Travel: Thailand day 1-3

We had a 9 days trip to Thailand during new year break and we had a blast!!! Thailand is such an interesting city, no doubt one of the most visited asian country in the world! šŸ™‚
Day 1: We had an early flight and arrived Bangkok around 9am. After check-in at the hotel in the historical area, which is pretty chaotic, we started our day tour. First stop was Wat Pho, a gigantic incline buddha

IMG 0362

before we arrived thailand, I told Sofia that we’ll going to see many buddhas, and she asked me who is that. I couldn’t explain, just ask her to wait until she sees one. Well…. happy to inform that now she knows what’s a buddha. šŸ™‚

IMG 0372

IMG 0374

because there were buddha everywhere šŸ™‚

IMG 0379

then we attempted to go to the palace. i said attempt because the car can’t reach there, we had to walk. it was 1pm, the sun was brutal. After walking for 10 min and still didn’t see it close enough, we gave up and returned to the car

IMG 0381

next stop was Khaosan road. They say it’s the backpackers paradise, with many bars/restaurants, street foods and street vendors

IMG 0382

then we called it a day as we were all very exhausted from the early rise.

Day 2: instead of taking another taxi, we tried the local “tutu”, an open motorcycle that can carry up to 5 adults. The kids love it and asked to ride on it everyday. šŸ™‚

IMG 0395

although it’s not as comfortable nor as safe as a car, it is quite interesting, it gets more air, goes faster and really fun ride.

IMG 0402

after a big of back and force (the driver took us to a place where the boat guy wanted to charge us 3000 for the boat ride), we arrived our pier after negotiating to 2000 for a private boat to the floating market

IMG 0403

it was a comfortable boat and relaxing ride along the canal

IMG 0404

girls had fun, which is always the most important part of the journey

IMG 0410

and we arrived. it was not as big as we saw in the pictures but we got the experience

IMG 0413

and tried some local snacks

IMG 0416

which made the ride back to the pier even more interesting

IMG 0417

took another tutu heading to the weekend market chatuchak, I’d say a must visit place!

IMG 0422

it’s a huge market with many cloth/artisanal/food/house items vendors. With the girls we couldn’t see much but we got a coconut lamp for Sofia

IMG 0424

then we had a quick lunch there

IMG 0430

after resting at the hotel, we went to BigC to get some local snacks and dinner

IMG 0434

the night just got started!

IMG 0441

Day 3: our destination was an old city called Chantaburi. Originally i planned to stay there one night to make our way to Ko Chang Island not as long. We asked at the hotel to rent a private van and it was 5500 baht! I felt they wanted to rip us so declined. Instead we took the local van service from Bangkok and Chantaburi, a public transportation, which cost 280 baht per person. I booked for 5 people since we had luggage. I was a bit worried the condition of the van and how girls would do in public transportation. We arrived the bus station. first impression: not too bad. It was clean, open air, and many tourists.

IMG 0452

the van takes 10 people, so we were quite comfortable. The girls were entertained during 4 hrs ride with one stop. Sofia did drawing, Lizzy played with stickers, and we all snacked along the way. Too many snacks!!!

IMG 0454

IMG 0456

IMG 0457

IMG 0459

then we arrived the Chantaburi station, a very small one.

IMG 0464

we quickly found a local taxi, an open truck to get us to the hotel

IMG 0468

quite an adventure riding on it. Our hotel Tamajun caught us for surprise, it was a boutique hotel with themed rooms, super clean, modern, a bit bohemian. Perfect!

IMG 0474

I booked two rooms, one for Tony and Lizzy, one for me and Sofia

IMG 0475

while Lizzy took her nap, Sofia and I went out to explore the city. We first had coconut ice-cream

IMG 0477

Sofia got the cone, and I got a bowl. Loved the toppings.

IMG 0480

it’s an old street along the canal. the mix of old houses and westernised bars/restaurants made it very interesting. We could see the local people and their homes as we walk. They just chilled and observed us back.

IMG 0481

got a street snack: a rice cake with some unknown filling

IMG 0492

there were no foreigners, only thai tourists

IMG 0496

then Tony and Lizzy woke up and we explored more, Tony tried grilled seafood

IMG 0497

the canal is beautiful during sunset, so peaceful and calm

IMG 0499

the largest church in thailand

IMG 0503

then we went to the most popular restaurant

IMG 0515

first got smoothies for the girls

IMG 0516

the problem was we didn’t understand the menu which was in thai. So Tony peaked our neighbour and basically ordered what they had. A seafood hot pot

IMG 0525

food was nice and cheap.

IMG 0532

then we took Lizzy to try the ice cream too and she liked it more than dinner… no surprise šŸ™‚

IMG 0534

we all fell in love with Chantaburi. in contrast to Bangkok, a big city, very chaotic, with tourists and vendors everywhere, Chantaburi felt more local, laid back, but with history and culture blended in. More to explore the next day.


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