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Food: eat to live

This past week I ate to live, for myself and my little baby. My mind was elsewhere (mainly disturb by the headache) so I basically ate whatever was easy to make and sounded at least eatable at the moment.

Breakfast was overnight oats


following Kath’s recipe, I used 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup almond milk, 1/3 cup greek yogurt, 1/2 tbsp chia seed. Adding 2 chopped peach. The next morning, added cocoa butter and mix.


it was easy to make but honestly I was not sold.

So I switched back to my recent favorite combo


1/2-3/4 cup greek yogurt, 1 chopped peach, 1 cup raspberry, 2 tbsp flax meal, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, all mixed.


Star is back and this is the first breakfast I made for him. Porridge with sweet chinese pancake


simply mix 2 beaten eggs, 1/4 flour, 2 tbsp honey and cook with some oil 3-4 min each side.


The only meal I cooked on the stove: stir-fry veggies with chicken in hoisin-tamari sauce, with brown rice


summer squash is in season. They’re fresh and tender. I used two medium ones, 2 cups of frozen veggies and trader joe’s chicken tenderloin. A quick meal made under 15 min.


And almost every night from Monday to Thursday, I had panini sandwich, either cheese with egg or cheese with avocado.


Now that Star is back, I’ll be cooking more. Now that Sofia needs to gain 1/2 lb a week, I need to feed her more! 🙂 Hopefully I can come up with new combos that I we enjoy! 🙂

Q: What’s your favorite chicken recipe?


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