Europe trip: Erding

We just came back from an epic summer vacation. 5 weeks, 8 cities, 6 countries! I am surprised that nobody got sick, and we had a blast despite small hiccups. It was my mom and girls first time to Europe so I wanted to show them a bit of big cities and small layback places. I think I’ve accomplished that and we formed many memorable moments. I’ll recap one post for city starting with our first stop at Erding, where my BFF and her family lives. We were there 6 nights.

After a long flight where I was so uncomfortable to give space to Sofia and Lizzy to sleep, we are finally here. It is nice to be back to erding with the girls.
IMG 9997

Day 1: we arrived in the morning and spent most of the morning just hanging at Mara’s place. Sofia and Leon played right away. We also visited a playground, something we all miss from the US. Then we check in in the same hotel I stayed last time, but this time a served apartment. Quite comfortable for four of us. Everyone took a nap, I was so tired by then.


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Day 2: I woke up around 4:30am, my usual time. Was surprised that none of us seem to be jet lagged. I went out for a run but felt very weak. So I only did 3 miles.
Then we went out for a walk around erding downtown since it was still early to get an update from Mara.
Mara texted me and Thiago vomited the whole night. A stomach bug for sure. So she couldn’t take us to Munich as originally planned. Instead Gunther did. We explored Munich walking around the old town. Very beautiful and European. Mom loved it.




We tot back around 5, nap until 7:30. Unfortunately Mara got the bug too, vomited and needed to be in bed. So Then we tried to go out for dinner but everyone was tired and not so kin to the idea of walking to downtown just for food. So we returned and had snacks for dinner. Then everyone went to bed at 9:30pm.
I noticed that grandma got tired much more easily than few years ago. I really need to be mindful otherwise she gets tired and I wouldn’t know. I’m sad to know that she’s getting old. Really scary in fact.
It was a great day exploring Munich. Such a beautiful city.

Day 3: I woke up around 4:45am and went for a 6.4 miles run, I felt much better. Then the plan was to go to visit the castle that inspired Disney castles. It was quite a drive to get there but the view on the road was fantastic! So much green.

We got there around 1:30pm. I had a work call at 2. So the kids played by the lake while I worked. Then it was time to get to the castle. We took the horse ride for the kids and grandma. Quite expensive but was a fun experience. The castle was nice and cute and had many tourists.


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Gunther got the stomach bug too but still took us to all the places we needed to go, zero complain. What a great host!
We left around 4:45pm and got home around 7:30pm after a quick stop at the supermarket to get some dinner. Lizzy was complaining about tummy pain. I got worried that she got the stomach bug too. Fortunately she didn’t wake up in the middle of the night. 🙂

Day 4: we went to erding therms and the kids had absolute blast! Sofia kept saying I’m so excited! She’s fearless and just goes and goes to the highest possible tobogán!
Meanwhile I enjoyed a bit the sauna and chill and enjoyed the view.


IMG 0170

Then we came home so the kids could take a nap before going to Mara’s. We went to the downtown for ice cream, got bad Chinese food for dinner and called it a day.


Day 5: all of us went to visit chimsee lake about 1.5 hrs from erding. It is a very peaceful place. Again a lot of greens and mountain.


The first island is the lady’s island that is smaller in size but more local people, restaurants and hotel. We walked around the island before settling for lunch.


Then Mara took Thiago and Leon back and the rest of us went to the gentleman island. It was much bigger in size but less people. Only a place that imitates Versailles and a convention Center. We rode the horse to the palace, had snack while enjoying the view before heading back with the horse to meet with Gunther who had to take a different boat.


We finally left the island by 6:30 or so, a quick stop st groceries store and arrived home almost at 9. Pretty a long and tiring day. Lizzy was asleep by 8.
Day 6: we took our last day slow. I did my long run (8 miles) feeling actually much better than the day before. Then around 10:30am we went to Mara’s place. Mara and I went to drugstore to buy some skincare, super cheap. When we came back we went to wild park with the kids and Gunther. It was a large forest with wild animal, some of them just by themselves to be fed, and an amazing playground.


We left around 4pm, stopped by groceries store to pick up dinner supplies. I took the kids back to the hotel for shower and went to Mara’s place for dinner. Gunther made bbq with tons of veggies and some meat for the adults.


It was a lovey dinner. Having spent a week with my best friend family was really nice. They are my family. And it was lovely to see Sofia and Leon playing so well.


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