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I’m currently reading: There’s a state (of mind) called She-De.


There’s no exact translation to english of this word. The structure of chinese words is based on using combination of single-meaning words to form new word with a different meaning.

She 舍 means let it go.

De 得 means Gain.

She-De 舍得 means let it go. But the message beneath its literal meaning is much more. The real message (@chinese culture): Only if you let go something, you’ll gain something. Other way to say it: When you lose something, you gain something; When a door is closed, a door will be open.

It’s an open mind idea to me! Personally, I’ve experienced several times this feeling

  • I didn’t give up my comfort life in Argentina, I wouldn’t be able to LIVE with passional (although stressed out often as well).
  • If I didn’t break up with my ex-bf, I wouldn’t have met and married the most wonderful man in the world!
  • If I don’t put down my judgements, I wouldn’t make many great friends.

Q: Have you experienced She De?


Look this colorful meal that I made yesterday.

Tj’s Harvest Grain


Omelet made with 2 eggs, 1 oz. goat cheese, mushrooms and spinach



sorry goat cheese lovers. I can’t join you! 😦 I ate the whole plate but didn’t enjoy it much. The smell is just too strong. Is this an acquire taste thing? Should I give it another try?

Snacking all day long this combo: sprouted sunflower seeds + cranberries


and leftover homemade pizza (the best pizza crust ever! ;)) with steamed Tj’s green beans with ketchup. YUM~~


I think I need to get the other crust from the freezer tonight… I’m already craving for more pizza! 😆

Q: What’s your favorite movie genre?


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Catching up on life!

This last gateway was AMAZING which made back to life really hard. 👿 I’m in middle of catching up on work and search for used car. So this post will be short and lame :(, just yesterday’s food which was not lame at all!!! 😀

breakfast: oatmeal, almond milk, gel gel topped with POM seedDSC00067.JPG


Lunch was heavy on veggies!



for dinner I wanted more veggies, in form of salad, so I made this BIG bowl of goodies which included pan fried zucchini with POM juice and pom seeds in the dressing

DSC00079.JPG DSC00085.JPG


very satisfying!!! And the very missed KABOCHA! 😀


QWhy there are so many used cars out there but no one seems to be perfect? 😕


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Disappointing friend and new products!

My 45 min post just magically disappeared. 👿 so I’ll do this re-write short.

Disappointing friend = I met with my “ex” best friend yesterday and he almost ignored me. He didn’t call me after my car accident (he knew it) and he showed indifference when he saw me. 😥

New products that arrived last couple of days. 😆

Nutiva‘s products. I already used palm sugar on the apple pie and plan to use coconut oil for baking and hair mask. Any idea for Acai powder?


new flavors of POM juice


Doctor Kracker!!! I’ve been wanting to try these for a while, thank you George for sending me this huge package.




I can’t wait to try them out and do a full review! 😀

Yesterday eats: just breakkie and dinner. I won’t bore you with the leftovers lunch that I bring to office.

Breakfast: oatmeal cooked with almond milk, cinnamon and vanilla, topped with raspberries and ABU



very FALL, eh? and delicious!! 😀
sauteed green bean


stir fry lotus with tofu and chili sauce


sauteed cabbage


chicken and bamboo stew


A comforting family dinner~~


Q1: Have you had similar experience with close friends?

Q2: Do you believe on forever relationships or you think every relationship would eventually fade?


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