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New running shoe, yoga and a review!

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Sit tight, this post is going to be long!

My new running shoe arrived!!! Look this $130


after I ordered it online I was concerned that maybe it might not fit well, for example too wide. But when I tried it, it fits perfectly, like specially designed for my feet! 😆


I craved trying it “on the road” but I resisted the temptation (I’d better rest after the long run), instead I did Power Vinyasa #2 (45 min) with a slight modification: DO IT WITH EYES CLOSED!!! It was way more challenging and it allowed me to focus more on the present!!! Really fun! 😉

One of the reason that I like having oatmeal at the breakfast is that it forced me to slow down and read the newspaper, otherwise I’d burn my lips. I’m so impatient, if it’s a sandwich, I’d finish it in 2 min.

Few days ago I got a package from French Meadow Bakery


Their mission includes:

One Body, One Planet. Eat Well.

Since 1985, French Meadow Bakery™ has used only top-quality all-natural and organic ingredients, old world bread-baking techniques, ancient healthy grains and seeds, and cutting edge performance foods research to create baked goods the world loves. Here are four reasons you’ll fall in love with us, too.

Our ingredients are all-natural.

Our skilled artisan bakers turn all natural, sustainable ingredients into tasty baked goods. We avoid using ingredients that contain genetically-modified organisms, which impact biodiversity in the plant world and have an unknown effect on human health.

We’re certified by top agencies.

As a small company with sound practices, we’re unwavering about standards of quality. We’re certified organic by the USDA and Quality Assurance International, certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, and certified Low Glycemic for Diabetics by the Glycemic Research Institute. Search for Gluten-Free, wheat-free, and low glycemic index products.

Our foods taste good and are good for you.

We go beyond basic nutrition by using all-natural and organic ingredients that boost your health. Performance foods like hemp, sprouted grains, and flaxseed provide important vitamins, minerals, proteins, and good fats that help your body prevent and treat disease.

We’re committed to sustainability.

Since its beginning, French Meadow Bakery™ has used ingredients and processes that help maintain the biological diversity and productivity of our world’s resources. We use only certified organic grains and all natural ingredients grown in balance and harmony with nature. We support small farmers, the cornerstone of a natural, sustainable food system. And we’re committed to educating our customers on the lifelong benefits of organic foods, which protect not only the planet, but our bodies and minds as well.

Hemp Tortillas



I used it to make breakfast pizza.

Coco’s review: I had it heated and it was crunchy like crackers (+). Other than that, it’s pretty similar than standard tortilla. In term of nutritional value, comparing to La Tortilla Factory’s, this one is slightly higher in term of iron 10% vs. 4%, others values are pretty similar. 3/5.

Sprouted Grain Tortilla




I rolled it up with leftover veggie stir-fry



Coco’s review: I’ve never tried other brand’s sprouted tortilla, its texture is very different than standard tortilla. It’s thinner and chewy. But it tastes rough, like grass or too much fiber in it. Its nutritional value is similar to Ezekiel’s. 2/5 (improved later)

Women’s bread



With 14 grams of protein and 2.6 mg of soy isoflavones per serving, Women’s BreadTM contains key nutrients for women’s health.  Sprouted grains bursting with vital nutrients and vitamins are easy to digest. Dried cranberries provide an antioxidant boost.

I tried it plain first


and then with almond butter


Coco’s review: It sounds a great bread for women. I like its texture since it’s dense but I don’t like how it tastes because it’s kind of sour even with added AB. Nutritional value (for two slices): 14 g protein, 3 g fiber, 4 g sugar and 10% iron. Overall, I’d give it 3/5.

I wasn’t satisfied with how sprouted tortilla turned out at lunch, so I give the sprouted tortilla a second chance at dinner. I roasted an eggplant with some sea salt and olive oil as spread


A vegan pizza made with sprouted tortilla, Mae’s tomato sauce, roasted eggplant, roasted bell pepper, tofu and nutritional yeast.


made a salad dressing using: Tj’s fat free balsamic vinaigrette, olive oil and mustard




salad + pizza is the perfect combo! 😀

The sprouted tortilla tasted much better this way, so I upgraded it to 4/5!

Q: Do you like sprouted bread/tortilla and why?


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Chocolate review and Longest Run

I received 3 chocolate bars from Attune Foods to try out.


About Attune Foods (from their website):

Attune probiotic wellness bars are a delicious way to enjoy the health benefits probiotics can provide. Each Attune wellness bar is packed with probiotics that help rebalance your digestive system, so your whole body can work better.

  • Attune probiotics are proven to survive in the digestive tract, where they can provide optimal health benefits.
  • The probiotics in Attune have been clinically tested to support a healthy digestive system and a strong immune system.*
  • Attune wellness bars also include prebiotics, which support healthy digestive function and work in harmony with probiotics.
  • Packed with 5 times the live active cultures in yogurt
  • Excellent source of calcium
  • Only 90 calories
  • All natural
  • Take it on the go!

I’m a big fan of chocolates, even without any additional benefits, I eat it everyday. But … if it comes with probiotics that helps the digestive tract? more reason to indulge 😀

Chocolate Crisp

Coco’s review: I love the addition of brown rice crisps! 😀 In term of taste, I don’t see any difference than standard milk chocolate. 4/5.

Mint Chocolate

Coco’s review: I like this one the most! It has a deep chocolate flavor with a hint of creamy mint, just magical combo.:) 5/5

Blueberries Vanilla

Coco’s review: This one is just okay since I don’t like white chocolate in general. 3/5.

checking out their website, I think I’d love to try coffee bean dark chocolate, dark chocolate and raspberry dark chocolate too.

Overall, I think for these are great products for people like me who needs a chocolate fix in a daily basis, their flavor is just as good as standard chocolates but with more health benefits! 😀


Yesterday was a stressful day in term of work with some stress eating 😦 (having cereals at home is dangerous). I’m not happy about it but not worry about it either. It happens from time to time and I won’t let it to add more stress to my life.

I had a morning pizza for breakfast 😀

a special tortilla (review to come)


other ingredients: LC + egg + roasted peppers




I know, it looks nasty but it’s delicious!


Look my mini coach!!! 😀 She’s so adorable! 😀

YES! I’m a human machine!!! Yesterday was my longest run ever, which was unintentional because I kind of get lost :shock:. My original plan was to run 4 miles but I ended up doing 7.14 miles, 57 min, 8.03 min/mile. What happened? I wanted to try a new route, there is a lake near campus, but I got lost in the trail and when I found the exit, it was already 6 miles! :shock:. I won’t lie, it was pretty challenging the last mile back to home, but I’m glad I did it! 😀 I felt like a super woman!!! 😀

Chinese theme continued! Assorted veggies stir-fry with olive leaves preserved in olive oil


bean sprouts with chinese pickles


I like crunchy munchies for dinner!!! 😀


and a kabocha fix while watching last episode of season 1 Gossip Girl! 😉


Q1: What’s your favorite chocolate flavor?

Q2: How do you find new running routes?


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J&J #18 & Highlights

#1: check out Namaste Food giveaway post!

#2: How was your Easter weekend? I bet you had great time! Weather was amazing, just like summer! 🙂 I don’t have family to celebrate it, but I did spent time relaxing, meeting new and old friends! 😀 Once again, I feel easier to be approached or to approach boys than girls! I don’t know… it’s just simpler, period. But there’s downside on this too, specially when we become good friends. 😦 I went out with two guys friends yesterday. We’ve been friends for 4 years and they consider me part of their clan, so no forbidden topic when I’m present. What I had to hear all afternoon? their adventures with girls!!! YES! All we they talked about was GIRLS, their adventures with all the dirty details!!! Well… it’s fun to hear that sometimes, but not for 3 hours!!! 😯

#3: It’s official, I’m a gluten free bread convert! I love love love this bread!!!


it looks like biscotti and tastes between bread and cake! It leaves me speechless! 😉


#4: J&J #18 @Eat Clean Cookbook: tomato salsa


Coco’s version

Ingredients: 1 large tomato, 1/2 onion, 1/2 lime juice, 1 stalk of celery, 1/4 bell pepper, S+P, italian seasoning, 1 tbsp olive oil


chop and mix! 😉


smash 1/2 avocado


leftover bean and rice


homemade taco is served



#5: What are you looking for this week? I’m going to Boston for a conference! Super excited! 😀


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