Life: June happening

June has been a busy month. It started with my first marathon and trip to SD but then more fun happened.

Sofia had her last piano class

IMG 5071

performed two of her favorite songs on the recital (going on a picnic and see you tomorrow). She did great! Not nervous, not rushing, just right! 🙂

IMG 5078

Lizzy had fun witnessing her sister’s performance

IMG 5084

then we celebrated Father’s day… Sofia spent a week at class preparing the gift

IMG 5104

IMG 5105

our celebration started with Run with Dad 5k race

IMG 5183

Tony made the last sprint to cross the finishing line

IMG 5191

then we had friends’ over for BBQ to celebrate together

IMG 5223

it was my mom’s birthday and Lizzy’s 14 months birthday, so triple celebration!

IMG 5199

we made the usual: corn, sweet potato, marinated chicken thigh, sausage, and beef

IMG 5216

we had a lot of fun chatting and eating

IMG 5227

then my little girl graduated from CCLC where she spent 4 years!

IMG 5124

some of her friends started with her… they formed a strong bound, but it was time to say bye nonethless

IMG 5135

Lizzy always curious to check around

IMG 5138

her best friends

IMG 5164

one day I took both girls to the doctor for check up

IMG 5310

they sure know how to entertain themselves

IMG 5317

this picture melts my heart

IMG 5321

I love these two to the moon! 🙂


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