Day 7-9: intensive human interactions

I’m officially over with jetlag, that’s why I’ve been waking up at decent time (6:30am) and didn’t have time to blog for the past three days, which was packed with meetings from 9-6pm everyday with different people. I felt that I’ve talked and interacted with more people that I had for the last 6 months! crazy…

Day 7 started wit 4.5 miles run on the treadmill as I wanted to see if allergy gets better without medication with less exposure. Well… sure it did. I didn’t have to take medicine that day and I was fine. After a quick shower, I had the toasts combo that I am loving. It is interesting how preferences adapt quickly. The first two days of not eating oatmeal I found myself missing it a lot and not enjoying these, but few days later… every morning I look forward to my toasts.

meetings and lunch meeting which a large salad (arugula orange salad, tomato corn salad, beets, roasted mushrooms and lentils.

more meetings and run to our team dinner place. It’s an old house that serves as hotel, museums, event place. It has 60+ hidden doors to be found

after we explored the house for a while, we started our dinner. I got vegan meals that started with a salad

main dish was a multi-layer vegetable tower, crispy potato and roasted cauliflower and broccoli, quite tasty.

the best part of the dinner was chatting with my manager as I was sitting next to him. It was quite insightful to hear his views on certain things. And having the chance to chat with him was nice as I don’t usually see him.

Then we had dessert table, too many to choose from, I had copious plates of chocolate truffles cake… so rich but so good.

Day 8: I woke at 6:30am for the first time since arrival. It felt so good. After working out at the gym, I was still not hungry so I had just one toast with avocado

fruits during conference

then I had salad for lunch. After my last meeting I met with my friend Susan to do some groceries shopping to take back to Philippines.

I received the yearly book for 2017 that I made…. so nice to review our year of adventures

then Susan came for a sleepover, I made some pumpkin for late snack as I had some food during happy hour

   she order Chinese takeout

we chat until late night…. it was nice

Day 9: we both woke up around 6:30. She found out her husband had to run to the ER in the middle of the night. We workout in the hotel as it was raining. Then we both went to work. I had another day full of meetings. By te end of the day, I was really exhausted from too much human interactions. I spent Friday evening doing some shopping and stayed in face timing with my lovely girls.

The last couple of days I met with so many colleagues and friends that made me have mixed feelings about things. For instance, seeing old friends made me miss my life in DC. Morning coffees with friends in the office is a luxury and that I miss a lot. Then meeting with colleagues and hearing about assorted changes at work is quite depressing. Although Iknow any institution with many people things are always complicated, still knowing the details is not always pleasant. In that sense, I like life in Manila as I get insulated from all these irrelevant but annoying gossips.

It has been more than a week away from my family… and each day at the end of day when i get into the hotel, I’m relieved to be alone finally but at the same time start to miss them so badly. Still one more week to go, hopefully I can get through this.

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