Life: June happening

June has been a busy month. It started with my first marathon and trip to SD but then more fun happened.

Sofia had her last piano class

IMG 5071

performed two of her favorite songs on the recital (going on a picnic and see you tomorrow). She did great! Not nervous, not rushing, just right! 🙂

IMG 5078

Lizzy had fun witnessing her sister’s performance

IMG 5084

then we celebrated Father’s day… Sofia spent a week at class preparing the gift

IMG 5104

IMG 5105

our celebration started with Run with Dad 5k race

IMG 5183

Tony made the last sprint to cross the finishing line

IMG 5191

then we had friends’ over for BBQ to celebrate together

IMG 5223

it was my mom’s birthday and Lizzy’s 14 months birthday, so triple celebration!

IMG 5199

we made the usual: corn, sweet potato, marinated chicken thigh, sausage, and beef

IMG 5216

we had a lot of fun chatting and eating

IMG 5227

then my little girl graduated from CCLC where she spent 4 years!

IMG 5124

some of her friends started with her… they formed a strong bound, but it was time to say bye nonethless

IMG 5135

Lizzy always curious to check around

IMG 5138

her best friends

IMG 5164

one day I took both girls to the doctor for check up

IMG 5310

they sure know how to entertain themselves

IMG 5317

this picture melts my heart

IMG 5321

I love these two to the moon! 🙂


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Travel: San Diego (Sea World & day 6)

Day 5: we went to Sea World

IMG 4945

I wondered how family with more than two kids manage to travel. One for each is what Tony and I can handle.

IMG 4947

we started with dolphin show first

IMG 4951

then saw sharks

IMG 4952

while the rest of the family took simulation flight, I hanged out with Lizzy. She was amused just by walking around

IMG 4963

we watched while dolphin

IMG 4957

and the highlight of the day was water roller coaster that Sofia and Tony took, TWICE! I’m too afraid to take it and so proud of Sofia being so adventurous. After the first time, she asked for one more time. After the second time, when they sit in the first row, she said she doesn’t want to go never again! 🙂

IMG 4975

for dinner I made crab over noodles…. the best! 🙂

Fullsizeoutput c55a

Day 6 (last day): our flight was 10:20pm so we didn’t want to get too tired during the day. We first went to Coronado hotel, exploring the beach

IMG 4985

IMG 4988

Sofia got to play with sand once more

IMG 4995

then the girls explored the stores in the hotel

IMG 4996

and the hotel garden

IMG 5001

I can finally seeing them playing together… walking together… the sweetest thing EVER

IMG 5011

then we went to see the Cabrillo monument at Loma Point

IMG 5025

and had lunch at Seafood Point

IMG 5027

by the seaport

IMG 5033

many of the boats there were fishing boats

IMG 5039

IMG 5041

we all took a nap before starting to pack. Our flight back was not as bad as going there because Lizzy slept almost the entire flight, while Sofia slept an hour in Tony’s lap. I love this man so much! He had to go to work the next day… while I got to take multiple naps during the day, although I had to go to office at 8PM for an interview.

It was an incredible trip!!! I loved every minute of it! 🙂 Looking forward to our next adventure. Be tuned for the Big Announcement!

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Travel: San Diego day 3 & 4 (Safari Zoo)

3rd day of our stay in San Diego was the Rock n Roll marathon. Recap here.

IMG 4784

after a quick lunch and nap for the girls. We went to La Jolla beach. We found beach toys at the house so Sofia was super excited to build sand castles.

IMG 4788

IMG 4790

Lizzy was not ready to get wet yet

IMG 4791

but was happy to be on the beach. She was saying: woo huu!

IMG 4797

the cutest EVER pic of father and daughter!!!

IMG 4823

Tony played with Sofia while I tried to help Lizzy to try walking on the beach

IMG 4806

IMG 4810

looking at Tony holding hands of Sofia melts my heart, EVERY TIME!

IMG 4812

I love seeing Tony being a father to Sofia more than anything

IMG 4817

while they tried several times to build the castle… I helped Lizzy to dare to touch the sand

IMG 4822

my happiest moment captured

IMG 4825

we all had fun

IMG 4839

once home, I cooked dinner very quickly. Ginger scallion sautéed crab was sooooo tasty

IMG 4842

Day 4: Safari Zoo

IMG 4843

the place was not as big as we imagined which was perfect because it meant we got to see everything

IMG 4853

first were the lions

IMG 4857

then we took the bus to tour around the safari sight

IMG 4861

IMG 4869

the weather was gorgeous, the scenery beautify and relaxing

IMG 4871

IMG 4872

IMG 4874

although SD safari was more like a zoo than safari, it was perfect for the family

IMG 4875

I guess next time I’ll have to take them to a real safari in Africa

IMG 4881

around noon Lizzy fell asleep for a much needed nap

IMG 4883

Sofia constantly requested to be hold, only Tony would say yes these days 🙂

IMG 4890

these two… oh… my loves

IMG 4893

IMG 4896

IMG 4908

Sofia started to enjoy posing for pictures

IMG 4917

Lizzy just woke up from her nap… not very interested

IMG 4936

IMG 4940

A lovely half day adventure with the animals. 🙂

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