Lizzy: first birthday party

Our baby angel turned 1 today! We had a birthday party with friends on Sunday. Everyone had a lot of fun, especially the birthday day.

IMG 4690

Party started at 11am, just few minutes after she woke up from morning. She was ready for the party. 🙂

IMG 4679

I ordered a birthday hat for her and I love how cute she looks with it. She was in great mood that day. Smiling to every guests and doing all the fun things grandma props her to do (clapping her hands, waving bye, saying papa, mama and grandpa).

I was such a proud and happy mama.

IMG 4681

She’s such an adorable, easy going, happy baby… she only “complains” when daddy is going… otherwise she’s zero-complaint baby

IMG 4685

although she’s not into toys yet, she spent some time exploring the gifts.

IMG 4686

trying to “play together” with other babies.

IMG 4687

but mostly simply smiling to everyone and enjoying the party

IMG 4688

IMG 4669

I enjoyed catching up with friends as well

IMG 4673

particularly with miss Sofia who was excited the whole week for the party because she got to wear her new Elsa dress

IMG 4689

we ordered the cake from Harris Teeters this year. I simply showed them the picture of how I’d like the cake and they made it perfectly.

IMG 4678

can’t believe Sofia is already a big girl, like a real princess

IMG 4694

what a happy day. It amazes us how time flies, a year before I was in labor, not sure who is this girl. And now, I can’t imagine a life without her. Her silly smiles melt my heart, EVERYDAY.

IMG 4691

I had prepared a spread of food for our guests including egg curd tart

IMG 4662

sauteed vermicelli with chicken and vegetables. It doesn’t look nice but it was one of the most popular dish of the day, many friends went for second and third servings

IMG 4663

classic empanadas

IMG 4664

chinese radish cake

IMG 4665

salad with cilantro cashew dressing. It wasn’t as good as I expected but at least it was colorful

IMG 4666

Sofia and I made pink cupcake with natural food color (dry raspberries)

IMG 4667

cheese board

IMG 4668

and the most popular dish that I forgot to take a pic before they were all gone, korean baby ribs.

Although I was exhausted by the end of the day due to a stressful week at work, 8+18 miles run, and all the party preparation, I was happy! Happy to be the mama of two lovely girls in my life. 🙂


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Lizzy: 10 months

How time flies! My little baby turned 10 months a week ago! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing… and how fast she’s reaching her milestones. I’ve been semi-good taking monthly pics, but really didn’t have time to write a full post… so I’m trying to do every 3 months or so. She is definitely reaching milestones sooner than Sofia. She started cruising at 9.5 months, currently cruising “professionally” around her crib like nobody business. She can spend easily over an hour turning around her crib without many a sound. 🙂

IMG 2405

Her personality is showing too. She laughs a lot and easily be amused by us. She loves waving her hands requesting to be kissed.

IMG 1631

she loves going out… and wouldn’t want to miss anything

IMG 2326

love love her chubby face

IMG 2335

and laughing all the time

IMG 2441

silly girl

IMG 1708

my favorite pics of all time!

IMG 1720

Sleeping: she still sleeps very well. Takes two naps a day. Until last week, she’d take 2-2.5 hrs nap in the morning from 9-11:30 and 1.5-2 hrs nap in the afternoon from 2.30 – 4pm. But this week she only takes 1-1.5 hrs in the morning, and another 1.5 hrs in the afternoon. But she can spend more time in the crib playing by herself. At night, she’s usually in bed by 7:30pm and sleep through the night until 7-8am.

IMG 3568

IMG 2878

IMG 1753

IMG 1763

IMG 1765

Eating: she’s such a good eater. Thank God!!! She drinks breastmilk during the day and I nurse her before bed at night. Her breakfast start with solid (homemade puree made with sweet potato/zucchini/pear/banana/pea), followed by a bottle of breastmilk (5-8oz.). Then for lunch, she’s been having 1-2 pancakes made with breastmilk, whole wheat flour, baby oatmeal and egg yolk. Also some fruit or frozen peas, followed by another bottle (5-8oz.). In the afternoon, she’d have some fruit/yogurt, and another 4oz. of milk. In the evening, when we have dinner, she’d have some puffs so she can nurse well before bed. This girl seems to be bottomless. Whenever we give her food, she’d take it. And often times, if she wants food, she’d let us know. Started at 9.5 months, she’s really good feeding herself. She can grab food as small as green peas and put it into her mouth. She takes blueberries, raspberries, bananas without any problem. We give her big pieces and she has no problem eating them with only two teeth.

IMG 2909

She loves playing when we are by her side

IMG 1780

she crawls very well and fast

IMG 3015

she likes to grab us to stand up

IMG 3183

yogurt is still her favorite food

IMG 3227

she treats veggies as candies…

IMG 3286

she makes a really funny gesture. Every time she puts food into her mouth, her right hand always push it into her mouth. This gesture continues even when we feed her puree/yogurt. Really cute.

IMG 3534

when we go to parties, as long as she has food in front of her.. she’s quiet and concentrated

IMG 3881

same when we eat out… she can eat the entire meal

IMG 3850

she got Tony’s look

IMG 3310

she stands very well… and for quite a long time sometimes

IMG 3779

she’s totally uninhibited. She’d grab someone she meets for the first time and kiss him… sooo funny!

IMG 3895

she tried swing. the first few times she wasn’t sure she likes it or afraid of it… but by the third time.. she was laughing

IMG 4048

same with slide

IMG 4058

IMG 4078

She always loves playing with Sofia. Sofia could be annoying sometimes, not sharing toys with her… but she’s still loving her sister… following her. Her face lights up when Sofia comes home. Sisters’ love is there for sure.

IMG 4037

I am already missing her babyhood. I enjoy every night our nursing session so much that I don’t want it to end.. like ever. Although it’s unrealistic and inconvenient, I love it so much that I’m thinking I might go beyond 14.5 months this time. Starting at 9 months, I’ve cut one pumping session at work because freezer is full, so we really need to use up frozen milk. Now I pump first thing in the morning, once around lunch time, and nurse her at night. By mid-march, I’ll cut one more session, so I’ll be pumping only in the morning and nurse her at night. If my milk supply regulates well like that… I might keep going until she’s 2?

My love to her grows everyday… her smile is contagious… her cheek so delicious… her singing so angelical. She’s our angel. I wish I could keep her at current stage forever. 🙂

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Life lately – inlaws visit

Inlaws came to visit us last month. They were particularly excited to meet Lizzy. She’s such a cutie and adapted really well to the grandma and grandpa. My parents had to go to shanghai during that time due to an emergency dental issue, so Lizzy was being taken care by new grandparents right away. She did so well.

IMG 3850

Sofia also welcomed grand-parents. She’s such a friendly girl and always get to be friend with visitors from day 1. Both grandparents like her as well… spent time playing with her everyday.

IMG 3856

Last week Tony and I had a special Valentine’s day celebration. The original idea was to go on a solo-date. But due to DC traffic in the evening, I couldn’t take Sofia back home.

IMG 3905

so she was our special guest on V-day.

IMG 3910

our date was “paint night”

IMG 3912

we had a quick dinner at Berducci, the location for the paint nite, and ready to start

IMG 3915

pink was the color of the night

IMG 3916

2 hours later…

IMG 3920

very very proud of ourselves

Friday was another ballet class for Miss S. Her last few classes

IMG 3923

on Saturday we took Tony’s parents to National Harbor first

IMG 3991

It was a gorgeous day to be outside

IMG 3937

Sofia got a marshmallow covered in white chocolate as treat

IMG 3941

soooo yummy

IMG 3950

then we visited the new MGM casino

IMG 3995

next we went to Alexandria…visited the farmer’s market

IMG 3956

IMG 3957

IMG 3958

then walked toward the harbor

IMG 3963

IMG 3968

Sofia had fun feeding the birds

IMG 3973

then we went to Fontaine for lunch… my favorite spot for french crepes

IMG 3974

I had the farmers crepe that had assorted veggies and goat cheese. So so good. I love that their crepe is made with buckwheat, the real deal.

IMG 3975

then we went to Sofia’s first piano class. I got her enrolled for a group class for 4-5 years old. I had to be with her the whole class, not just accompanying, but interacting and participating the class.

IMG 3979

She liked the class so I enrolled her right away. It’s the Yamaha method. Let’s see how she likes it. So far so good because there’s little real playing with the piano, but more on learning musicality with songs and games.

For in-laws last dinner here, we made a BBQ (grilled chicken, pork tenderloin, salmon, and sweet potato), and a salad.

IMG 3987

They loved the meal and even took the leftover sweet potato for the flight back. 🙂

On Sunday, Sofia and I went to watch “Disney Ice show: dream big”.

IMG 4002

she was entertained the entire show. Success!

IMG 4008

Lizzy stayed at home, played with grandma who came back last weekend.

IMG 4034

oh… my cutie turned 10 months few days ago.

IMG 4037

she’s starting with the swing…. hard to tell from her expression whether she likes it or not

IMG 4049

same with slides

IMG 4055

still undecided about this one too

IMG 4075

I did a lot of mea preparation for the week on Monday… and rest. The past few weekends have been hectic, too many activities, too little rest. Finally catching up with my t0-do list. 🙂

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