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Travel: Buenos Aires day 6

Mara and Gunther didn’t go to the trip that they were supposed to go, so I had more time to hang out with them. We didn’t do much. We stayed at home in the morning. Mara made me a salad for lunch which was very tasty. After lunch, Gunther, Mara and I went for some shopping. Mara and I didn’t get anything but Gunther got several t-shirts. After that, Mara went for a work meeting and I went to do manicure with Jeanette. Once reunited at home. We were both working/playing with our Macs.


2 Macs, 2 iphones and 2 local phones. Perfectly synchronized! 🙂

Jeanette started to work today but she managed to prepare us dinner.


broiled butternut squash (for me!), smelly cheese, sundried tomato in olive and parsley


baked potato and sweet potato


beets and green salad



the main dish was osso buco cooked with vegetables and bacon.


I had a small piece and it was great! Tasty, tender and full of flavor. 🙂

For dinner Jeanette made us a passion fruit mousse but it was so intense that we couldn’t eat more than few spoons. Even Gunther, who never say no to any food, couldn’t eat it! So he suggested to go out for a pancake. We walked like 12-15 blocks to a place called Carlitos, specialized in pancakes. Both Mara and I had tea, Gunther had a super sweet pancake filled with dulce de leche and topped with chocolate sauce, I’d say a sweet bomb!


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Travel: Buenos Aires day 5

Sunday morning is one of the more tranquil moment in the city. I had a meeting with some friends while Mara and the family slept. After I returned home, Mara, Gunther and I went to Puerto Madero for an afternoon coffee/tea.

here we are, the lovely ladies who has been best friends for 15 years already. I’m sure we have many 15 years to come! 🙂


After the coffee, we meet with Jeanette at Recoleta Cinema to watch Margin Call together. It was an interesting movie for all of us. For me, it was like watching what I knew about the recent financial crisis in a play. It was realistic, well played and left us with a rich discussion during the dinner.

Mara wanted to go to Parolaccia so we went.


a basket of bread as usual. I was deciding between souffle gnocchi with spinach and mafalti. Since both Jeanette and Mara ordered the gnocchis, I went for the mafaltis.


It was a big pool of tomato sauce and the six mafalti were lost in it.


Unfortunately I didn’t like it much, the mafaltis were too cheesy. I like when it’s made with only ricotta and spinach, but these ones have also mozzarella. And with tomato sauce was just too much, it was too sour. I had few bites before abandon it and I’m glad I did because afterward I had heartburn, not fun!

Jeanette had coffee afterward and they brought some meh petit fours. Gunther had a dulce de leche volcano, which was way to sweet.


the food was not as good as we expected, but the companion and the conversation we had was great, as usual!

After dinner, as we drive back, an incident happened. Suddenly the accelerator was not working! We panicked but Gunther has full control of the situation. Thank God that the break was working properly, so we stopped slowly and parked on the side road. After checking, Gunther found that the cable connecting the accelerator to the engine is broken. We could wait there for a troller to take the car to the parking, or we could try to go slowly, as the car was working at its slowest speed and not be able to accelerate. Gunther insisted that we could go that way, and we did! It was really fun driving at 5 miles/hr for like 10 blocks including turnings. But we arrived safe! 🙂

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Travel: Buenos Aires day 4

I was the first one to wake up at the house, as usual, so I wander around alone until everyone else get up. We had a relaxing 1-2 hrs breakfast at home which involves  lot of chatting as usual 😉 And then Mara, Gunther and Jeanette went to do some shopping and I stayed home.

Around 2pm Mara called me to let me know that they’ll come to pick me up to go to a local parrilla place for lunch. Cool! I was just feeling a little hungry.


we went to a neighborhood-style parrilla. Simple decor and relaxing ambiance.


the lovely ladies


and happy companions


they brought us some fried empanadas


we ordered some salads as side


I’m in love with the simplest salad in the world: lettuce, tomato and sliced onion, with olive and balsamic. It’s so fresh, perfect to pair with meat.

We ordered brocheta de lomo


chinchurines (intestines)


steak and grilled chicken


Although the place is not fancy, the meat there is pretty good and big portions.

After lunch we went back home because we had a girls-tea. We met two friends, Vera and Nati. I haven’t seen them for more than 6 years! It was really nice to catch up. And we had a lot of food too.






sandwich de miga


and Jeanette made us honey cake.


We chat from 5pm to 9 pm and devoured most of the food. 🙂 I wonder when I will see them again… and how many kids we’ll have when we reunite? 😉


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