Life Happening 3.25 Iloilo & pinto museum

I had another busy week but super productive at work and at playing 🙂

I had a 2 nights trip to Iloilo for work. After we finished the event, a colleague and took a public boat to explore Guimaras

IMG 8705

the island is not at all developed. There are no buses, few cars, no souvenir shops, even the tourist office is just a tent with 2 person. So we just rented a tricycle and went around for 2.5 hrs.

IMG 8710

it is a very religious population so old churches everywhere

IMG 8722

and the windmills that provide energy for the island and neighbouring islands.

IMG 8728

in contrast, Iloilo is much more developed that I expected. Wide roads, many new buildings for BPO and shopping and dinning areas

IMG 8735

the last day I went to explore esplanada, a newly opened path for runner/walkers by the lake.

IMG 8741

it has a spanish vibe.

IMG 8742

Sunday morning we had our largest group of runners for the 10k run

IMG 8757

after changing.. we went out to explore Pinto Museum, just 14km away from Manila and so much green. The girls had so much fun walking around

IMG 8762

we didn’t get to appreciate so much the art as they are quite depressing and dark

IMG 8767

IMG 8823

but being outdoor and getting to breath fresh air and sun made it worth it

IMG 8818

this pic looks like we were in Santorini 🙂

IMG 8816

IMG 8792

IMG 8811

then we had lunch at the garden restaurant

IMG 8801

I haven’t talked about my vegan journey lately. Well it’s going well. Breakfast continues to be my favorite meal of the day. Two combos that i’ve been rotating. This one is oatmeal with pumpkin, protein powder, chia seed, topped with PB2 sauce, cacao nibs and hemp seeds.

IMG 8689

and this one my latest favorite: topped with heated frozen strawberries, PB2 sauce, cacao nibs and hemp seed. LOVING IT

IMG 8756

and I had pad thai for lunch almost everyday last week. Really simple: assorted veggies, rice noodles, tofu if I have sauce, and a sauce made with peanut butter, soy sauce, rice vinegar and siracha. Can’t get enough of it!!!

IMG 8672

I really enjoy getting out of Manila on weekend with my friend’s family. It’s so relaxing and the girls can be outdoor and just run. 🙂

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