Travel: San Diego day 1 & 2

Our San Diego vacation was AMAZING. The hardest part was the flight from DC to SD. Full flight, two kids, especially with a super active toddler. Between Tony and me and tons of snacks we entertained her but we were counting down hours. But we survived! 🙂

We arrived there at 3:30pm. Went to pick up the rental car. Not there! Right, the company was not on site and we ended up renting at a different company at higher price. Oh… well. Lesson learned, never book at the cheapest place.

Fortunately the rental house was just 20 min drive from the airport. A 3-bedrooms house at mission bay area.

IMG 4652

with a view to the bay in the living area. I immediately felt I was on vacation-mode.

IMG 4980

My parents stayed with the girls while Tony and I went to get some food. We found a 99 Ranch market 10 min away and had all kinds of Chinese groceries.

The next day we went to Balboa Park in early morning (thanks to the 3 hrs time difference!). We were surprised by the beauty of it

IMG 4655

IMG 4661

IMG 4666

IMG 4667

IMG 4673

IMG 4679

IMG 4683

IMG 4702

IMG 4714
IMG 4720

IMG 4729

IMG 4736

IMG 4747

then we went to Convention center to pick up my bib for Sunday’s marathon

IMG 4748

IMG 4753

I was ready! 🙂

IMG 4756

after nap, Tony took the family to La Jolla beach and let me rest. It was Sofia’s second time at the beach, the last time she was 11 months old so she doesn’t really remember it. She was super excited!!!

IMG 4760

IMG 4764

IMG 4765

I laid out my outfit …. all ready for the race.

IMG 4762

I cooked dinner for the family: grilled cod with vegetables and rice. I instead had a big bowl of oatmeal with veggies and a big bowl of kabocha. Went to bed full and satisfied. 🙂


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  1. kristaskravings

    San Diego is one place I want to travel to!

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