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Travel: special weekend in Kuala Lumpur

The last weekend of January Tony and I had a special weekend in Kuala Lumpur, our first solo trip in 2018. It was special because we went to KL to attend our all time favourite singer Jacky’s concert!

Day 2: we arrived late Friday evening so we had a good night sleep and woke up fresh

Fullsizeoutput d84d

Tony had a friend from Canada who is chinese-malaysia and was visiting KL as well, so she took us for a city tour

IMG 1129

we explored the city centre with gorgeous buildings

IMG 1132

a must photo station

IMG 1134

the city is a mixture of three unique cultures, malay, chinese and indi, they co-live in a strange but apparently harmonious way

IMG 1141

we visited the china town

IMG 1152

and had lunch in one of the oldest cafe in town

IMG 1154

had a taste of typical local food… an ice shake topped with all kinds of sweets

IMG 1155

i had a noodle soup with bok choy and mushrooms

IMG 1157

we continued to visit the royal palace

IMG 1160

and then we went to our much-waited concert

IMG 1165

it was an emotional moment for me and Tony… we literally decided to be together for the rest of our lives after “她来听我的演唱会”. And we promised to watch a concert together and we made it

IMG 1173

Day 3: we ventured to a nearby old town “malacca”. We first went to a bus station that looked fancier than an airport


after 3 hours bus ride we arrived



It was filled by tourists, mainly chinese


everything looked and felt like a chinese old town


even with chinese temples


Tony had a cooling tea which was very bitter


for lunch we tried the typical chicken ball rice



lastly we took a ferry boat for an-hour tour by the river


after we returned to KL, Tony wanted to visit the famous Twin Towers, so we stopped by there for few minutes


before going to Alor street for dinner. This is the place we went for dinner during my last trip and I knew Tony would like it. Indeed, he was really satisfied with the meal.


We returned to Manila the next morning.

It was a short but lovely trip. We love each others company but we also missed badly our girls. 🙂



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Travel: thailand 6-9

Day 6: started with breakfast and play on the sand playground. Then we went do buy some groceries before we check-in at our new resort Mercure Hideaway. It’s in a different area in the island, has a private beach, a larger pool

IMG 0754

girls couldn’t wait to explore the water

IMG 0760

then the family took a good nap while I did my TM run

IMG 0766

Sofia and Tony loved the finishing experience the day before so they signed up to a night fishing adventure

IMG 0776

snacking is a must when waiting for fishes

IMG 0778

IMG 0780then some crew members caught some fishes

IMG 0779

they finished around 10:30pm, way past Sofia’s bed time so she took a nap on board

IMG 0781

Lizzy and me spent sometime at the kids club and on the beach

IMG 0770

before we head to the restaurant for a sunset dinner

IMG 0773

IMG 0775

Day 7: another day trip for snorkelling

IMG 0782

Lizzy loves getting to the water and put the gears as we did

IMG 0787

after the first stop sight, we went to a island, when un-boarding, there were fishes all around us

IMG 0789

and they was a temporary bridge to the island

IMG 0792

IMG 0794

it was a inhabited island, so deserted, so peaceful

IMG 0796

IMG 0802

IMG 0800

when we got back to the hotel, we were all quite tired. As we ate well in the cruise, nobody really wanted more food, so we just hang around the deck, singing and playing

IMG 0811

Day 8: time to head back to Bangkok. That was our longest day of travel because we reserved a van for us to take us back to Bangkok directly!

IMG 0822

after a short ride we got to the ferry

IMG 0828

IMG 0831

then 5 hours more, with more snacks

IMG 0835

a nap

IMG 0839

IMG 0840

IMG 0841

and checked-in at our airbnb. After I settled the family, I went to have a thai massage by myself. It felt so good!!! Later that night, Tony went to take one as well.

IMG 0856

Day 9: time to go home! 🙂

IMG 0860

IMG 0865

It was our second family trip with more adventures, more travel times, more changes! But we did great! I can’t believe we changed sleeping place 5 times in 9 days, 3 cities, and hours and hours of rides. Girls did great! Tony and I are getting even better as a team to pack/unpack, to entertain the girls, to enjoy our time with them without being overwhelmed.

Personally, I enjoyed the trip so much this time because I got to focus my attention to my family 100%. I got to sing, play, dance, get silly with the girls and I enjoyed it so much. During our normal routine when I go to work, I get to spend less than 3 hours with them everyday and usually only half of my mind is there at the moment, the other half thinking about work/life/to-do list0. But when I’m traveling, I’m 100% there. And I love it! I think girls can feel that too which makes them so happy! 🙂

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Travel: thailand day 4-5

Day 4: we rise early and headed to the breakfast area. It was along the river. The setting felt very homey, with simple food but enough to entertain us

IMG 0542

Sofia was ready to try

IMG 0545

girls had cereal, eggs and local pantry. I had a big plate of stir-fry vegetables and two heart eggs.

IMG 0547

Lizzy was in good mood as always

IMG 0549

Sofia expectant to the new adventure

IMG 0552

although it was early in the morning, but locals started to work too.

IMG 0553

we had the sweetest purple sweet potato!!! Loved it

IMG 0555

due to Chantaburi’s history, the city has many chinese and Tao temples

IMG 0558

in contrast to Bangkok, here, we had the temples just for us

IMG 0564

IMG 0567

IMG 0571

we walked a bit more along the river

IMG 0575

we saw frogs and fishes

IMG 0577

and many cats

IMG 0578

locals were having breakfasts. Noodles are their staples

IMG 0582

IMG 0584

IMG 0590

IMG 0593

then we headed back to the hotel to wait for our ride to the pier on our way to Ko Chang

IMG 0595

another local taxi

IMG 0601

Sofia and I sit on the back

IMG 0603

an hour ride went fast and we arrived the pier

IMG 0605

we wait 30 min before it was time to get to the ferry for a half hour ride

IMG 0608

our taxi went on to the ferry as well

IMG 0610

first ferry to the girls. They enjoyed the experience

IMG 0613

especially seeing that we were heading to a big island

IMG 0614

we quickly checked in at our resort

IMG 0620Sofia had her first massage

IMG 0626

the ramayana ko chang resort is set up like being in Ko Chang (jungle). A lot of greens and water

IMG 0627

girls tried the pool

IMG 0630

then we went to the restaurant for dinner. Some spicy, yummy, and cheap thai food

IMG 0634

and local beer for Tony.

IMG 0636

Day 5: breakfast was really nice

IMG 0644

because they had Kabocha!!! Both grilled and steamed. I had like 3 plates!!!

IMG 0646

we booked a snorkelling and fishing day trip. Got ready for the adventure

IMG 0661

IMG 0656

someone just started the snack-marathon for the day

IMG 0658

Sofia was eager to jump to the water

IMG 0670Lizzy also insisted to get to the water

IMG 0672

she loved it and wanted more and more

IMG 0680

IMG 0688

then Sofia lost one of her water shoe but luckily we got it back

IMG 0694

I did a quick snorkelling and came back to entertain this girl

IMG 0700

after quick lunch served on board, they distributed fishing equipment

IMG 0706

many people started to get fish

IMG 0721

they were both having fun

IMG 0716

then Tony got one too

IMG 0725

and Sofia got two!!! Bravo!!!

IMG 0741

it was such a great trip. Amazing crew, beautiful places, rather comfortable wood boat, food was okay but water melon was awesome. They also served fried fish, those that people got. Tony said they were tasty. 🙂

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