Motherhood: thoughts IV

I’ve been thinking how is this little person that barely knows me, not sure if she likes me, even less sure if she loves me, can make me sooooo happy? I really want to know how and why?!!!

I reached the following conclusion:

  • I expect nothing back from her. It’s true that in life we have many close relationships, parents, husband, friends. Although they make us happy most of the time, they also upset us. But with Sofia, it’s different. She definitely does things that supposedly would upset me, like not finishing her food, split food, throw all the toys to the floor, fight to nap, refuse to nurse, moves around when changing diaper/cloth, etc. But actually they are not even annoying! I simply take it for granted that they’re all normal for a 8.5 months old. Therefore, I don’t expect her to behave well; I don’t expect her to listen to me when I tell her to do certain things. The default answer/response is always what I don’t want her to do. Voila…. no expectation = no frustration.
  • I find everything about her cute and funny. Well.. if you’re not a parent, you might not understand this. How is it possible the poo become so cute sometimes?Specially after you laugh for good 5 min while the baby “does” her thing accompanied by facial expressions that show her effort (which is btw the funniest face ever!). I find whatever she does is soooo cute! Like this face (she’s been doing this for +2 weeks), my favorite at the moment


Or this un-lady-like sitting position


Or this face with nasty food


Can’t get enough of these

  • I know she’ll soon stop doing what she’s doing now. Babies change so much!!! This week she likes do X, next week she’ll hate it, in a month she might re-visit X, and so on. I can’t predict when she’ll drop them so I simply enjoy whatever she does now as the last time she does it.
  • It’s like falling in love with someone every day! Her smile is so precious! No matter how many times she’s smiled already, whenever she smiles, I feel like it’s the first time. She simply melts my heart so easily and so deeply. Often time I can’t believe what she makes me feel but at the same time I know it’s real because I feel it so strongly. 

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