Travel: San Diego (Sea World & day 6)

Day 5: we went to Sea World

IMG 4945

I wondered how family with more than two kids manage to travel. One for each is what Tony and I can handle.

IMG 4947

we started with dolphin show first

IMG 4951

then saw sharks

IMG 4952

while the rest of the family took simulation flight, I hanged out with Lizzy. She was amused just by walking around

IMG 4963

we watched while dolphin

IMG 4957

and the highlight of the day was water roller coaster that Sofia and Tony took, TWICE! I’m too afraid to take it and so proud of Sofia being so adventurous. After the first time, she asked for one more time. After the second time, when they sit in the first row, she said she doesn’t want to go never again! 🙂

IMG 4975

for dinner I made crab over noodles…. the best! 🙂

Fullsizeoutput c55a

Day 6 (last day): our flight was 10:20pm so we didn’t want to get too tired during the day. We first went to Coronado hotel, exploring the beach

IMG 4985

IMG 4988

Sofia got to play with sand once more

IMG 4995

then the girls explored the stores in the hotel

IMG 4996

and the hotel garden

IMG 5001

I can finally seeing them playing together… walking together… the sweetest thing EVER

IMG 5011

then we went to see the Cabrillo monument at Loma Point

IMG 5025

and had lunch at Seafood Point

IMG 5027

by the seaport

IMG 5033

many of the boats there were fishing boats

IMG 5039

IMG 5041

we all took a nap before starting to pack. Our flight back was not as bad as going there because Lizzy slept almost the entire flight, while Sofia slept an hour in Tony’s lap. I love this man so much! He had to go to work the next day… while I got to take multiple naps during the day, although I had to go to office at 8PM for an interview.

It was an incredible trip!!! I loved every minute of it! 🙂 Looking forward to our next adventure. Be tuned for the Big Announcement!


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