Life: May happening

Summer has finally arrived. Loving dressing the girls during summer time.

IMG 4419IMG 4424

When I stay at home on Fridays, I take Lizzy to playground as often as possible. She’s starting to getting it

IMG 4428

IMG 4436

My poor husband had to take out wisdom teeth and had bad swelling for almost a week. I couldn’t hold laughing at him

IMG 4448

During weekends, Sofia likes to cook with me. We made sushi one day

IMG 4461

We did drawing

IMG 4490

and we went to Vienna Day together

IMG 4494

It was Sofia’s third year to go there

IMG 4496

still enjoying the rides

IMG 4498

Lizzy couldn’t go to most of rides but she was happily watching around and eating her lunch

IMG 4501

her first experience in the caroussel

IMG 4511

Sofia loves it too

IMG 4513

every time I see Tony with the girls, my heart moves and I love him a bit more

IMG 4515

IMG 4523

IMG 4524

My latest breakfast combo

IMG 4485

Life is good. 🙂


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