her smile! 🙂

Sofia really enjoys being around with other babies. The host prepare a nice brunch and Sofia had bites of bread, watermelon and tres leches cake. She’s friendly to everyone. All the babies peek/cry few times during our stay (2.5 hrs), but Sofia did not, not even once, not even when they grab her hair. What a well behaved girl! I’m so proud of her! 🙂


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5 responses to “Sofia: first play date

  1. laika

    Aww, this is sooo sweet and funny! Especially the pic of your friend’s daughter eating Sofia’s shoes. lol

    Looks like she will be an even tempered girl, like her mom maybe? 🙂

  2. Glad Sofia’s first play date went so well! Very cute photos!

  3. Okay that first baby friends picture was uber cute!!! 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Me mata esa trompita que hace!

  5. Play dates are so fun. I remember my kids loved them….and when they were over they slept well, too! 🙂

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