Christmas 2017

Our Christmas celebration was low key, yet we felt the spirit, had good food, and most importantly we spent it and continued our Christmas traditions and made memories. 🙂

December 24th started with some Christmas movie


mommy even allowed them to eat in front of the TV


For lunch we had quick bites… pasta for the girls, and toasts with avocado and homemade smoked salmon for adults


after nap, we went to Shangri-La hotel for gingerbread man decoration

Fullsizeoutput cfd7

Sofia was getting ready


she meant real business



she was really proud of the final product!


Christmas decoration everywhere


Dinner started with tomato soup with toast


followed by beef bourgeoning with mashed potato (out of this world!!! soooo good!!!)


we had mocha frozen mousse for dessert… again amazing! Definitely a keeper


because the mousse has alcohol (coffee liquor) I got strawberries ice creams for the girls. They happily enjoyed it



Then we went to check whether Santa has came.. and he did!


Sofia was super surprised! She couldn’t believe Santa actually came already and brought her what she asked for in the card, a necklace with “S”


surprisingly, Santa also remembered mom and got her a advent calendar with goodies (thanks my dear husband!)


Lizzy got a backpack that she was excited to wear it and run around

IMG 0294

December 25th

First, San Nicholas left a bag with chocolates with the girls

UN8pRtsbQGem X8YDhVcIA

then we made birthday cake for mommy, Sofia helped with cleaning the pans


then we head over Tsuta, the first Michelin rated ramen


it looked good but we didn’t like it much, too salthy, too greasy, even the ramen was not super good

MEpp5G5yRZ6 EMDK u6yNA

then we took nap, played, ate leftovers, and it was time for birthday cake


having my loved ones singing the song for me was all I wanted


I felt so much love just being with them. I don’t need fancy dinner, nor expensive gifts, but having them with me every birthday, just relaxed, just together means the world to me. I truly cherish these moments. Happy birthday to me! 🙂


after cake, we watched more Christmas movie, with popcorns while mommy read the birthday card, picked by Sofia, written by my lovely husband. No matter how long we’ve been together, no matter I many times I hear the same words, they never get old. Every time I feel my heart is full of love. 🙂

IMG 0330


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