Day 2 in DC

Jet lag hit me hard, I woke up at 3:40am after going to sleep close to midnight. But I was in good mood, really to jog around my beloved DC. The weather was cold, 3C, but I loved it. I went out few minutes after sun came out and it was lovely. The DC was empty, only joggers.

sunrise is so beautiful in the monument  

I finished 6.2 miles or so. Didn’t have time to shower so I just made a quick breakfast. I haven’t had avocado toast for ages so I made some with Ezekiel sesame, half avocado and all but bagel seasoning, paired with the coconut yogurt (but didn’t have time to finish it). For my surprise, I didn’t enjoy as much as I expected, for some reason, I felt my belly was not full after this and was missing my oatmeal. Anyway…. I had to leave to go to a friend’s place to get some cloth

after I came back, I munched morning O’s because I was quite hungry at this point. Then took shower, put decent cloth and went to office. It was a day of marathon meetings. I met 5 colleagues, catching up with them after I moved to the Philippines was nice. For lunch I had a big salad with arugula salad, beets, red onion, lentils, roasted mushrooms, and hummus and a vegetable garden soup with chickpea

afternoon was filled with more meetings, then I went to a friend’s house for dinner. She knew I was vegan and prepared many vegan dishes.  

after I got back to my room it was past 9pm, ready for some dessert. I had some halo top chocolate ice cream
again, not as good as I was expecting. (did my taste buds change?)

and copious cups of morning o’s with puffed kamut. So crunchy! 

I was pretty tired by 9:30pm … jet lag continues


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