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Lizzy: 10 months

How time flies! My little baby turned 10 months a week ago! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing… and how fast she’s reaching her milestones. I’ve been semi-good taking monthly pics, but really didn’t have time to write a full post… so I’m trying to do every 3 months or so. She is definitely reaching milestones sooner than Sofia. She started cruising at 9.5 months, currently cruising “professionally” around her crib like nobody business. She can spend easily over an hour turning around her crib without many a sound. 🙂

IMG 2405

Her personality is showing too. She laughs a lot and easily be amused by us. She loves waving her hands requesting to be kissed.

IMG 1631

she loves going out… and wouldn’t want to miss anything

IMG 2326

love love her chubby face

IMG 2335

and laughing all the time

IMG 2441

silly girl

IMG 1708

my favorite pics of all time!

IMG 1720

Sleeping: she still sleeps very well. Takes two naps a day. Until last week, she’d take 2-2.5 hrs nap in the morning from 9-11:30 and 1.5-2 hrs nap in the afternoon from 2.30 – 4pm. But this week she only takes 1-1.5 hrs in the morning, and another 1.5 hrs in the afternoon. But she can spend more time in the crib playing by herself. At night, she’s usually in bed by 7:30pm and sleep through the night until 7-8am.

IMG 3568

IMG 2878

IMG 1753

IMG 1763

IMG 1765

Eating: she’s such a good eater. Thank God!!! She drinks breastmilk during the day and I nurse her before bed at night. Her breakfast start with solid (homemade puree made with sweet potato/zucchini/pear/banana/pea), followed by a bottle of breastmilk (5-8oz.). Then for lunch, she’s been having 1-2 pancakes made with breastmilk, whole wheat flour, baby oatmeal and egg yolk. Also some fruit or frozen peas, followed by another bottle (5-8oz.). In the afternoon, she’d have some fruit/yogurt, and another 4oz. of milk. In the evening, when we have dinner, she’d have some puffs so she can nurse well before bed. This girl seems to be bottomless. Whenever we give her food, she’d take it. And often times, if she wants food, she’d let us know. Started at 9.5 months, she’s really good feeding herself. She can grab food as small as green peas and put it into her mouth. She takes blueberries, raspberries, bananas without any problem. We give her big pieces and she has no problem eating them with only two teeth.

IMG 2909

She loves playing when we are by her side

IMG 1780

she crawls very well and fast

IMG 3015

she likes to grab us to stand up

IMG 3183

yogurt is still her favorite food

IMG 3227

she treats veggies as candies…

IMG 3286

she makes a really funny gesture. Every time she puts food into her mouth, her right hand always push it into her mouth. This gesture continues even when we feed her puree/yogurt. Really cute.

IMG 3534

when we go to parties, as long as she has food in front of her.. she’s quiet and concentrated

IMG 3881

same when we eat out… she can eat the entire meal

IMG 3850

she got Tony’s look

IMG 3310

she stands very well… and for quite a long time sometimes

IMG 3779

she’s totally uninhibited. She’d grab someone she meets for the first time and kiss him… sooo funny!

IMG 3895

she tried swing. the first few times she wasn’t sure she likes it or afraid of it… but by the third time.. she was laughing

IMG 4048

same with slide

IMG 4058

IMG 4078

She always loves playing with Sofia. Sofia could be annoying sometimes, not sharing toys with her… but she’s still loving her sister… following her. Her face lights up when Sofia comes home. Sisters’ love is there for sure.

IMG 4037

I am already missing her babyhood. I enjoy every night our nursing session so much that I don’t want it to end.. like ever. Although it’s unrealistic and inconvenient, I love it so much that I’m thinking I might go beyond 14.5 months this time. Starting at 9 months, I’ve cut one pumping session at work because freezer is full, so we really need to use up frozen milk. Now I pump first thing in the morning, once around lunch time, and nurse her at night. By mid-march, I’ll cut one more session, so I’ll be pumping only in the morning and nurse her at night. If my milk supply regulates well like that… I might keep going until she’s 2?

My love to her grows everyday… her smile is contagious… her cheek so delicious… her singing so angelical. She’s our angel. I wish I could keep her at current stage forever. 🙂

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Lizzy: 6 months

Lizzy turned 6 months this week! Look how much she’s growing.

IMG 1595

IMG 2116

We love this new person in our lives so much that we probably takes too many pics and videos everyday. But well… they grow too fast to catch. Need to preserve as long as we can.

MG 4484

Eating: now that I’m back to work, she takes bottles during the day. Usually I nurse her between 6-6:30am. Then she’d sleep until 8am. She takes 3-4 bottles while I’m away. At 8:30am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm, 5pm sometimes. She’s taking 5-6 oz. each. Right after I come back from work, if her last milk was before 4pm, I’d nurse her few minutes before we have dinner. If not, I’d nurse her before bed around 7pm.

IMG 1325

We started solid with her just few days ago and she’s doing great, she turned from eating anything to just wanting sweet fruit pouches.

IMG 1900

she started to take them in from the start. The first day she had two meals, now she’s taking 2-3 solid a day about 30 min after milk. So far she had kabocha, carrot, sweet potato, peas, potato, lentil, zucchini, pear and avocado. She seems to like thicker consistency such as lentils, kabocha. Somedays she’d open her mouth wide open to take the food, other days she doesn’t want to open. We insist few times, if she doesn’t seem to be interested, we stop. At this stage, it’s more practice than relying food for nutrition.

So after the initial success, she’s now refusing to eat solids unless they’re fruit. She loves peaches and would open mouth wide asking for more. But vegetables? not interested. We started to give her baby oatmeal. The first time she took it well when I mixed it with breast milk, but not sure if she really like it. Need to try more.

IMG 1907

she liked kabocha at first, but not anymore. 😦

IMG 1971

Sleeping: she was a good sleeper since the beginning, sleeping through the night from 2 months and half. But then we regressed a bit and she’d wake up few times a night that I rushed to nurse her. At 5 months mark, I decided to let her cry a bit before running into her room because I know she doesn’t really need to eat and she was probably ready to go back to sleep by herself. And I was right. The first few nights she’d wake up few times but she’d go back to sleep within 15 min. Now at 6 months, she consistently sleep from 7-7:30pm to 6-6:30am, nurse and go back to sleep until 8am again. 

She took naps in the swing until she was 6 months old. We tried 1-2 times to put her in crib for nap, but she had problem falling asleep. We tried again at 6 months and the transition went very smooth. She still naps 2-3 hrs in the morning, then another 2 hours in the afternoon, and maybe a catnap of 45 min in late afternoon.
One curious thing is that Lizzy doesn’t know to sleep when we’re on the road. Even in the stroller, she’d always be awake looking around. Sofia used to nap in the stroller when we go out for a walk, but Lizzy doesn’t.

IMG 1391

IMG 1185


  • to observe the world in her tummy supported by her hands

IMG 1529

  • she likes us to hold her and make faces to her. She’d laugh so badly.

IMG 1731

IMG 1773

  • she likes putting everything in her mouth.

IMG 1779

  • she smiles a lot. Unless she’s in bad mood one day, otherwise she’d be happy all day long.

IMG 1847

IMG 1855

  • she loves jamperoo. She can easily stay there jumping for half an hour.

IMG 1886

  • She loves going out too. Starting at 5 months, we’ve been taking her out more often and she has always been so cooperative and quiet. Really easy going.

IMG 1913

IMG 1920

  • now that the weather is cooler. Grandma tries to take her out once a day. And over weekend, I try to take her for a walk too. She loves it. She’d sing and move her leg on the ride.

IMG 1978

IMG 2015

Dislikes: really not much. She doesn’t fuzz much. If she does it’s usually because she wants to eat or sleep. Otherwise she’s really peaceful. Sometimes she’ll get bored, and if we change the scenario or walk around with her, she’d calm down right away.

MG 4489

MG 4547

I’m still her favorite person I think. She always try to smile to me when I talk to her, even when it’s not her best day.

MG 4469

It’s heart warming to see how Tony transitioned to be a father. His love toward Lizzy is devotional. He takes good care of her and is learning to be a father to Sofia. I think that’s because now he really understands what’s to be a father and it’s beautiful to see his transformation.

MG 4354

Stats at 6 months appointment:

Height: 26 in (52nd)

Weight: 15 lbs 10 oz. (40th)

HC: 16.75 in (59th)

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Family: Sofia 4 years old

Sofia turned 4 and I’m still beyond shock how time flies. I still browse her baby pics and those moments are like just yesterday, so vivid.

IMG 0207

But at the same time, I know she’s a big girl already. She knows so well what she wants. She can communicate almost perfectly (with all 3 languages she manages) what she wants, how she feels. Sometimes she talks a bit too much. She can literally talk nonstop since she wakes up, specially when grandma is around. The bound she and grandma has is so unique. Grandma does her morning and evening routines, and takes her to the mall almost every weekend. Those are their things. I’m sure Sofia will remember them for a long time.

IMG 1150

Sleep: Sofia still naps at home (1.5-2 hrs) but she almost never nap at school. She just plays with toys or read books while everyone else naps or do the same. At night, she starts bathing/teeth brushing at 8pm. We read 1-2 books around 8:20pm, and by 8:30pm light is out. In the morning, grandma wakes her up at 7am. On weekends, sometimes she sleeps in until 8am.

IMG 1072

Eating: she eats like a kid. By that I mean she doesn’t eat as good as I wish but not worse than kids at her age. Unfortunately meal time battle is a constant in our house mostly because she eats very slowly, likes talking and playing while eating and always ended up last on the table. She’s not picky in what she eats although she does prefer certain food. She likes fish, noodles, dumplings, mango, watermelon, beets, milk, pan fried eggs with soy sauce, green beans. She started to like meat recently so that’s good. Her breakfast recently has been either yogurt with cereal, milk with cereal or toasts with PB and blue berries goat cheese. For few weeks, she liked oatmeal with PB and honey but hasn’t asked for it for a while. For meals, she eats what we eat. Usually rice with fish/chicken/meat and 1-2 types of veggies (small portion though). Half hour after meal, she’d have fruit as dessert. She snacks at school but not so much when we’re at home on weekends. If I have a snack (nuts/fruit/crackers), then she’ll have some, otherwise she wouldn’t.

She likes:

go to school. They do so many activities (crafts, gym, music, writing, singing, dancing, museum, soccer) Sofia is always excited when we go in the morning, and still wants to play a bit more when we pick her up. She has her favorite friend in the class, another Sofia. They’ve been classmates for 3 years. They are always together in school pics. I hope they continue to be friends for coming years. Friendship is so important for girls.

IMG 1467

ballet. we started during the summer and she loves it so we continued.

IMG 1055

swimming. She’s in Pee Wee Paddler III. She absolutely loves it and looking forward to it every weekend. Tony takes her, so that’s their activity.

go to playground. I take her to playground whenever we have time in weekends. That’s our girl time.

reading. She always asks me to read her. Reading before bed is her treat for the day, she’s so looking forward to it. I need to do more!!!

IMG 1077

play with her friends. whenever we don’t have anything planned for the weekend, I’d arrange play dates with her friends.

dresses. oh mine!!! She wants to put on dress EVERY DAY!!!

do whatever mom does. Now that I’m running, she wants to run too! She goes with Tony to see me racing and says wants to run too. We plan to take her to a race where she can run too.

IMG 0759

IMG 0923

watch cartoons. I only allow her to watch on Sundays so she enjoys it so much when she does.

cook with mama. when i was on maternity leave, we did one baking project every weekend. Now that I’m back to work, weekends are hectic, but we need to do more baking together, it’s bounding for us.

IMG 0372

IMG 0331

she will like climbing as soon as she tries it. I’m sure. She was so focused seeing me climbing. 🙂

IMG 0935

going to festivals. We went a couple this summer and she had a blast.

IMG 9704

going to watch shows. We went to a concert and twos shows. She love them all.
IMG 0209

Her favorite people:

her mama

IMG 9863

little sister

IMG 1034

she absolutely love Lizzy. She loves playing with her, read her, hold her, give her kisses and hugs. When we go home in the evening, the first thing she does is to wash her hands so she can play with Lizzy. And whenever Lizzy is crying for something, she wants us to give that to her ASAP because she hates seeing Lizzy crying. She’s so protective.

IMG 1378

IMG 1618

IMG 5586

MG 4113

grandma. I’m not even sure if she loves grandma more or  less than her mama.

IMG 1157

her friend Sofia at school

2016 05 08 11 08 21


IMG 1489

She dislikes

  • rushing her into eating
  • not having activities on weekends
  • take naps


I’m constantly feeling I’m not a good-enough mom. I should spend more time with her, be more patient with her, and have our special time more often. But life gets busy and if we want to accomplish everything on schedule, I often ended up rushing her. I guess I still need a lot of work to do.

MG 4207

MG 4462

Next year she’ll start kindergarten, so it’s gonna be a big change for everyone. I hope she enjoys fully her last year at daycare and the innocent childhood without school pressures. These moments are so precious.

MG 4401

I love you Sofia, so much! I know I don’t show it to you all the time and that I’m very strict with you. But trust me, I love you deeper than you can ever imagine. All I want and do is to give you the best, prepare you for the life journey for happiness and sense of purpose.


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