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Wedding planning!

I’ve been holding this post for a while because actually I had nothing except the date just a week ago, and now almost all the major things are confirmed!!! 😀
DATE of our wedding: 7/31/2011
Who did we pick the date? Because we met exactly 10 years ago!!! 😆
that’s how it looks like from outside, with the view of the Bund and the Huangpu River

I guess here’s where we’ll have the ceremony: in the balcony with the view of the river

I haven’t seen the place yet, that’s what I got from the website: either of these two salons

both look pretty good to me 😉
Okay. Now rewind a little bit. About a month ago, I told my mom to start looking for the place. The problem was that  every time she saw a new one, she likes it. It was frustrating that she changes her mind all the time, but I guess it was because she wants the best for me 😉 So, after few false alarms, she finally decided on this one. (do you guys know Yao Ming, the basketball player? He had his wedding in this hotel too) You might think how irresponsible I am to pick where is going to be my wedding without actually going to see the place myself. You’re right, but to be honest, I’m not the wedding-kind-of-girl. I know it’s important for any girl, but I actually don’t have any memory from childhood fantasizing about my wedding. Why do I have one then? I could probably save tons of $$ by skipping it. But I am having one because I want to make my parents happy. All traditional chinese parents have the biggest wedding for their daughter. And that’s why I delegated the task to my mom. If she likes it, then I’ll like it because it makes her happy.

I’m so lucky to have a girl friend who offer to be my wedding planner. I can do research on economics, but research about which camera man to hire? Not my thing. She’s super efficient too. In just few days she got all the important things that need to be confirmed before it’s too late.

The master of ceremony: checked

The camera/video man: checked

The makeup artist: checked

Salon decorator: pending

Invitations/souvenirs: pending

Dress: pending

Am I missing something?

With my mom and my friend taking charge of the wedding planning. I will be just another guest of my wedding! 😆


Quick recap of food: Breakfast as pictured




lunch as pictured


Mine: leftover lentils + meat balls + bread end (love how thick it is)



Dinner was stir-fry rice

Q: If you’re married, what was the most memorable moment of your wedding? If you’re not married, what do you expect the most about your wedding?


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Ideal job revised

Since I’ll be on the job market next year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the ideal job. I used to think I know what it was, I used to think I could get it, I used to think I’d enjoy fully the ideal job, until I realized recently that what I thought was the ideal job, it is not anymore, therefore I feel lost.

For me, an ideal job would be one that:

  • allows me to use what I’ve learned all these years about Economics
  • allows me to use all my skills and potentials
  • challenges me sometimes (not all the times)
  • work with people (very important! working at home with PJs is fun somedays, but not everyday)
  • have enough time to do others things (I don’t want to work 10 hours a day everyday and arrive home too tired to do anything)
  • work whenever I am productive (not a standard office job that requires going to work everyday)
  • have coworkers who I admire and who I can learn from
  • from time to time, feel rewarded and accomplished

So I know what would be an ideal job, the only problem is that I doubt there is any real job that satisfy all these.

Then what?  Not working at all? I thought about this possibility seriously, but knowing myself I know this option won’t work (all my friends told me the same: ” you’ll get bored!”) So, what I’m going to do is to be open to anything and make any job that I can get (if I can get one) ideal. How? Look the bright side and deal with the negative side (as everyone does!) 😆

Q: What’s your ideal job?


I’ve been making oatmeal with my new toy


it’s so simple and the oatmeal sooooo creamy!! 😉

I’d make 1.5 cup in one batch for two meals


a sweet one: add 1/4 cup almond milk and 1 tbsp coconut butter


and a savory one.

Yesterday I worked 4 hours and spent the rest of day being lazy. At night I craved meat, so I finally made Jenna’s meat ball


I followed her recipe almost exactly, except I substitute 0.5 lb turkey with beef.





throw them to the sauce


and serve on a bed of steamed collard greens (love it)


as side: 1/2 baked squash



very satisfying meal~~~ 😀

Today I’m starting the 10 days petit macro detox eating plan. Exciting! 😀


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