Europe trip: Vienna

Mini adventure happened on our way to Vienna: We said goodbye to Mara, Leon and Thiago. Gunther took us to the train station. When we arrived we realised we were in the wrong station. We rushed to the right one 1 min late and our train departed. Fortunately Gunther got our ticket changed for a direct train to Vienna. So it was quite a run and nervousness but we made it at the end. Lesson learned: always double check the station!!!

Day 1: after we arrived at our Airbnb we walked to the first district. First stop was cafe central for late lunch/early dinner. there was a line but we patiently waited


We tried the local milanesa and pancake. I had a semolina dumpling and salad. Really yummy everything.

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making silly faces

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Then we just walked around and be amazed by the beauty of this city


we entered the music museum which was so child friendly.


we loved composing with this interactive game


Day 2: we went back to the old town, stopped by a cafe before exploring the catedral,


IMG 0465

We also checked out Albertina museum, museum quarter, and naschmarkt for late lunch.


We got back to the airbnb for a nap. Then we went to prater to ride on the oldest wheel in the world and some ice cream.

IMG 0502


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Day 3: we paid a visit to the Schönbrunn palace. It was just 20 min ride from our place. First we tour the imperial palace with audio guided tourIMG 0542

then the children museum where kids liked more




We walked up the glorieta and enjoyed the view

IMG 0590

IMG 0603

We also watched the apple strudel show while tasting it too. We then went back after stopping by billa for sandwiches and salad. When we woke up from the nap it was almost 7pm. So we just walked out for a bit and got dinner (pizza, chicken nugget, vegetable soup).

Day 4: we had to leave around 10:30 so we just walked around the neighbourhood and found a playground

ZiEBYl0GSSeso9xKd Ijbw

then it was time to travel to Prague

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My allergy was terrible in Vienna since the first evening. I got medicine the next day (Claritin) and it didn’t work. Got another eye drop. I guess running outdoor everyday here didn’t help but so worth it. It’s such a beautiful city, every corner is picture ready. And it’s not too busy despite tourists.

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