Day 5: half working mode

I started my day with 4 miles run to limit exposure to pollen and as I didn’t feel my best. Not being able to sleep properly and having my body working with 12 hrs difference is really affecting my overall wellbeing. Maybe it is the age, it is taking me longer than I expected. Right after I got back, I took the pill (Sudafed) to prevent allergy reaction. Then I prepared a very yummy breakfast: toast with avocado and all bagel seasoning and toast with roasted pepper hummus, and fresh blueberries. I felt so stuffed after this combo but it was delicious. I went to office and worked a bit. Then met friends for lunch. I wasn’t very hungry so I had vegetable soup with vermicelli rice noodles and tofu. Then I went to see an ophthalmologist to check again my dry eye situation. I also did the annual check-up. It was confirmed that I had very dry eyes and allergy rash in my right eyes. I also consulted her about my dry eye situation every time I go to beach/water. She suggests me to do an allergy test to see what is causing it, then we can have proper treatment. She gave me drops to clear up rash in my eyes for a week, and asked me to go back to try new contact lens. Hopefully this gets resolved soon. I really don’t like using glasses.

then I went back to the office to meet with my team to discuss some work. We were all so jetlag by then that we couldn’t focus and were so slow. I suggested us to all go back to take a nap and continue the work when we are fresh.

I was tired but wasn’t sleepy so decided to stay up until evening to fight jet lag. To avoid falling sleep, I went out for a walk. To my surprise I bumped to my friend Sarah on the street. We were trying to meet with each other since I arrived but couldn’t, so it was really nice to see her. I accompanied her to have dinner, quickly catch up each other’s new life in Manila and Nairobi. Then I headed home, finally somewhat hungry. I made the same stir-fry, cauliflower with bok choy and grounded “beef” without the noodles.

I realized that cooking for one means a lot of repetitive dishes. While it is okay for me, it might be boring for the blog, but well… that’s real life, especially when I’m not in my kitchen and have only soy sauce and salt as seasoning.

Dessert was more fun, I meant to try So Delicious ice cream for so long 

and it did not disappoint. The texture is smooth, not overly sweet, and richer than Halo. Love it.  final snack; kabocha! The best! Perfect companion to watch Scandal

Night night!

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