Food: dinners and KABOCHA is back!

Dinners had to be quick because I was always tired when I got home, just wanted to eat and visit my couch!

#1: oatmeal, veggie tofu stir-fry


this one has celery, black fungus, tofu, oyster mushroom, seasoned with tamari and sesame oil.


#2: Tortilla pizzas, chopped tomato


#3 porridge and spicy-sour cabbage


cabbage sautéed with oyster mushroom, black fungus, seasoned with chinese vinegar and spicy sauce


#4 Wonton! Let me show you how I made it. My mom prepared the filling before she left so I just need to wrap them


used this seaweed soup for the base


put the wonton in boiling water, cook for about 3-4 min


prepare the soup, add more seaweed and boiled romaine lettuce for extra veggies


top with tons of white pepper. The whole dish wouldn’t be the same without white pepper!


#5: porridge, celery salad and soy bean pancake


For the salad I simply boiled celery and dressed with tamari, vinegar, sesame oil and 1 tsp sugar.


Yummy pancakes!!!


And the biggest NEWS is KABOCHA IS BACK TO MY LIFE!!! After not having it for over 5 months (pregnancy aversion), I finally love it again!


Every night I had a bowl of roasted kabocha for dessert, sooooo good! I don’t think I like it steamed yet (as I used to) but I do love cinnamon roasted kabocha. It reminded me grad-student life, when every night Kabocha was my companion. 😉

I still can’t eat steamed corn. I had it once and felt nausea afterwards. I guess the 5 packages that I have in the freeze have to wait a bit longer. 🙂

Q: Have you reunited with any of your past food love recently?

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One response to “Food: dinners and KABOCHA is back!

  1. the wonton sounds amazing. i bet it tastes amazing, too!
    i get on food jags sometimes, especially breakfast foods. sometimes it’s just not fun cooking for one person.

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