Europe trip: Prague

After 4.5 hrs of train ride, we arrived Prague. What a beautiful historic city. No doubt it was one of my favorite city of this trip.
Day 1: After a short Uber ride we arrived our Airbnb which is 1 block away from Charles bridge, just the start of the old town. So convenient. We dropped our things and went exploring. We immediately all fell in love with this place.

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Very old town but so pintoresca. We walked down to the old town square and saw the astronomical clock and many beautiful constructions around and tons of tourists.

IMG 0650

the gigantic panda is iconic in Prague but has nothing to do with Prague


we found a local restaurant nearby and asked for the typical dishes. Both came with dumplings which is similar to chinese buns, meant to be for the sauce


both were tasty according to the girls but definitely on the heavy side


I had instead a cabbage salad and creamy spinach which were actually quite good


then the girls demanded to try the local ice cream, in a donut like roll, again nothing to do with Prague but very popular


Day 2: we started with a 3 hrs free walking tour to explore the old and new town, and Jewish square.



IMG 0698

old town and new town are 1 km away and the architecture changes quite a lot but still very pretty


IMG 0721

After a nap, we took the 2 hrs river cruise since Prague has many bridges too



Then we went to a supermarket to get some food. I was happy to have homemade salad for dinner and boiled pumpkin. I can’t function for more than 2 days without fresh vegetables. They still eat poorly, pastry for breakfast, cookies for snack, hotdog for lunch, and finally some fruit for dinner. Oh well… we’re traveling

Day 3: it’s raining but it supposed to stop around 10am. We joined the castle tour. The tour was ok, we got to see a bit of everything. Unfortunately it was raining a bit so we struggled with the umbrella.



IMG 0776

After the tour we went home and had some rest. Then I took Lizzy out alone to walk across Charles bridge, Lennon wall, and Tesco to buy dinner. Sofia and mom stayed because they were still tired. It was a nice outing with Lizzy alone.

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IMG 0783


Day 4: The day of our departure was still raining a bit but I decided to go out for the run nononethless. I did a bit over 5 miles under the rain. Many fellow runners/tourists too. It was a nice way to end Prague trip.


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