Travel: San Diego day 3 & 4 (Safari Zoo)

3rd day of our stay in San Diego was the Rock n Roll marathon. Recap here.

IMG 4784

after a quick lunch and nap for the girls. We went to La Jolla beach. We found beach toys at the house so Sofia was super excited to build sand castles.

IMG 4788

IMG 4790

Lizzy was not ready to get wet yet

IMG 4791

but was happy to be on the beach. She was saying: woo huu!

IMG 4797

the cutest EVER pic of father and daughter!!!

IMG 4823

Tony played with Sofia while I tried to help Lizzy to try walking on the beach

IMG 4806

IMG 4810

looking at Tony holding hands of Sofia melts my heart, EVERY TIME!

IMG 4812

I love seeing Tony being a father to Sofia more than anything

IMG 4817

while they tried several times to build the castle… I helped Lizzy to dare to touch the sand

IMG 4822

my happiest moment captured

IMG 4825

we all had fun

IMG 4839

once home, I cooked dinner very quickly. Ginger scallion sautéed crab was sooooo tasty

IMG 4842

Day 4: Safari Zoo

IMG 4843

the place was not as big as we imagined which was perfect because it meant we got to see everything

IMG 4853

first were the lions

IMG 4857

then we took the bus to tour around the safari sight

IMG 4861

IMG 4869

the weather was gorgeous, the scenery beautify and relaxing

IMG 4871

IMG 4872

IMG 4874

although SD safari was more like a zoo than safari, it was perfect for the family

IMG 4875

I guess next time I’ll have to take them to a real safari in Africa

IMG 4881

around noon Lizzy fell asleep for a much needed nap

IMG 4883

Sofia constantly requested to be hold, only Tony would say yes these days 🙂

IMG 4890

these two… oh… my loves

IMG 4893

IMG 4896

IMG 4908

Sofia started to enjoy posing for pictures

IMG 4917

Lizzy just woke up from her nap… not very interested

IMG 4936

IMG 4940

A lovely half day adventure with the animals. 🙂

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Travel: San Diego day 1 & 2

Our San Diego vacation was AMAZING. The hardest part was the flight from DC to SD. Full flight, two kids, especially with a super active toddler. Between Tony and me and tons of snacks we entertained her but we were counting down hours. But we survived! 🙂

We arrived there at 3:30pm. Went to pick up the rental car. Not there! Right, the company was not on site and we ended up renting at a different company at higher price. Oh… well. Lesson learned, never book at the cheapest place.

Fortunately the rental house was just 20 min drive from the airport. A 3-bedrooms house at mission bay area.

IMG 4652

with a view to the bay in the living area. I immediately felt I was on vacation-mode.

IMG 4980

My parents stayed with the girls while Tony and I went to get some food. We found a 99 Ranch market 10 min away and had all kinds of Chinese groceries.

The next day we went to Balboa Park in early morning (thanks to the 3 hrs time difference!). We were surprised by the beauty of it

IMG 4655

IMG 4661

IMG 4666

IMG 4667

IMG 4673

IMG 4679

IMG 4683

IMG 4702

IMG 4714
IMG 4720

IMG 4729

IMG 4736

IMG 4747

then we went to Convention center to pick up my bib for Sunday’s marathon

IMG 4748

IMG 4753

I was ready! 🙂

IMG 4756

after nap, Tony took the family to La Jolla beach and let me rest. It was Sofia’s second time at the beach, the last time she was 11 months old so she doesn’t really remember it. She was super excited!!!

IMG 4760

IMG 4764

IMG 4765

I laid out my outfit …. all ready for the race.

IMG 4762

I cooked dinner for the family: grilled cod with vegetables and rice. I instead had a big bowl of oatmeal with veggies and a big bowl of kabocha. Went to bed full and satisfied. 🙂

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Travel: Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo

I went to Brazil last week of May, kind of last minute trip (decided on a Thursday and departed on Saturday). This time I went to Rio de Janeiro for two nights and 1 night in Sao Paolo. Traveling as part of my job is something that I really enjoy, especially as a mother and wife, although I love my life (so much), I NEED to be away from it and be with myself from time to time, ideally every 2 months or so.

I stayed again at Sofitel at Ipanema

IMG 4529

went to Delirio Tropical for late lunch after arrival, a “healthy” vegetarian friendly restaurant one block away from the hotel

IMG 4531

then I met with my coworders for dinner, in preparation for the work. I had to have octopus whenever it’s in the menu. Haven’t got tired of it yet.

IMG 4534

Started my morning on Monday with a run by the lake and beach. Gorgeous view.

IMG 4537

fruits to start the day in Brazil is the best… all the fruits are 100 times tastier there

IMG 4540

eggs, toasts with butter is my go-to breakfast items in hotels

IMG 4542

morning presentation went well and we went to a popular japanese place for lunch

IMG 4543

had sashimi bento with additional steamed dumplings

IMG 4546

the for dinner we went to a new restaurant in a chic area

IMG 4551

i had grilled fish with seasoned vegetables. Very tasty.

IMG 4552

then my coworkers (two men) suggested to have dessert at an italian ice cream place… the chocolate ice cream was to die for.

IMG 4553

then we arrived Sao Paolo, it was my first time there. I’ve heard so many things about this place so I was super excited. We had quick dinner at an italian restaurant close to the hotel (Sheraton WTC). Nothing was super exciting so I ordered fish with veggies again.

IMG 4564

as one of the coworkers is brasilian, she suggested us to have breakfast at a local place instead of the hotel… I couldn’t agree more. I’m always eager to try local food/tradition.  we went to a cafeteria, very like the ones we have in Buenos Aires

IMG 4565

I had tapioca pancake filled with turkey and white cheese. Really really good!

IMG 4566

The next day I was done with work but had an evening flight. My coworkers have left so I found myself alone with a day to spare, so I hired a private tour guide to show me the city. It was a 3 hrs tour so we drove to the main attractions in the city

IMG 4568

Sao Paolo’s central park

IMG 4569

a modern museum in the park

IMG 4571


IMG 4572

asian neighborhood

IMG 4573

with tons of stores and restaurants, very live place

IMG 4577

central market (highly recommended by my brasilian coworker)

IMG 4581

fruit display was out of this world. So many exotic fruits that I’ve never seen before

IMG 4583

assorted dry fruits and sausages and cheese

IMG 4584

I stopped by a fruit stand and got to try many fruits

IMG 4585

soooo juicy and sweet

IMG 4587

old downtown

IMG 4594

city view… love how lively it is

IMG 4603


IMG 4605

I was impressed by the city.. the blend of diverse culture (portuguese, japanese, italian, lebanese) makes it vibrant, exotic, and live. I love it. I will definitely come back. 🙂




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