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Trip: hello from Shanghai

Hi hi~~~ I’m in Shanghai!!! It’s so hot here! So happy that I almost don’t have jet lag this time! 😆

I’ve been busy with wedding preparations, visa for upcoming trips, hair salons and massages, but I managed to make a quick video this morning after my mom and I came back from the market with fresh veggies and my favorite chinese breakfast.

Enjoy~~~ 🙂


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New year celebration & makeup pics

We celebrated January 1st with a homemade meal. My uncles, unties and a close friend of the family made together this great meal~


pork belly with chestnut


veggies stir fry with bamboo and mushrooms, bok choy

IMG_0071.JPG IMG_0072.JPG

fish, duck

IMG_0073.JPG IMG_0074.JPG

sprout salad, eggplant stew (I made this! :D)

IMG_0076.JPG IMG_0077.JPG

more fish and chicken soup

IMG_0078.JPG IMG_0079.JPG

and since I didn’t like how I looked last makeup test, I picked another one and this time I felt myself 😀


IMG_0107.JPG IMG_0115.JPG

IMG_0120.JPG IMG_0125.JPG

I like how I looked this time, I wish I can make it myself (although I doubt I have the patience to spend 1.5 hours to make it ;))

It’s my last night here in Shanghai, I’m flying back to the US tomorrow. I kind of miss my life there. I miss Star. I miss routines and I miss veggies (more about that later! )

See u in US! 😀

Next post will be about my 2011 resolutions in addition to those 😉


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Touch base

You might wonder (or not) what have I been doing in SH the last couple of days?

#1: I am happy to say that I’m over with jet lag! Being jet lagged for a week is not fun, but it’s not end of the world either, specially when I’m on vacation I’m allowed to sleep whenever I want 😉

#2: I’ve been meeting with friends and family…. eating a lot of CORNS!!! Yes. I’m having at least 2 big corns per day! 😯 Talking about being obsessed 😉

#3: I’ve been doing a lot of shopping! Coats, skirts, scarfs, etc.

This meal was prepared by my favorite untie. She knows me well and made many vegetarian dishes! 😀


assorted mushrooms with fresh bamboo


salt boiled shrimp


water celery with smoked tofu


bok choy


smoked and fried fish, a typical Shanghai dish


chinese greens with bamboo and fresh shiitake


pork belly with chestnut cooked in a red sauce


assorted mushrooms, fresh bamboo salad


It was an amazing meal~~~ My untie cooks the best homemade food ever, even better than my mom 😀 She’s like my second or chosen mom. I’ve stayed with her family many times and she always took care of me 😀

This second meal was at a fusion restaurant with 3 primary school friends.

fruit and veggie salad with a sour sauce


sauteed cabbage with bacon and carrots


squid packet covered by almond


sauteed greens with shrimp sauce


rice bowl with shiitake, chicken and poached egg


casserole of tofu, mushrooms and cheese


spicy frogs with peanuts


for dessert we shared a mango pudding


4 girls, 8 dishes and 3 hours talking! 😆

I have a lot more food pictures! Stay tune! 😀


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