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New work mode.

I’m reading The Happiness Project and it’s a fantastic book! I think everyone would benefit from reading it. It’s so inspiring and many times I feel she’s read my mind… like things that happen to her are exactly what’s happening to me!!! I’ve learned many so much so I want to share with you πŸ™‚

How to work smart

We don’t need 3-4 hours with no interruption to be able to be productive. She found that 90 min is the optimal length. So I began to work in 90 min blocks. Every 90 min I’ll stop for 10-15 min, drink a tea, check blogs, eat some snacks or just stand up and walk around. I found this method very efficient! I got so much accomplished during these 90 min and at the same time do not feel that I’m dragging myself.

Another thing that I’ve put in my work related resolution is NOT to PLAN! I used to plan to work 8 hours a day. If I don’t get that amount of time in a day I’d feel frustrated and angry with myself because it wasn’t a productive day. But mentally challenging work isn’t like administrative work, it can exhaust me in just a couple of hours, so the remaining hours I just forced myself to be there and pretend to work. Β This working mode added another source of stress, so unnecessary. I’ve made my mind to not plan ahead how long I’ll work, but focus on tasks . So far it’s working, I get a lot accomplished, some day > 8 hours, others just 5 hours and GUILT FREE πŸ˜†

Q: What’s your working mode?

Tired of fish soup? well.. not me. πŸ˜‰ I made a variation of this one. This has chinese pickles and cabbage.


love the skin!


porridge & Real Simple


and I made RADISH CAKE!!! I used this recipe, just replaced rice flour by oats flour.


I know, it doesn’t look very appetizing… but it’s super tasty!!!

bok choy as usual


vinegar in this cute dish


a very chinese meal~~~ πŸ˜€


after dinner… I finally watched Twilight!!!!


I know I know, it’s kind of late after all the great things I’ve heard…. but better later than never right? I must confess that I didn’t expect it much because it’s fiction, but I LOVED IT!!!! I don’t know why, I just got absorbed by the characters and their love story. I can’t wait to watch the second one.

Q: What was your favorite movie in 2009?


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