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Lizzy: 20 months

The last 8 months was huge developmentally for Lizzy. She became more outgoing, social, funny, out speaking, and sweet. It seems that each day she’d learn a new word or action that would surprises us. Please pause this moment because it’s the best so Β far!!! πŸ™‚

IMG 0021

her bound with Sofia really got stronger since we moved to the Philippines. Not only she’d look for her sister when Sofia is not around. She’d grab Sofia’s hand when walking outside. And when Sofia is not feeling well, she’d go to her, trying to comfort her, or just to be there for her sister. She’s such a compassionate, sweet girl.

IMG 5364

her facial expression and her little hands and feet are soooo cute! I know every parent would say so about their kids, but seriously…. look at her…. so cute

IMG 5561

she also likes to make silly faces when taking selfies nowadays

IMG 5600

Sleeping: despite many disruptions in term of traveling and settling in a new country, overall her sleeping has been good, especially at night. When we’re not traveling, she sleeps in her own room. We’d start night routine (bath, milk, and song) around 7pm, and I’d leave her room around 7:20pm. Sometimes she’d cry a bit but usually stops within 2-3 min. When she sleeps with us while traveling, she’d wake up earlier than usual because she doesn’t want to miss any action. And it’s super cute that she’d semi-cry/call us in the morning. Most of the times we wouldn’t respond to her if it’s before 6am, and if Sofia is awake, Sofia will answer her.

Lizzy: jia jia (sister)

Sofia: ey…

Lizzy: jia jia

Sofia: ey

and repeat until both of them fell asleep again.

During nap time, Lizzy wants someone to be in her room until she fell asleep. During the week, the helper would put her to sleep. On weekend, I’d do it. Usually she’d be asleep within 20 min. But if Tony tries to put her to sleep, she wouldn’t sleep, all she wants is to play with daddy. πŸ™‚

IMG 5819

when she’s awake, she’s a happy girl, but sometimes she’d wake up crying as if someone interrupts her sleep. I’d just let her cry until she’s over the discomfort.

IMG 5935

this girl loves going out, especially since we moved to the Philippines and had been traveling a lot. Whenever I say, let’s go, she’d go to the shoe rack running and try to find her shoe to be ready. πŸ™‚

IMG 5964

Eating: all over the place. She’s not a big eater unless it’s fruit. She wants to eat fruit all the time and all kinds. She also likes pouches. She doesn’t like carbs like other kids. She rarely eats bread. Sometimes she’d have crackers. So for breakfast, usually she’d have some fruit and eggs. For main meals, she’d have some noodles, and fish. Oh yes, she loves fish and always wants some if we’re eating it. But overall, she’s not a big eater and doesn’t eat a lot junk either. We just follow her lead. She does love milk. Before nap and night sleep, she’d happily have a 7-8 oz. of milk by herself. I’d say that’s her comfort food.

IMG 5997

IMG 5760

She loves going to playgrounds. She loves exploring the place with the company of an adult usually.

IMG 7095

IMG 7228

IMG 7268

she also likes to be around her sister when Sofia has a playdate. Although she can’t play with them, she loves to follow them

IMG 4347

many times Sofia and her friend will play with her as Lizzy were a doll

IMG 4352

she started going to daycare when we arrived here. At first she was crying for a while when Tony leaves the class, but lately she does well and loves playing with her friends

IMG 0007

she likes activities, music, snack time

IMG 4370

she didn’t like mess her hands and clothes at first, but slowly she saw that these could be fun and she now enjoys art activities

IMG 0001

she’s very easy to travel with too. We went to Bohol for 5 days and she did great.

IMG 0082

she took naps when she needed without much fuss

IMG 0352

she LOVES going to the pool and is fearless

IMG 0395

she particularly loves singing and playing with Sofia, they entertainment themselves for 2.5 hrs on our way from the airport to home

IMG 0006

she loves her mama chatting with her in the mornings…. what a lovely smile

IMG 0016

but sometimes she gets mad and gives me an attitude too… which I find it super cute as well

IMG 0359

Language development:Β big time. She now can say 5 words in mandarin. She says words in english learned from school (she can count until six), say please, thank you, etc. She knows many words in spanish (agua, abrir, comer, si), and chinese. When I speak to her with instructions, she can usually follow, such as ask her to find something in her room. She’d go alone and pick it from the big mess what I ask her for. πŸ™‚

Her personality is coming out more and more these days. At the similar age, Sofia was not as outgoing as Lizzy but obviously things changed a lot for Sofia. So far Lizzy is showing her compassion, outgoing, social, flexible personality to us. I love seeing her grow.


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Lizzy: 1 year old

Lizzy turned 1 year old a week ago. She developed very fast during the last three months. From not moving in one spot, to fully crawling, to cruising, and to walking by herself. She’s developed some personality. She is an easy going girl. She learned that daddy will give in so whenever she sees him, she wants him to pick her up. She knows that mama and grandma have limits. She knows that her sister is the one plays with her. She likes being silly with her sister. She likes to tease everyone around her to play with her. She smiles at strangers just because. She is ADORABLE!!!

IMG 4798

Sleeping: she’s still a great sleeper. She falls into sleep without problem by herself. Her naps are getting shorter. 1.5-2 hrs in the morning, and 1-1.5 hrs in the afternoon. But she can spend up to an hour by herself in the crib playing, “talking”, walking. She still takes two naps. One around 9am, another one around 2pm. Her bedtime at night is usually 7:30pm and wakes up between 7-8am.

IMG 4604

IMG 4608

Eating: she’s still eating almost everything but definitely developed some preferences. She loves fruits! She could eat fruit all day long and all kinds of fruits. She can easily eat a banana, a clementine and a kiwi in one sitting. She loves yogurt until this week, and we observe her obsession with yogurt declined a bit but still eats it. She doesn’t enjoy puree food anymore unless it’s from a pouch. So we’ve been giving her puree food once a day maximum. Lately it has been oatmeal with banana; mashed sweet potato with applesauce. She prefers real food. She gets anxious whenever she sees us eating, and she wants to have whatever we have. So we started to give her mini dumplings, noodles, cheese, sauteed vegetables, or anything that we’re eating. She does not always like them, she’ll try few bites and loses interest. She has three teeth, so she could bite some but not too much. I can’t wait her to have more teeth so she can eat more real food.

IMG 2164

IMG 3883

In general, I’m very relax with her eating, much less concerned about it than with Sofia. I know Lizzy will be a good eater. I can see that and I know it because of her dad. My goal is to offer her real and healthy food, a large variety of food, so she gets a balanced nutrition, and that she becomes a sophisticated eater.

IMG 3850

Playing: she loves playing with her sister. Every night after dinner they’ll play 20 min… doing hide and seek… chase each other, or just being silly together. Her eyes light up when she’s playing with her sister. I love love seeing them together. She can play by herself for 10-15 min before coming to us, and then she’ll go again to play some more.

IMG 4778

IMG 4037

IMG 4049

Likes: she likes to be held by us, but only Tony does Β it often. My mom and I try not to pick her up too much, we want her to learn to entertain herself and be independent.

IMG 2170

IMG 4654

She likes going out. We don’t take her to places just for her to play, but mainly take her wherever we go… usually to do groceries, to the playground with Sofia, or to meet with friends.

IMG 4756

Other developments:

She started to say mama and papa around 11 months old. At 1 year mark, she can also say grandma in chinese “a ge”, big sister “jia jia” sometimes. She knows how to say goodbye with her hands, gesture for thanks, to cool the food, and grandma’s expression when drinking coffee “jaaaa”. When she listens to music/piano song, she’d move her body from one side to the other. So cute!

IMG 2139

Overall… she’s a great baby. She’s so adorable with her chubby hands and foot. Her silly smiles makes us want to eat her. πŸ™‚

IMG 4224

Weight: 18 lbs. 8 oz (31st)

Height: 29.25 in (54th)

HC: 17.75 in (56th)



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Lizzy: 10 months

How time flies! My little baby turned 10 months a week ago! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing… and how fast she’s reaching her milestones. I’ve been semi-good taking monthly pics, but really didn’t have time to write a full post… so I’m trying to do every 3 months or so. She is definitely reaching milestones sooner than Sofia. She started cruising at 9.5 months, currently cruising “professionally” around her crib like nobody business. She can spend easily over an hour turning around her crib without many a sound. πŸ™‚

IMG 2405

Her personality is showing too. She laughs a lot and easily be amused by us. She loves waving her hands requesting to be kissed.

IMG 1631

she loves going out… and wouldn’t want to miss anything

IMG 2326

love love her chubby face

IMG 2335

and laughing all the time

IMG 2441

silly girl

IMG 1708

my favorite pics of all time!

IMG 1720

Sleeping: she still sleeps very well. Takes two naps a day. Until last week, she’d take 2-2.5 hrs nap in the morning from 9-11:30 and 1.5-2 hrs nap in the afternoon from 2.30 – 4pm. But this week she only takes 1-1.5 hrs in the morning, and another 1.5 hrs in the afternoon. But she can spend more time in the crib playing by herself. At night, she’s usually in bed by 7:30pm and sleep through the night until 7-8am.

IMG 3568

IMG 2878

IMG 1753

IMG 1763

IMG 1765

Eating: she’s such a good eater. Thank God!!! She drinks breastmilk during the day and I nurse her before bed at night. Her breakfast start with solid (homemade puree made with sweet potato/zucchini/pear/banana/pea), followed by a bottle of breastmilk (5-8oz.). Then for lunch, she’s been having 1-2 pancakes made with breastmilk, whole wheat flour, baby oatmeal and egg yolk. Also some fruit or frozen peas, followed by another bottle (5-8oz.). In the afternoon, she’d have some fruit/yogurt, and another 4oz. of milk. In the evening, when we have dinner, she’d have some puffs so she can nurse well before bed. This girl seems to be bottomless. Whenever we give her food, she’d take it. And often times, if she wants food, she’d let us know. Started at 9.5 months, she’s really good feeding herself. She can grab food as small as green peas and put it into her mouth. She takes blueberries, raspberries, bananas without any problem. We give her big pieces and she has no problem eating them with only two teeth.

IMG 2909

She loves playing when we are by her side

IMG 1780

she crawls very well and fast

IMG 3015

she likes to grab us to stand up

IMG 3183

yogurt is still her favorite food

IMG 3227

she treats veggies as candies…

IMG 3286

she makes a really funny gesture. Every time she puts food into her mouth, her right hand always push it into her mouth. This gesture continues even when we feed her puree/yogurt. Really cute.

IMG 3534

when we go to parties, as long as she has food in front of her.. she’s quiet and concentrated

IMG 3881

same when we eat out… she can eat the entire meal

IMG 3850

she got Tony’s look

IMG 3310

she stands very well… and for quite a long time sometimes

IMG 3779

she’s totally uninhibited. She’d grab someone she meets for the first time and kiss him… sooo funny!

IMG 3895

she tried swing. the first few times she wasn’t sure she likes it or afraid of it… but by the third time.. she was laughing

IMG 4048

same with slide

IMG 4058

IMG 4078

She always loves playing with Sofia. Sofia could be annoying sometimes, not sharing toys with her… but she’s still loving her sister… following her. Her face lights up when Sofia comes home. Sisters’ love is there for sure.

IMG 4037

I am already missing her babyhood. I enjoy every night our nursing session so much that I don’t want it to end.. like ever. Although it’s unrealistic and inconvenient, I love it so much that I’m thinking I might go beyond 14.5 months this time. Starting at 9 months, I’ve cut one pumping session at work because freezer is full, so we really need to use up frozen milk. Now I pump first thing in the morning, once around lunch time, and nurse her at night. By mid-march, I’ll cut one more session, so I’ll be pumping only in the morning and nurse her at night. If my milk supply regulates well like that… I might keep going until she’s 2?

My love to her grows everyday… her smile is contagious… her cheek so delicious… her singing so angelical. She’s our angel. I wish I could keep her at current stage forever. πŸ™‚

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