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Since I rediscover my love (a short one) of stir-fries, I had it several times last week, mixed with other meals.

#1: lotus roots, bell peppers, onion, mushroom, bamboo, romaine and tofu with olive preserve olive leaf


served with oatmeal


#2 Miso soup with seaweed and mushrooms


It’s highly detoxing this soup.  I had it with a grilled wrap filled with scrambled tofu with onion and asparagus




#3 Seafood rice porridge


#4 Another stir fry made with onion, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, peppers, romaine and tofu with a miso-tahini-ginger sauce.


served with toasted tortilla


#5 A staple soup (that I’m getting sick of): tomato seaweed soup with tons of white pepper


tortilla pizza using May’s magical sauce


I follow almost exactly her method

1. Heat the tortilla on stove in a oven prove pan

2. Spread it with 2 tbsp of tomato paste mixed with italian seasoning and minced garlic

3. Top veggies as desire. I used broccoli and eggplant this time.

4. Spread the magical cheeseless sauce: 2-3 tbsp hummus, 1 tbsp nutrition yeast, 1 tbsp water

5. Dizzle tahini (I used 1/2 tbsp) diluited with water

6. Broil for 5 min until cripsy

7. Cut it with something really sharp! (I’m getting a pizza cutter tonight!)


Fantastic meal! I enjoyed every bite of it! Besides that this is more healthy than conventional pizza, I like its taste much more and it won’t disturb my stomach and guts!!! YEAH~ Obviously I’m going to have it more… hopefully I don’t get sick of it too soon!

Q: Do you like unconventional pizza? which one?


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Food: revisiting some old favorites

I’ve been browsing my old posts and found these dishes that I used to love. Since my mom arrival, I stopped cooking but last weekend, I took in charge of the kitchen again and recreate some of my favorite combos! 🙂

#1: Warm salad topped with veggie stir-fry with olive preserve olive leaves


the stir fry is made with brussel sprouts, onion, bell pepper, mushroom. I topped it on a bed of romaine and cherry tomatoes


served with baked salmon, another old favorite.


I enjoyed so much these combo. Unfortunately I was bloated the rest of the day.

#2: shiritake noodles with veggies and Tj’s turkey meatballs


I use 1/2 cup of marinara sauce, 1/2 cup water, once it starts boiling, I add frozen okra and broccoli, wait another 2-3 min until they cooked, add 4 Tj’s turkey meatballs, cook until they’re done, add the noodles and S+P.


I enjoyed it too except 4 meatballs were too much meat. Next time I’ll use less.

#3: Stir-fry of veggies with vegetarian chicken (素鸡)with olive preserve olive leaves


veggies used: lotus root, frozen bamboo, bell pepper, mushrooms and romaine lettuce


served with brown rice, millet and dates porridge


I think I can eat this for every meal if it does not cause so much bloating!

#4: tortilla pizza with tofu cheese


1. Boil tortilla until cripscy

2. Make the “cheese”: tofu + tahini + vinegar + nutritional yeast + S+P

3. Spread tomato paste over tortilla, top with veggies (mushroom and broccoli) and tofu cheese. Add more S+P if necessary.

4. Bake at 450F for 10 min.


Had it with tomato and seaweed soup.


Very satisfying meal, will repeat it soon! 🙂

Q: Have you re-try any of your old favorites?


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