Life Happening 3.18 Speedgoat challenge

I missed my girls so much during my stay in London. Specially this silly face

IMG 8516

IMG 8538

IMG 8536

I only stopped having fever on Tuesday but started coughing, getting worse on Wednesday. I paid a visit to a doctor, got antibiotic, and hoping magic happens as I signed up for a 21km trail race last weekend. I also signed Sofia for kids 3km challenge to make it a family experience.

We departed Manila saturday 1pm (still coughing but feeling better) and arrived the Timberland Sport hotel with this amazing view

IMG 8545

my friend Jackie came with her family so the kids were happily exploring the hotel while I took a nap.

IMG 8588

the hotel was on top of the mountain and quite big

IMG 8544

the girls spent quite sometime exploring the gardenIMG 8561

IMG 8563

and the playground

IMG 8574

IMG 8576

while I enjoyed the sunset

IMG 8632

and posting for instagram 😉

IMG 8638

before dinner time Jackie and I went to the spa and had a great massage

IMG 8640

the advantage of staying overnight is that the race starts 5 min from the hotel. I got there around 4:35am and found with my group, all fresh and ready for the adventure

IMG 8658

the path of this race was amazing! The scenery was so calming and beautiful. I felt I got to run more this race compared to the previous one, although still plenty of walking during steep up and downs.

IMG 8664

surprisingly I felt great physically, without any trace of being sick for over a week by then

IMG 8665

I felt I belong to the trail…

IMG 8666

although the picture tells a different story. hahahaha…

IMG 8667

IMG 8669

IMG 8686

met my crew at the finish line. Surprisingly I was among the first to arrive in our group

IMG 8651

Sofia looks like beaten by the trail

IMG 8681

but this lady… she was the winner of the 21km race and run with Sofia encouraging her all the way! AMAZING LADY!!!

IMG 8685

finally crossed the finish line

IMG 8606

group picture of all the finishers

IMG 8661

after checking out from the hotel we went to “egg for breakfast” for brunch

IMG 8652

all enjoyed the good meal offered

IMG 8655

I am once more amazed by the experience, how strong I felt, the camaraderie, sharing the trail with my running friends, and life friend. Our running group said they were beaten by this race, but I felt stronger and can’t wait for the next. Will I ever go back to road running? compared to trails… that seems so boring. hahahaha…. I like this description of trail runners:

trail runners tap into the off-road running experience as a liberating escape that recharges their emotional and spiritual batteries while they commune with nature through physical exertion. Like chess masters, talented trail runners exhibit an uncanny ability to always be three or four steps ahead of where their feet are at any given moment.


IMG 8673

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