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Being flexible & homemade food

I haven’t post about homemade food for few days. That doesn’t mean I didn’t start cooking. Although not big meals, I slowly started to visit the kitchen more often 😉

Yesterday I worked all day long, first time in 1.5 month 😯 and I was exhausted by the end of the day. Actually after working just two hours, I wanted to quit, but I wouldn’t allow my laziness to pull me back, so I made this wonderful coffee and continued. I ended up working until 5 PM planning to go to the gym at 6.15PM, but laying down on the coach for 30 min convinced me to take a day off. Although I knew I’d feel better after working out, I just didn’t feel like going and preferred stay at home with Star and watch TV. I’m glad I learned to be flexible with myself. Being highly disciplined also means highly inflexible and it is not always a good thing. 🙂

okay. look this beautiful capucchino with perfectly steamed milk with dash of cinnamon. I made it at home!!! 😆


and here’s my secret weapon: a manual steam maker



poor the hot milk


“work” (pull and down) for 1-2 min and voila, steamed milk


pour over the coffee


and add cinnamon if you like capucchino


I’ve been having this combo for breakfast over a week: homemade soy milk, steamed yam and 1 kiwi.


a lot of veggies dishes!

sauteed chinese mustard with oyster mushroom


sauteed broccoli with tofu, black fungus and dry scallops


served with brown rice and barley


in another day I made sauteed Brussels sprouts with black fungus and shiitake


steamed egg


with rice


oh….. Star and I played some childhood table game too. I won (obviously ;))!!!


Q1: Any weekend plan?

Q2 (totally random): How many hours do you sleep per day?


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Germany Day 5-6: homemade food and coffee

Hi everyone! 🙂 I arrived Shanghai, China last night and have some jet lag right now (woke up at 4AM). I still have few things to show you about my stay in Germany before I move into Shanghai adventures. So here they come…. last few meals at the mountain, two homemade meals cooked with my beloved Mara and lovely pictures of coffee! ENJOY 😉

My favorite Bavarian food: Dumplings, these are filled made with herbs and bacons, served in a clear soup (probably beef stock)


more dumplings


this is Erding, a small town 45 min away from Munich, where Mara and Gunther live. It’s small but sophisticated.


homemade meal #1 prepared mainly by me 🙂


Baked salmon with onions and a chinese stir fry of veggies.



Dessert: expresso + chocolates! 😀


And here are the most beautiful coffee pictures I’ve ever seen and I can proudly say I took them! 😆

Mara’s latte


Coco’s capucchino



and look what the bottom of the cup says: More Eroticism please!


homemade meal #2 prepared by Mara and Gunther

fresh baked bread + smoked trout



spicy sour chicken + veggie stir-fry + jasmine rice


Dessert: tiramisu



Disclaimer: all blogspost blogs and some wordpress blogs are blocked in China, so I won’t be able to comment much but I will read them through google reader. Hope you don’t get mad at me 😉

Day #1 in Shanghai: DENTIST!!! 👿


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The Plan: wellness & weight loss

Hey ladies! thanks for the complements about my purchases, it’s always good to know that I have good tastes. 😛

Yesterday I didn’t do anything productive in term of work and I think I won’t be until next monday. But I spent some good time (4 hours) catching up with my classmates and doing socials. I’m not a social person per se, I don’t like to hang out with people for convenience, but I think sometimes it’s necessary to be integrated into a group. What do you think? Do you hang out with your coworkers or classmates?

Okay. Since my food yesterday was poor and not interesting (I dunno why, but I lost my appetite and hunger since I am back). It’s a good moment to lay down the plan for my parents: to lose some weight (specially body fat), do a minor detox (they’re been on SAD their entire life), teach them a health lifestyle which includes What to eat? How to eat? and Get moving. So, here’s the W&W plan:


  • Juicing first thing in the morning
  • Low sugar content fruits (blueberries/strawberries/green apples) as AM snack
  • Oatmeal/sprouted breads with fruit jam (sweetened with stevia) if they need denser food in the morning. I’m pretty sure they’ll need it at the beginning.
  • Raw/cooked veggies salad at lunch, avocado/brown rice/tofu/carrot mayonnaise as topping.
  • PM snacks: more juice, Green monster, homemade nut/seed milk, homemade muffins, more sprouted breads, fruits.
  • Dinner: salad + cooked meal (fish 2-3 times/week, eggs 1-2 times/week, beans/tofu 2 times/week)
  • Dessert: dark chocolate/fake ice cream/kabocha


  • Walking at least 30 min a day
  • Rebounding if I can get a mini trampoline soon
  • 2-3 times a week of strength training. Both of my parents have never done strength work, so I’ll start very gently and slowly with them.
  • 2-3 times a week of yoga

What I want to achieve with this plan?

  • Incorporate veggies into their diet
  • Lose 5-6 pounds each of them
  • Lower body fat and gain muscles
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Increase immune system, especially my mom have been told to have it low
  • Increase calcium intake for my mom who has been diagnosed osteoporosis

It was inspired by Detox for Woman, reviewed here, but only 50% of it. I know it’s going to be hard for them to change old habits, but both of them and I are determined to do it and there’s no better place/time than these two months here in USA with me. 😀 Any other suggestion?

Before I go-off, a quick of my eats a la Janetha

8AM: GM (AB/banana/spinach), sprouted bread with fruit jam


10AM: coffee with milk, launching this little man


12AM: delicious peach after I came back from post office with my hold mails.

1PM: Green superfood


Review: I was skeptical about this bar because I can’t imagine making a tasty bar with Green Powders. But it actually tastes pretty good, a good chocolate flavor and nuts for some interesting crunches.

DSC08574.JPG DSC08575.JPG

2PM: sandwich at university with my classmates (spelt bread, tofu spread and veggies). No pic! (I can’t imagine my classmates knowing about this blog)

6PM: frozen blueberries + BB

DSC08577.JPG DSC08578.JPG

8.30PM (back from a vinyasa yoga class): salad (lettuce/peppers/celery/mushrooms) topped with boiled eggs and Maggies Liquid Gold Exilir without the garlic.

Look! it’s kind of gold



Dessert: white fungus + kabocha

DSC08584.JPG DSC08586.JPG

My mom will arrive today at 4PM! I haven’t seen her for 9 months! I’m so EXCITED!! 😀

Question: Are your parents health-conscious? Do you talk about nutrition with them?


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