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Food: dinners at home

The weather has been warm, almost like summer so all I wanted was fresh veggies! Everyday in the afternoon, I’d call my mom and tell her what I want for dinner and she’ll prepare them for me! What a great mom she is! 🙂 Unfortunately she’s leaving next weekend. She needs a break in China and she will come back before the baby arrives! 🙂

Sauteed celery with black fungus and smoked tofu


cucumber salad with garlic


winter melon, tomato and bamboo soup


sauteed noodles with brussel sprouts, onion, mushrooms and tofu


sauteed cauliflower with mushrooms, carrot and pork


curry chicken with potatoes


sauteed greens with garlic


And wonton’s are back!!! Yes! I asked my mom to make like 10 packages for me to be freezed so I can have them when she’s not here! 🙂 They’re so delicious!!!


Q: What’s your favorite freezer meal?


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Food: groceries haul & favorite cucumber salad

I finally went to Tj’s!!! 😆 I haven’t gone there for over a month because my parents like to go to chinese markets instead. Summer is here and I crave more and more fresh veggies! So here’s what I got!


simply by looking at them makes me a happy girl!!!

Kale, tofu and tomatoes to make the spicy salad


romaine, celery, cucumber, green pepper, carrots, apple and lemon to make morning juice


Let me present you my favorite summer cucumber salad. It’s fresh, tasty and super easy to make!

What you need: cucumber either japanese or this one, I believe it’s called european cucumber?; salt, garlic, rice vinegar and sesame oil


1. Peel and cut cucumber in slices. Add 1 tbsp of sea salt and massage it


Let it sit for 15-20 min. Meanwhile, mince garlic


you’ll see that after 15-20 min, it releases some liquid. Get rid of this, you don’t want to consumer 1 tbsp worth of sodium!


add the rest of the ingredients, minced garlic, 1-2 tbsp rice vinegar and 1/2-1 tbsp sesame oil. Mix well and serve.


I also make a sauteed water chestnut with chinese pickles and sesame oil


all served with oatmeal porridge. This has been my last week favorite dinner combo.


I promised to do a video about my current skin routine. I’m working on it (in the process of learning imovie). Be patient with me! 😉

Just a teaser… look this sephora haul! 😆

Q1: What’s your current favorite dinner combo?

Q2: Do you like hiking? Have you hiked any mountain?


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Food: mom cooks and I bake

Since mom arrived 1.5 month ago, I haven’t cooked AT ALL! When it was only mom and I, we ate simple food. A lot of veggies and some seafood. But now that my dad arrived, more food is needed. Let me tell you, my dad has a monster appetite!!! 😯 He seems to have a bottomless stomach. He doesn’t excercice other than walking 1-2 hours everyday, but his appetite is ADMIRABLE! He’s 64 yrs old and he eats like a teenager! Everything seems so tasty to him and he likes trying EVERYTHING! I’m the bad “daughter” telling him constantly to “Not eat too much”, “it’s high in saturate fat”, “it’s high in colesterol”, etc. Sometimes he’d listen, sometimes not. 😦

Samples of daily food:

cucumber sauteed with shrimp head


broccoli with mushrooms


tofu with shrimp


garlic green peas


bok choy with mushrooms


辣酱 my dad’s favorite dish. Cubed pork, potatoes, carrots, oyster mushroom, smoked tofu cooked with a red spicy sauce.


fried fish cooked with chinese pickles


bok choy


water chesnut sauteed with chinese pickles


chinese chives sauteed with pork, smoked tofu and dry chili


sauteed green beans


My mom is in charged of the cooking and I do the rest: BAKING! 😆

The day we came back from Orlando, I baked her pound cake with green raisins.



and when my Dad arrived the following day, I made him bread with dry pork floss


I’m clipping a lot of other baking goodies to make. They’re leaving tomorrow for a tour (Niagaras Fall, Boston and NYC) for 6 days. A little break from my dear parents 😉 Wait… does it mean I have to cook? Maybe! Mom prepared 70 wontons for me in case that I continue to be lazy 🙂

Q: What’s your parents’ eating style? My mom eats everything in moderation. My dad is a lost case. 😦 He enjoys EVERYTHING TOO MUCH!


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