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Revisiting Cafe Milano & random questions

Last Saturday Star, a friend of him and I went to Cafe Milano, my favorite italian place in DC for lunch. As much as I love homemade bread, I really enjoy fresh baked bread made by others πŸ˜‰

Each of us order an appetizer. Star got Imported parma prociutto with crispy sardine bread andΒ olives

His friend got Crispy fried calamari and zucchini with a lightly spicy tomato sauce

I got grilled baby octopus with sauteed lentils and watercress

For entree, Star got grilled authentic italian sausage with grilled vegetables

his friend gotΒ Ravioli filled with veal and spinach in an asparagus, mushroom and veal reduction sauce

I got half moon ravioli filled with scallop and crab meat in a spicy red sauce

And then we shared two desserts: Warm apple-banana strudel with marsala wine zabaione

and the classic tiramisu

It was a wonderful lunch. We also had wine and a lot of talking. Star’s friend is american and he said he never had this kind of lunch on weekends: 2 hours long, relaxing meal with a lot of food! πŸ˜€ He enjoyed a lot. And we were happy to introduce him a little Argentinean culture πŸ˜‰

Wanna see more pic of my new hair cut? which btw, I love it! πŸ˜†

I’m always more playful when Star is around πŸ˜‰

now. random questions that Krista tagged me

  1. What is your favourite food starting with the letter β€œS”? Shrimp
  2. Are you an allergy sufferer? No.
  3. What is your all time favourite make up product? Concealer
  4. Best childhood memory? when my mom surprised me by showing up at the exit of my school
  5. If you could play one sport professionally, what would it be? Volleyball
  6. What is your number one grocery shopping tip? make a list and stick to it
  7. Who would you be most nervous to cook dinner for? no one. I’m pretty confident about my cooking skills πŸ˜‰
  8. Is there a food that you hated as a child, but LOVE now? nothing came to my mind.

here you go… pretty random questions but it was fun answering them. I’m supposed to make 8 questions and tag 8 bloggers. I’ll do it later πŸ˜‰

Q: What’s your favorite table game?


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A breathtaking place!!!!!!

Remember FAENA+Universe, the hotel we went the other day for lunch? Last night we went for dinner, to their another restaurant El Bistro, a radiant, elegant atmosphere in white and golden tones. A stunning and romantic place to savor the most sophisticated international cooking by world-renowned chefs.





Before we ordered anything, they brought us several appetizers: frothy drink made with champagne and melon.

honey/spices covered pistachio

olive that exploded in my mouth! πŸ™‚ I’ve never tasted such soft olive, like a candy.

potato mousse with glazed onions



All above were free-appetizers. I ordered two appetizers as meal. The first one was: Stewed mushrooms and morel mushrooms in cream sauce with roasted egg and crunchy rosemary




I couldn’t decide which light looks better. Flash or not flash?

Star’s entree: Lamb entrecote, smoked eggplant couscous with yogurt and oranges


My second appetizer: roasted octopus salad with grilled fruits and vegetables. yeah~~~ I can’t have enough octopus πŸ˜‰



Pre-dessert: banana mousse with red fruits

DSC08389.JPG DSC08390.JPG

Dessert: Cream egg flip pie with puff pastry and cherry sorbet


I had tea: Indian Market and they brought us petit fours. This one is so cute: vanilla ice cream covered by strawberry jam





What do you think? AMAZING right? Both of us was “shocked” by this place, it’s not just luxury but a combination of modern design, romanticism and sophistication that made it so special. Breathtaking is The word to describe it. If I had to rate it. it desserts deserves 5/5 for all categories.

However the title of this post is not just about the restaurant, the restroom was even more stunning!




Are you “shocked”? Did I pick the right title for the post?

I feel wordless to describe it. I’ll just say: FAENA+Universe is the best hotel/restaurant I’ve ever been in the world.

I’m leaving Sunday night, we’re planning to go back twice more! πŸ˜›

Question: When was your last breathtaking moment?


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Hedonist life in Buenos Aires ^_^

Hey lovely people? How’s life lately? Mine was is GREAT! I began to work last week and was kind of busy.. basically I work during the day (aka. research) and play with Star at night. Sounds ordinary to you? Well…. for me it’s so extraordinary!! Work stress can be reduced to the minimum if I have Star around~~~ πŸ˜€ Few things to report:

Sleep: I’ve been breaking my own sleeping record lately. Since I arrive Buenos Aires, I’ve been sleeping like 9 hours everyday, I mean deep sleep kind…. it feels soooooooo good. And this last weekend I slept 10 and almost 11 hours a night!!! Β I think I’ve only done this when I was 5 years old!!! Woooooo….. that’s pretty awesome for someone who had sleeping problem for almost entire adult life. hahaha…. So proud of me!

Workout: As it was show in my last post, I’ve been doing some fun workouts. And I think Β I found a new high in workouts. You know…. we all kind of get used to our routine and somedays we just workout because it’s part of the routine and not because it excites us. But with new workouts… every class I feel I don’t want it to end, especially Fight-Do, I wanted the instructor, the music to keep going forever!!! Workout has became more like source for entertainment for me lately, and it’s a completely different feeling that workout per se.Β Do you workout to be healthy, to keep fit, to lose weight, to eat more without guilt or to enjoy the endorphin? I think most of us do it having few of these in mind. But if you think you’re burning thousands of calories by going to the gym for an hour, check out this article from Time Magazine! Bottom line: you won’t lose weight by doing an hour of cardio everyday, you might end up adding few pounds. Shocking? yes, but the article provided some good reasons backed up with scientific studies.

Work: having a leisure life doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. I’ve been working only 6-7 hours a day but did more work than working 8-9 hours. Once again, play hard contributes to boost productivity. I did some research for my paper with Carmen and began to prepare for the mini course that I’ll teach at CEMA, my undergrad university. I’m excited about it because I’ll teach/present my dissertation topic. I hope to catch their attention on the topic and receive some feedback.

Food: Needless to say food has been FANTASTICO. Star just loves to take me out to eat. Sometimes I feel lazy and not having a big appetite, he still insists going out because he said:” you cook at home all the time when you’re in US, so here, you’ll be my princess who has to do ZERO housework including cooking.” πŸ˜€ How lovely he is. How can I refuse such an offer, right?

So, just showing some of the feature meals that I’ve been MUNCHING~~


Dulce de leche capucchino with medialunas


my favorite breakfast combo: toasts with cream cheese, jam and coffee with milk

I've been having this balanced plate for lunch several times a week. Love it! 5 types of veggies, 1 cup of brown rice, 1 tbsp miso, seaweed flakes and pumpkin sauce! Oh... this one has 1 sliced avocado for some extra good FAT.

I've been having this balanced plate for lunch several times a week. Love it! 5 types of veggies, 1 cup of brown rice, 1 tbsp miso, seaweed flakes and pumpkin sauce! Oh... this one has 1 sliced avocado for some extra good FAT.

sesame seeds craker: new snack fav!

sesame seeds craker: new snack fav!

At one of my favorite restaurant in Buenos Aires, Bengal, an indian/ italian food restaurant.

Appetizer: smoked salmon

Appetizer: smoked salmon

Breads and crakers

Breads and crackers

My favorite dishes in a fine restaurants are squids and octopus because you can’t find them in every restaurant and it’s hard to prepare at home. Bengal has the best of both, so I ordered them that comes as appetizer as my entree.


Grilled squids.

grilled octopus: the best meal EVER!!!

grilled octopus: the best meal EVER!!!

Remember my love for octopus and what I Star paid for a plate of octopus during my last trip in Argentina? check out the insane price but amazing meal that I had here.

Star ordered grilled fish with green salad. I had a big bite, it was delicious too!

Star ordered grilled fish with green salad. I had a big bite, it was delicious too!

The place is small but chic. My kind of place to be with my lovely Hub.

The place is small but chic. My kind of place to be with my lovely Hub.

Lemon sorbet to change the palate (only chic restaurants have this kind of thing) So fancy!~~

Lemon sorbet to change the palate (only chic restaurants have this kind of thing) So fancy!~~

Our dessert: chocolate mousse (so predictable!)

Our dessert: chocolate mousse (so predictable!)

Okay. that’s all for now. I have much more to recap including a day Spa at hotel four seasons. It was incredible! so, stay tuned!!!

It’s monday here but it’s holiday in Argentina,so no work, more hedonist life for Coco! πŸ˜€

Question: What’s your definition of hedonist life? (inspired by Erin’s last post)


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