Life lately: april

April flied by. I was super busy with work and with my training.

I run the cherry blossom 10 miler. Had my crew to cheer me up.

IMG 4526

it was a gorgeous day and over 20000 runners

IMG 4532

I had stomach flu the last couple of days so I was feeling weak the last two runs of 3 miles. I was concerned about the race, whether I’d even finish it without having to stop by potty, much less possible to do at the suggested time 1 hr 22-24 min by my coach. But I was feeling energized by he runners and my body was feeling normal. I went 7 miles conservative, breathing through nose but still was hitting below 8:20. Then I picked up at 7 miles and finished strong. Finished just under 1’22’m. 🙂

IMG 4550

the medal is beautiful

IMG 4554

Sofia had a good month… playdate with her friend Smaranda

IMG 4567

IMG 4557

making mars

IMG 4566

IMG 4640

calendar keeper
IMG 4573

started soccer

Fullsizeoutput bef2

she’s really into drawing lately

IMG 4614

and always wanting to play with things that are meant to be for Lizzy 😉

IMG 4616

she got sick and had to stay at home for 4 days. Her fever went very high the first day, so Tony took her to the doctor the following day and was diagnosed to have flu. But she behaved well at home with grandma and Lizzy

IMG 4589

As the weather got warmer, I was concerned about hydration during long runs

IMG 4594

so I got a camelback finally and it worked great! I had my first 18 miles run after 8 miles run the day before.

Fueling strategy worked well that day. I had coffee and oatmeal with protein powder an hour before I left the house. I had 1 packet of ucan after 5 miles. I didn’t like the taste. Then at mile 9 I had 1/2 packet of GU, the other half at mile 12. Sipping water along the way. I didn’t stop for potty, and didn’t have any GI issue. I would have had another GU but really didn’t want to have more sweets. So I just followed my instinct. My legs were fine the first 6 miles. Then tired from 6-9 miles. Felt better between 9-13. The last 3 miles were harder. I didn’t feel tired my upper body, nor hips. But my legs felt weird, not sore, but tense, specially my front leg. But I kept telling myself that this is how it will feel at mile 23. Overall I felt good, not as strong as last week’s 16 miles, but considering that I had 8 yesterday, it was good. One long run down! 🙂

IMG 4596

Then I had ice bath for 10 min before showering. Had a Vega recovery afterwards and a pancake. An hour later I had lunch, vegetable dumplings.

IMG 4598

Last month Tony and I had a lunch date. I went close to his office and had a great French meal

IMG 4636

IMG 4637

it was nice to have a meal alone and chat. Almost two years since he came to live with us. We’ve been through so much together which just made us a stronger couple. I feel so in love these days, and I think it is because of a change of perspective. A trick I recently learn is to treat your significant other as “love object”. So Love is action. If we focus on how much love we can give instead of how much we expect to receive from the other, we both enjoy loving each other more.

IMG 4638


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