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Another blast weekend: movie, shopping and japanese food Saturday! ^_^

This last weekend was a real BLAST!!! Not that the previous ones weren’t, but after my determined decision of choosing total vacation over research, I enjoyed it even more! :-P. A perfect weekend definition in Coco’s dictionary involves: playing with Star, walking around the neighbor, shopping (yes, I was in the mood for shopping), movies (two this weekend) and new foodie exploration of course!

I have so much to show, so I will do in two parts. This was only 40% of the weekend recap! 🙂 You’ll see why it was only 40%. Hint: Sunday was even better! 😀

We went to my favorite place for breakfast obviously. Star had again the beautiful capucchino with croissant


close up to the amazingly cute and yummy capucchino


I had toasted WW bread (with tons of seeds) with cream cheese and homemade jam. They also brought us fresh orange juice and chocolates.



This place NUCHA is amazing.. it’s a perfect tea time place to go. Look all the goodies they have


After this brunch-like breakfast we walked a lot and did some shopping. I bought some workout cloth, two argentinean style bracelet and a set of handmade coffee cup at this coffee place Cabrales



guess which set did I get?


We had a quick lunch, nothing blog worthy meal, so let’s skip this part. Then we headed to the theater to watch this fun and romantic movie “The Ugly Truth


It was an entertaining movie to watch with your love, nothing deep, but sweet! Both Star and I really enjoyed it! 🙂

After movie, Star had to go to office for a meeting (yeah~ he works on weekend too!) for 3 hours!!! I was by my own at home so I called my parents and talked about 2 hours. hahahha….. It’s always nice to talk to my parents, especially now that they’re coming to US to stay with me for 2 months, so all the preparation things to talk about!

We decided to go for japanese food for dinner, a place that we went couple of times years ago Achisou . Right after we sit down, before we order anything, they brought us the appetizer: mini salmon scallion salad with sake ( a japanese rice wine)


Love all the petit dinning set of this place




Star order a hot pot with chinese cabbage, turnip, pork and tofu with noodles


all mixed up by ME


And I had the grilled fish and sashimi set meal. A set meal has many small side dishes.

Miso soup


cucumber and turnip pickles

egg rolls

spinach salad


grilled salmon

And white rice. the complete set


It seems a lot of food, but actually it isn’t because every dish is small. I FINISHED it ALL. 😛 We shared a mocha (green tea) ice cream at the end.


A perfect sweet ending for the night~~~

Overall this is a good place to try typical japanese food. Sushi is not the only japanese food, I prefer set meals much more. 🙂

Okay. That was the 40% of the weekend blast, don’t miss my next post with the rest 60%.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a good Monday! 🙂

Question: What do you like most about eating out? For me, it’s the surprise factor, trying new food, eat food that I’d never prepare at home, new combinations and enjoy to be treated as a guest (of course, when the service is really good).


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