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Perfect Sunday because… and Winners!

Sunday was perfect not just because

  • I had a great breakfast
  • I worked until 2PM and finish week 1’s work plan!
  • Had an amazing Hot Vinsaya Class at DownDogYoga
  • Finally found a ripped kabocha! πŸ˜‰

but more importantly because

  • I’ve been spending <5 min to prepare breakfast lately
  • I worked hard all this week (8-9 hrs a day)
  • I put all I got in this challenging Intermediate Class and formed a pool of sweat in my mat πŸ˜‰
  • I kept searching for a better kabocha!

My point is Sunday (technically afternoon) was amazing not just because what I’ve done in the afternoon, but what I’ve done all this week! If I haven’t worked hard enough, I wouldn’t enjoy so much this half day off. If I hadn’t challenged my body to its edge, I wouldn’t enjoy so much the last 5 min of shavasana. Everything we do has an aim. Sometimes we don’t like it or even struggle with it andΒ it refuses to reveal its purpose until the very end. Β But don’t give up! Β Keep trying, be persistent and one day all makes sense! πŸ™‚

Now, do it yourself! Construct a sentence with: If I haven’t ….., I wouldn’t…..


Breakfast: kabocha spiced waffle topped with this Peanut Butter sauce and preserve (need to finish the jar soon)


Okay. I have to make justice for FitNutz. The last time I tried it in my oats and didn’t taste a thing and thought it was bland. My fault! 😦 It’s not supposed to eat that way. Yesterday I prepared properly as it’s indicated, adding 2-3 tbsp water to dissolve it and used it as sauce for my pancake. It tastes MUCH better this way!!! πŸ˜€


wanna recipe? here it comes πŸ˜‰

Kabocha spiced waffle

Ingredients (for 2 serv)

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup roasted kabocha
  • 4 egg whites
  • 1/4 cup flax meal
  • vanilla/ginger powder/cinnamon/nugmet
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • pinch of salt

Method: super easy! Ground everything in the food processor and make the waffle! πŸ™‚

Lunch (2.30PM) πŸ‘Ώ I’d grab my arm first if I didn’t have leftovers.


Dessert: a little indulgence πŸ™‚


no! the chocolate is not the indulgence part, but the coffee πŸ˜‰ because I already had a big mug in the morning. So second cup is indulgence!

Dinner: sauteed cauliflower, cabbage, black fungus and dry shrimp.


chinese vegetarian chicken with black fungus and shitake mushrooms


served with a nutritious porridge (black rice, chinese dates, seaweed, white fungus and dry longan)


I keep my food rainbow! πŸ˜€

and finally a RIPPED KABOCHA!!! πŸ˜€


it’s so hard to find a ripped one nowadays! πŸ˜• But I kept trying and I finally found one. Persisted and succeeded!

Now, time to announce winners!

Winner to POM recipe contest: Tou Tou’s POM glazed Salmon with Creamy Tofu Sauce


Winner to popchips giveaway: Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

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Dark sweat room!

Do you like hot yoga?

Do you like sweat while you hold static poses?

Do you want to challenge your balance seriously?

Do you want to save yoga studio fees?

Last night unexpectedly I found the WAY! πŸ˜€

I was sleep deprived the night before since I woke up at 4AM 😯 and last night by 9PM I was feeling asleep but didn’t want to go bed early again to wake up at 4 again. So, what to do to keep me awake? A yoga session to unwind. Dave Farmer had a new podcast 10/25, so this is what I did:

  • turn on the heat to 80F
  • turn off all lights
  • sweat for 75 min!

It caught me by total surprise that doing yoga in a dark room could be so challenging! You’d take your balance and strength to the edge. I kept falling down but happy at the same time because I can’t remember last time I did yoga and sweat that much! My body was sweating (even my legs)!!! I’m sure it wasn’t that specific podcast that was challenging, but the darkness. I was also more conscious about my breathing, alignment and how my body feels. By the end of 75 min, the final 3 min of savasana felt sooo good. And last night I slept 9 hours straight! πŸ˜€

If you’re a yogi, try it! You won’t be disappointed, I promise πŸ˜‰

Okay. Continuing with grill breakfast. I made a quesadilla. First grill egg and mushrooms


add this new cheese


add onion jam and grill


final product



another big success!!! πŸ˜†

I worked at the office longer than I planned and was more productive than Monday. πŸ˜€ A little progress on the algebra derivation. 😯 yes, that’s Economics all about these days. MATH MATH MATH!!! 😦

Since I got home later than I planned, I apologize that no tutorial today. Mom’s cooking as usual


chinese mustard


tofu, dry mushrooms and chinese spinach soup


and leftover chicken soup


Q1: Have you found a good workout by accident?

Q2: What would you do if your boyfriend/husband and your Dad argue?


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Not very deep questions

First of all, thank you for your comment in my last post. I was expecting some negative comments about my raw experience, but even Gena left a sweet comment. I’m overwhelmed again by the kindness in this blog community! πŸ˜€

Secondly, don’t forget this week’s BSI!!! Hurry up!!!

Where the title came from? 😯Well… yesterday I stayed and worked at home all day with my PJs. I didn’t realize until before dinner when I was going to wash my face that I didn’t wash my face all day long!!! Yey~ It might sound gross, but sometimes I forget to wash face and brush hair if I don’t have to leave home. I even doubt the necessity on doing them. πŸ˜•

Q1: Do you wash your face if you don’t go out?

One advantage of being parents-free is that I can focus on my work and eat whenever I feel like (not tied to a schedule or others hunger level). Not that I don’t want them around, just trying to see the bright side of everything, otherwise I’ll be sad all the time! πŸ˜‰

Q2: Are you a half full or half empty glass person?

Breakfast was pretty intense. I used this method but substitute hemp and flax by chia



Work work! A break at 11.30AM to make juice
DSC09233.JPG DSC09236.JPG
Kale tastes bad in juices! 😦 From now on, I’ll put more emphasis on taste over nutritional values when I make juices, otherwise my appetite will abandon me forever. πŸ‘Ώ
Lunch was leftover quick veggie & beans curry over a bed of steamed spinach and topped with wheat berries

This fueled me well, maybe too well because I couldn’t get back to work until 2 hours later 😳

Before dinner… I did 60 min yoga with Dave Farmer. Something weird happens lately and I haven’t figured out why? When I do yoga at home, I can do Tripod head stand, but when I go to my yoga studio, I never could. WHY?

Anyway, the yoga session was nice after a long of work to get warm and stretch.
Dinner: sauteed chinese mustard with garlic and sauteed tomatoes with mushroom and tofu, served with rice with seaweed.



After dinner, I enjoyed KABOCHA with a new book “Mindless Eating“. I listened to a podcast and found it very interesting, so I ordered the book. Behavioral economics is an area that I’m interested but never took any course, just have some idea about it. It’s fun to read how they design experiments to test people’s behavior. I’ll review the book when I finish. πŸ™‚

Q3: What are you going to have for lunch? I have no clue yet 😦


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