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Gifts & Race

Star came back from Barcelona on Friday afternoon and look all the gifts he brought for me! 😆


Although everytime he goes for business trip I tell him not to “waste” money and that I don’t need anything. I love that he completely “ignores” me. And what’s even better, I love everything that he got for me!!! So… actually there’s no “waste” 😉

Let’s start: two fridge magnets (paella and la sagrada familia)


The cutest cup set ever!!! I love Gaudi’s work and cups! Magic combination!


another cute mug (I collect mugs)


two oven holders


an apron




bread holder


baguette holder



biscuits (I’ll save these for mom)


and dark chocolate covered almonds.


these are all for me 😉


and then… a race!!! My first race in 2011! By George 5 & 10 K.


Our running group planned to do a 5k & 10k on Saturday. I wasn’t sure if I’m prepared to participate because of my knee issues. But after talking to Star, he encouraged me to go anyway. Because I have such great time with my running buddies, also my best friends, so even I have to finish the race walking, it worth it! 😉 I’m so glad that I went!

Stretching. Our coach/leader Carlos insists that stretching before running is important! I never do but he’s a pro so we all did.


It was a beautiful day and flat course, just besides the river. But the wind was terrible. As Carlos put it: it was the IDEAL day to NOT run a race. 😀


The 5k group before the race.


it was a small event, no t-shirt and a little disorganized but whatever 😉

I started slow and paid specially attention to how my knee feel. The first half was good, no pain. But when I turned back, I started to feel some pain on the left knee (again), so I slowed down. The pain persisted so I didn’t want to push it too hard. I switched to 1 min running, 1 min walking mode. 3-4 times of that and I reached the end point! I still have some comforts afterwards, but not too bad. I’m definitely going to the doctor this week. Something is going on there for sure.

We found another friend with his wife when we finished. So here’s the expanded group.


and then Carlos and Pablo arrived, they did 10k. Good job! 😀


Once again I had so much fun with my friends. They’re all soooooo funny, specially Cesar, the funniest man in the world!!! Both Star and I love him!!! 😀

I need to solve the knee problem ASAP because running is something that I really LOVE, both alone and with good friends!!!

Why something so good is so bad for us (all the runners out there have some kind of injury)?

Why we tend to love things that are bad for us?

Why we have to make tough choices in life (joy of running vs. pain)?

Q: What’s something that you truly love but you know it’s bad for you?



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Buns & Park

When Star comes on weekends, I like to prepare something special for him. The last time was red sauced pork, the week before was PB cookies. This week I made him buns filled with black sesame seed paste. 🙂

I prepared the dough using the bread machine

the pasta was made with black sesame seed pasta, brown sugar and coconut oil

Steam for 12 min

Look these fatty spongy buns, so cute 😉

A nutritious breakfast: friend egg, bun and oatmeal

don’t be afraid of black foods… they’re actually really good for us, specially for our kidneys (not the organ kidneys, but chinese medicine’s kidneys)

Sunday was a beautiful day but I was kind of frustrated. Well.. let me explain. Remember that I had knee pain issue 10 days ago? After that, I took a break from running and the pain went away. On Saturday, I went out for a test-run and I had to stop after just one mile 😦 The pain was mild because I stopped immediately. But then I walk couple of hours later that day and the pain came back. Sooooo frustrated!!! I began to worry that I can’t run again.

It was such a beautiful day and all I could do was sit at the couch. 😦 More frustration. But Star insisted that we went out anyway… even just driving around. So we went to a park an hour away from DC and it was such a good idea. The park is quite, the scenery was beautiful, the air was fresh. Although we didn’t walk much, I still enjoy it a lot!

Knee issue update: I went to a sport doctor and I’m okay. More later! 😉

Q1: What do you do when you get frustrated?

Q2: Any black food that you tried?


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Yesterday I run 10 miles and slept 10 hours! 😆


I’ve been in mental block for more than a week. I can’t work, I can’t focus, I can’t do anything productive. Every morning I tell myself that I should start working, but I just couldn’t. And then I feel guilty, I feel grumpy, I feel hating myself. Last evening, after another unproductive day, I had the urge to tackle the mental block by running. 😯 I am not sure if they’re related, I thought so. I map a new course on the google map for a 7 miles run. Scared and doubtful.


I put on my fav running shoes and the inspiring shirt

IMG_0006.JPG IMG_0005.JPG

I haven’t run since the last 10K (that’s more than 10 days) which I didn’t enjoy much. I was afraid that I couldn’t finish the 7 miles goal because it’s long, it’s cold outside and it’s dark. But it was supposed to be hard so it could help me on tackling the mental block. So I went.

The first 3-4 miles was hard. It was uphill for 2 miles. I wanted to stop and walk. But if I walk… I’ll get cold, so I’d better keep running. I purposely chose a course away from home (inspired by Emily) so I could not quit. Just about mile 4, I arrived the mid-point which is my friend’s house. I didn’t enter to say hi. I passed it and continued. By then I was feeling energized. I didn’t feel cold, I didn’t feel pain; instead I felt light, I felt happy 😉 When I was 1 mile away from home, 8 miles was on the mark, but I felt I just entered into the zone. I could run more and I wanted to run more. So, I deviate the planned course a little bit and end up doing 10 miles in total. 😀

I felt so accomplished and also so amazed by how our body surprise us! 😀


then I slept 10 hours!!! 😯 It felt soooo good waking up at 8 AM 😉


I got a new toy: Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White from amazon. Why? Because I want eat more meals like squash tofu.


It can make white/brown/sushi rice and porridge.


love that the cord is hidden 😉


so many options!!!


can’t wait to play with it! 😀

Q: How do you tackle a mental block?


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