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Life lately

Can’t believe I haven’t posted since I returned from the US trip. Well…. needless to say I was busy… busy at work like nobody’s business, and busy traveling… oh yes. I had two short trips. But let’s first recap highlights of what has happened

Sofia got interested in golf a while ago and I got her a kids golf set from my US trip. Now she has proper equipment

IMG 3603

and started to take class with Tony’s coach a month ago.

IMG 3617

she’s truly a natural! She learned to kick the ball far… when her mom struggled to hit the ball… how embarrassing but so proud of her

IMG 3622

Lizzy officially graduated from her crib. Se started to sleep in the sofa/bed and enjoys more space

IMG 3640

Sofia loves to go to eat at the school cafeteria.. and I’ve been taking her there whenever I can

IMG 3673

Lizzy started to like us to reach her

IMG 3676

and loving to swim as well… with her flotties.. she can swim

IMG 3709

I finally got to do a group run and it was a lot fun, although super challenging with the weather

IMG 3711

on weekends, I try to spend a lot of time with the girls

IMG 3713

they have so much fun together these days.. and I love seeing the sister love to grow every day

IMG 3721

Lizzy continues to be the funny person in the family… making us laugh at every occasion

IMG 3731

Last weekend i spent 2 hrs with her alone and we played all sorts of things

IMG 3853

we also read

IMG 3866

she changes her game every 10-15 min.. which is totally normal at her age

IMG 3865

but the jumping as olympics never gets old… she can go over and over again

IMG 3871

it’s the cutest thing to see

IMG 3877

so exciting

IMG 3873

I took a weekend trip to Shanghai for a conference. Met with my girl friends

IMG 3756

chat over a vegetarian buffet

IMG 3757

had lunch with my relatives

IMG 3805

and headed back home Sunday evening. Lizzy started to sleep at Sofia’s room because otherwise she’d come out from her room and asks Tony to sleep with her. Although Tony has been super nice to do so, it was just not good for either of them as they both get disrupted and can’t have a good nice sleep.

IMG 3820

since she moved in with Sofia, she has been sleeping so much better. She still wakes up sometimes, but after Sofia or I comforted her a bit, she can go back to sleep

IMG 3826

seeing the sisterhood to grow is incredible. I can’t describe the feeling… it’s magic, it’s more than I could ever expected.

IMG 3841

then this week I had a quick work trip, very last minute decision. I went to Jakarta from Tuesday to Friday. It was my first time to the city

IMG 3898

and I liked it a lot, especially got to stay at Ritz Residence for few nights

IMG 3902

IMG 3905

the gym was super fancy

IMG 3921

I got to use it every morning after working at my room 2-3 hrs

IMG 3923

so I can have a late breakfast, which was not really vegan friendly. I had hard time to come up with food I like

IMG 3926

then Friday came quickly and I couldn’t wait to see these ladies again, especially that they were sick while I was gone, Tony too. They were all down and I felt so bad not being able to take care of them. But Tony did great, he took care of the girls and no complain. 🙂

IMG 3955

IMG 3914

IMG 3960

loving to play with them again. 🙂

IMG 3964

then I made tofu… yeah… first time trying out

IMG 3970

IMG 3971

happy to report it was a success!!!

IMG 3972

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NYC: race weekend with the family

We had our second family vacation with Lizzy. This time we went to NYC for the weekend of Shape women half marathon 2017 event.

Our family of 6 left Saturday morning in a rented mini-van. Tony drove alone for 5 hrs and we arrived the Big Apple around 2pm. Girls behaved really well during the ride. Lizzy didn’t nap at all but ate assorted snacks, same with Sofia who had a sugar-comma that day. (sigh….) After checking in at Hilton Midtown, we went out for a walk. We stopped by a French pastry store for a quick snack. Lizzy enjoyed it.

IMG 4833

Sofia got an ice cream instead

IMG 4828

Tony went to Metropolitan museum alone, the main attraction for him in NYC. Dad wanted to take a nap at the hotel before dinner, so I went out with grandma and the girls. Lizzy was so happy to see so many people on the street

IMG 4836

Sofia was excited too, first time in NYC, and she got a new set of Legos (Elsa obviously).

IMG 4845

love love her smile

IMG 4851

and Lizzy was being silly with her sister

IMG 4856

This picture of 4 women in the family together will be cherished for a long time. I can’t be more grateful to have my mom who’s taking care of my babies the way she does, and how lucky Sofia and Lizzy are to have grandma in their early lives.

IMG 4866

then we went to NYRR to pick up the bib and fun pic was taken

IMG 4867

we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a friend from DC. The food was just okay but we all enjoyed the atmosphere and the company.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to call it a night for most of us. Tony went to see Phantom of Opera. His first Broadway show. I stayed with Lizzy to have a good rest before the race.

On Sunday I woke up around 4am and got up around 6am. I had laid everything out the night before to not wake up Lizzy and Tony. Sofia stayed at grand parents’ room. I had my coffee and a bar in the hotel lobby and left the hotel around 7am.

I met with the group of girls in the wechat group I created. They were coming from Boston, NJ. First time meeting them and it was nice talking to them in person.

IMG 4958

just few minutes before 8am, we went to my corral. My last half marathon back in September 2016 was 1hr 55 min. My goal this time was under 1 hr 50 min, and ideally around 1’48” as my last 10 mile would have predicted.

IMG 4874

I Cut 7 min! I started a bit slow due to so many runners (+7000!) which I think was good for me to warm up. Then for the following 2-3 miles I had to hold myself to not go too fast, although I still did pretty fast. Then I worried I was going to run out of gas after 7-8 miles so I hold it back and averaged around 8:15-8:20. I felt great the whole run despite some rolling hills. The last time I did a half marathon race I found miles 7-10 to be hard. Not that day. They went very well. Then the last mile I pushed and finished strong. I think the training really prepared me well. It gave me more confidence for the marathon in June.

After the race, I walked to meet with my crew.

IMG 4880

the medal

IMG 4954

IMG 4955

so happy to see them after the race

IMG 4962

Lizzy was happy to be munching on the bagel I had

IMG 4961

then we walked to Time Square

IMG 4960

IMG 4944

so crowded as usual

IMG 4947

then we had lunch as Xi’an noodle bar… Tony loved it! I ate few bites on mine before giving it to Tony, it was too spicy and too oily. I then grabbed a turkey-brie sandwich to eat on our way home. We arrived home just past 7pm.

IMG 4964

it was a short trip but a fun one. Can’t wait for our next family vacation in early june for my big race, the rock n roll san diego marathon! 🙂

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Travel: Buenos Aires day 2

I woke up after a wonderful 8 hrs sleep with only 1 pee-trip at night! 🙂 I made myself a quick breakfast: 2 toasted with cream cheese and a yogurt calcium fortified.


Then Mara, Gunther and her mom arrived! We catch up for hours before we decided to go our for lunch to a cafe close by


they brought us some bread. One kind is completely black… we didn’t know if it’s whole wheat or what, maybe black sesame seed paste or something. It was quite tasty.


both Mara and I had a smoked salmon salad with fresh mozzarella. We both enjoyed it.

We hang out at home and then went to a shopping mall. It was very clouded so we left.

Jeanette was preparing dinner. And Gunther introduced me to the world of balsamic vinegar. I didn’t know that there’s a large variety of the vinegar and that they could be so different. They brought this one from Germany


I tasted it straight from the bottle and woooo!!!!!! I’ve never tasted anything like that! Sour, very sweet and tasty! I was in love!!!!!


a big salad using olive oil and balsamic. Absolutely amazing!!!


as main dish, Jeanette prepared chicken with marmalade and assorted vegetables



I had two plates of the salad


and chicken with rice


both were delicious!!! We all enjoyed it a lot. In addition to the food, I think what we enjoyed even more was the conversation. Dinner lasted for like 2+ hours and we talked and laughed so much. For me, they’re my second family and I love being with him, listening to him and watching them laugh! What a satisfaction!!!

Finally, the dessert: homemade flan


Delicious. I asked Jeanette how she made it. For my surprise, it’s not made with egg, sugar and milk. She used only 4 eggs, 1 can of condensed milk and water. Brilliant! 🙂

We ended up going to sleep around mid-night! That’s vacation!!! 🙂


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