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The Plan: wellness & weight loss

Hey ladies! thanks for the complements about my purchases, it’s always good to know that I have good tastes. 😛

Yesterday I didn’t do anything productive in term of work and I think I won’t be until next monday. But I spent some good time (4 hours) catching up with my classmates and doing socials. I’m not a social person per se, I don’t like to hang out with people for convenience, but I think sometimes it’s necessary to be integrated into a group. What do you think? Do you hang out with your coworkers or classmates?

Okay. Since my food yesterday was poor and not interesting (I dunno why, but I lost my appetite and hunger since I am back). It’s a good moment to lay down the plan for my parents: to lose some weight (specially body fat), do a minor detox (they’re been on SAD their entire life), teach them a health lifestyle which includes What to eat? How to eat? and Get moving. So, here’s the W&W plan:


  • Juicing first thing in the morning
  • Low sugar content fruits (blueberries/strawberries/green apples) as AM snack
  • Oatmeal/sprouted breads with fruit jam (sweetened with stevia) if they need denser food in the morning. I’m pretty sure they’ll need it at the beginning.
  • Raw/cooked veggies salad at lunch, avocado/brown rice/tofu/carrot mayonnaise as topping.
  • PM snacks: more juice, Green monster, homemade nut/seed milk, homemade muffins, more sprouted breads, fruits.
  • Dinner: salad + cooked meal (fish 2-3 times/week, eggs 1-2 times/week, beans/tofu 2 times/week)
  • Dessert: dark chocolate/fake ice cream/kabocha


  • Walking at least 30 min a day
  • Rebounding if I can get a mini trampoline soon
  • 2-3 times a week of strength training. Both of my parents have never done strength work, so I’ll start very gently and slowly with them.
  • 2-3 times a week of yoga

What I want to achieve with this plan?

  • Incorporate veggies into their diet
  • Lose 5-6 pounds each of them
  • Lower body fat and gain muscles
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Increase immune system, especially my mom have been told to have it low
  • Increase calcium intake for my mom who has been diagnosed osteoporosis

It was inspired by Detox for Woman, reviewed here, but only 50% of it. I know it’s going to be hard for them to change old habits, but both of them and I are determined to do it and there’s no better place/time than these two months here in USA with me. 😀 Any other suggestion?

Before I go-off, a quick of my eats a la Janetha

8AM: GM (AB/banana/spinach), sprouted bread with fruit jam


10AM: coffee with milk, launching this little man


12AM: delicious peach after I came back from post office with my hold mails.

1PM: Green superfood


Review: I was skeptical about this bar because I can’t imagine making a tasty bar with Green Powders. But it actually tastes pretty good, a good chocolate flavor and nuts for some interesting crunches.

DSC08574.JPG DSC08575.JPG

2PM: sandwich at university with my classmates (spelt bread, tofu spread and veggies). No pic! (I can’t imagine my classmates knowing about this blog)

6PM: frozen blueberries + BB

DSC08577.JPG DSC08578.JPG

8.30PM (back from a vinyasa yoga class): salad (lettuce/peppers/celery/mushrooms) topped with boiled eggs and Maggies Liquid Gold Exilir without the garlic.

Look! it’s kind of gold



Dessert: white fungus + kabocha

DSC08584.JPG DSC08586.JPG

My mom will arrive today at 4PM! I haven’t seen her for 9 months! I’m so EXCITED!! 😀

Question: Are your parents health-conscious? Do you talk about nutrition with them?


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I’m back but feeling lost. Showing my purchases!

Hey there~ I’m back to home (US). I arrived yesterday morning, unpacked, cleaned the apartment, caught some sleep and then I felt totally LOST! I didn’t know what to do, didn’t want to begin to work, I was not mentally prepared yet; missed terribly Star, much more than I thought, which put me on the sad mode.

Okay. Showing up what I’ve got in Argentina.



Tons of chocolates: marroc and alfajores


Coffee and stevia sweetened jams

More coffee and more chocolates

Chia seeds finally!

















Nice purchases, right? I got some shirts, workout clothes and underwear too, forgot to take pic. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post them

I had lunch after unpacking, I used a package of this and steamed broccoli.


with a toasted sprouted bread with raw honey


It was my first time using pre-cooked indian food. I liked it, it has a mild taste and good stats for a pre-made meal


Then, I went to Tj’s (I knew it would make me feel better) but when I arrived, I realized that I forgot my wallet!!! Damn….. had to drive another round trip. 2 hours later I got these. I didn’t want to buy too much because my mom arrives tomorrow and she likes doing groceries too. So, just to survive two days. (total bill $40)


yes, loading up on kabocha which was on sale ($0.69/lb).

I did a 75 min Dave Farmar podcast. oh God, after 5 weeks yoga-free, I could feel each of those hundreds of chadarangas!!!

Pre-yoga I made a GM with these



Despite the soreness, I felt rejuvenated. Ready for dinner!

Gena’s guacamole over ice lettuce, celery, peppers and black fungus.


Desserts: dark chocolate + kabocha

DSC08565.JPG DSC08563.JPG

That was my day 1 back home. I hope from day 2 onward I feel better and enter to the working mode soon.

Question: Any tip to go back to the working mode after a long vacation?


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Minor “depression” and carbs loading

What’s my vacation mode? Sleep 9 hours per day, go to hair salon, manicure, pedicure, spa, shopping, gym, rambling, MUNCHING CONSTANTLY during the day and play with Star at night. But not everything is perfect, yesterday I had a minor “depression”, but only momentarily. Where it came from? Well, first of all boredom I guess. I did everything I wanted to do in term of “glowing” and didn’t know what else to do. Star has to work so I was by myself. I went out for some walking and shopping.. but nothing attracted me, I didn’t even bother to enter to the stores. Shopping bores me. I don’t know how I became so uninterested on shopping? Isn’t the case that every girl loves shopping? Well… aparently I don’t. Two possible explanations:

1) when you can have everything you want, you just lose interested on them. Humans tend to want what they can not have. It’s not that there’s nothing else in the world that I want… but  I would say that I want most is not material anymore, material goods can not satisfy me anymore, they can not make me happier (note: happier, not happy).

2)  I already have everything I want in life, so I don’t crave anything else.

Both explanations sound good, right?  Am I exposing too much my happiness here???? I don’t mean to over-saying it to make you jealous…. I just think it’s good to write down our feelings when we’re happy. I used to write only when I’m sad or depressed and when I go back to my dairy, I can’t believe that there are only few happy moments in my life that were written down.

Back to my minor depression. As I was walking alone in the crowded street… I felt lonely. I didn’t feel that when I was traveling alone to NYC and Chicago. I know it’s because Buenos Aires is my home and Star is here, not having him close by even though he’s physically close made me miss him more. I went back home and watched TV alone and mad at myself (you’re supposed to be enjoying this, and instead, you’re feeling low!!! ) How to kick someone out of the low mode? Endorphin! That I did. I went to the gym for a Fight-Do class, which was sooooo fun and I was totally sweat after an hour! Revitalized and positive again! ^_^

What I’ve been munching??? Nothing exciting but what I love most about Buenos Aires: fresh baked bread!!! Yeah~~~ I think I’m eating 1-2 pounds of bread everyday!!! WAy too much!!! I know I know!!! It’s not good to have too much carbs, it’s fattening, it’s bad for the digestive sysmte, etc etc. You know what? WHATEVER!!! I don’t care!!! I just loveeeeee them!!! In <5 weeks, I won’t be able to eat them again! So, as long as I am here, I plan to keep munching on BREADS!!!

My favorite: Pan de mesa

My favorite: Pan de mesa

My favorite craker: WW with sesame and flax seeds

My favorite craker: WW with sesame and flax seeds

One package in one sitting! A No No but it was soooo good!!!

One package in one sitting! A No No but it was soooo good!!!

My favorite vegan meal: The Balanced Plate

My favorite vegan meal: The Balanced Plate

Making Green Monster: yogurt + steamed spinach and a revitalizing mix

Making Green Monster: yogurt + steamed spinach and a revitalizing mix

Revitalizing mix: sesame, flax, sunflower seeds and wheat germ

Revitalizing mix: sesame, flax, sunflower seeds and wheat germ

A healthy snack to balance my overdose of carbs

A healthy snack to balance my overdose of carbs

chocolates everywhere!

chocolates everywhere!

Beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers

Few days more of this relaxing mode. I will go back to my working mode next week. My plan is to work during the day on research Monday to Friday and play with Star at night and weekends. Hope I can be as productive as my last visit in BA.

Question: When was the last time you throw all your healthy habits out of the window? And what’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?


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