Travel: Maui II

Day 11: Hana tour. Hana drive is probably the most popular touristic activity in Maui. We decided not to drive it ourselves but to go with a tour because the driver does not enjoy the drive so much because the road has more than 600 turns and many single lanes. In addition, with a rental car you can’t go beyond Hana town and have to drive back. With the tour, we all get to enjoy the scenery, the tour guide knows where are the best spots to stop and we get a complete different view on our back. I am so glad we chose to go with the tour!!!

Our first stop to have a quick breakfast


colorful trees on the way


many stops to watch falls



black sand beach






at infinity pool


our last stop: a shop with a lot of character πŸ™‚


The whole tour last about 11 hrs but we were not too exhausted at the end because the ride was smooth, the group (we were a group of 10) was fun to be with and the tour guide knows a lot about Maui so we were always entertained either by the scenery or by the history of the place.

Day 12: we started the morning with a walk by the Wailea beach path


luxurious villas and resorts


someone woke up from morning nap



did some shopping at Shops at Wailea


another boutique style shopping mall with high end brands


such a big girl accompanying mami to do shopping πŸ™‚


then we watch the sunset at Kameole beach


Day 13: there was a tropical storm warning in the area so we didn’t plan to go anywhere. But since the morning looked quiet and we really enjoyed our walk at Wailea beach path the day before, we went there again. After that, I felt eating something different than sandwiches and simple homemade food that we’ve been eating during our stay in Maui, so I found a store nearby that offers whole food kind of salad bar.


greens, kale salad, quinoa salad, roasted brussel sprouts, tofu salad (2 kinds), beets and alfalfa sprouts.


my mom went with Hawaiian food: teriyaki chicken, salad and rice


we spent the rest of the day at the condo following the storm development because I was worried about our flights the following day. Fortunately the storm passed without causing too much trouble although we did get heavy rains for few hours.

Day 14: we check out the resort early morning, returned the car, took a 20 min flight back to Oahu, stored our luggage for 20$ (really convenient service), got a rental car, drove to ShirokiyaΒ for lunch (our last beloved japanese meal!). My bento box:




and we bought more for the flight. I was obsessed with the rice ball, had 5 during the 9 hrs flight! 😯

We had few hours to kill before our night flight back to home and Tiffany (a blog reader) invited us to her place so we get some down time and rest before the long flight. Obviously the girls got some play time too.


The flight got delayed for an hour, we departed at 9pm instead. Fortunately it coincided with Sofia’s night sleep so she slept most of the flight. However I didn’t have the chance to sleep nor rest because I was sitting in a very uncomfortable position occupying just 1/4 of the seat so Sofia could sleep flat. My waist got really sore but at least Sofia slept well. πŸ™‚

Maui is so much more relaxing and less crowded than Oahu. However, ,om and I can’t decide where we like more. As I mentioned before, Oahu is a beautiful, cosmopolitan beach city that offers great japanese food and luxurious malls. Maui is much more lay back, more relaxed, less city, it has incredible beaches and stunning mountains. Next time, we’d come back to do more snorkeling and more beach without having to chase a 10-months old. πŸ˜‰


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3 responses to “Travel: Maui II

  1. laika

    Aww, what a lovely trip!

    I am curious about Sofia’s nap and sleep schedules during the trip. Also, did you take food with you? Was she sharing your meals? These babies are growing wayyy too faaast!

    • balancejoyanddelicias


      I will do a post about traveling with Sofia which I will talk about sleeping, eating and other challenges.


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